[NA-E] County of Kadrel


Server | NA-E / Luna

Kingdom | Vornair

Duchy | Rhynelands

About Kadrel


The Road To Come

While we have a solid foundation, we are still looking to grow. We currently have several Mayors and spoken for settlements, but would be interested in welcoming other like-minded Mayors looking to join a community.

There is also plenty of opportunity for Guilds and other organizations, especially those interested in trade, crafting, or research. The infrastructure I am looking to set in place should complement any playstyle that could fall under those categories, even if they don't directly fall under them.

Just a solo player looking for a place to call home? Come meet with our community and see if you find a settlement focusing on an aspect of the game that sounds fun to you!

Available Settlements
  • Village Delving of Ballyjewel
  • Village Delving of Silverhope
  • Village Delving of Darkeagle Acre

Discord Link - Click Here

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this cat is cool and the county is awesome :D

9/13/2019 2:48:00 AM #3

yar.. me and me brothers sail together,..

Ahoy we fight for Blood & Honor! ~Glory!

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