Foreign Tribe Building (Question to understand before D&SS)

Dear SBS,

Before I will be able to make a choice in D&SS, I still have some unresolved questions that I require to be clarified so that I do not make a poor decision and lock myself into a situation that I not only would regret but be angered by for the lack of information. So, I graciously ask that you please answer my question with detail and understanding of what I'm attempting to accomplish.

As I have spent the past 2 and 1/2 years with a particular Kingdom & building a community of a particular tribe with the two not in line with each other my question is as follows:

As I go to make my Count character in the Grasslands (which will require me to play a Neran) ... and then make my 2nd character (a Kypiq) and run that character down from the Broadleaf forests down into the Grasslands and bring the Kypiq into my Counts Dynasty (either through a family code or just flat out marriage), then will all titles & Items from the Count to the Kypiq and then Kill the Count (or delete the Count) character, making the Kypiq inherit all of the above so I finally have my Kypiq Count in the Kingdom I wanted him in... The questions becomes.. Is this a possible option to resolve my conundrum?

Further more: Regarding KoE: Will I be able to populate Kypiq into the Grasslands of the county? Will I need a preexisting Kypiq base in the area to grow from or will I be able to simply pick X tribe to entice them down into the area? Is it possible to take a county with 1% Kypiq up to the majority of the population in a county during KoE?

As both of theses question / themes directly impact my options between my County & the Kingdom in which I belong, I really need this stuff answered in detail before D&SS starts as I won't be able to change the selection after making it.

Thank you for taking the time to answer,

Count Coill Mor

8/12/2019 9:15:03 PM #1

The first answer you suggest is definitely possible. You can scurry a Kypiq down to your duchy and then marry it and will some titles around, and eventually have a kypiq Dynasty. Quick clarification though.

You can't delete characters. You have the ability to spark out of a character, but then it will continue living as an npc for the remainder of it's life. Whether that means you have to will your title and then off yourself or wait for a natural death, or if you could will your title away while remaining alive I'm honestly not sure. I've never seen it suggested you can give your title away while still alive, but it would make sense to me.

The second option, much harder to accomplish. You can in fact, over the course of KoE, translocate a population of kypiqs into the county you want. But it has been stated prior that you simply won't be able to get a majority this way. Maybe if it was really close, like 51% neran, and 49% kypiq, you could tip the scales if you had a buddy or two help you, but for your scenario it sounds not likely.

8/13/2019 4:34:39 AM #2

That's interesting. Could you provide any evidence of SBS saying this regarding both micro topics? I've been trying to find some information, any official information, from SBS but have yet to find any real detailed information about such things. I do hope Snipehunter or someone from SBS responds.

-- Count Coill Mor

8/13/2019 9:02:22 AM #3

In real life, royalty, or anyone with a formal title, has the option to 'abdicate.' I don't know if SbS has/would set up that specific game mechanic though? If so, you could tell your court 'I abdicate' and that process is formally recognised by your court and others.

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8/14/2019 1:20:45 AM #4

The potential problem with abdication or any voluntary surrender of power by a character is that the character's designated heir is not necessarily entitled automatically to succeed to the position. That is a complication that is very significant to the OP's question. The succeeding Kypiq heir we are talking about would have to qualify and be supported by those who are in a position to oppose him, and that is not a trivial assumption in a predominately Neran domain. The heir might need to have inherited or acquired a greater than normal quantity of story points to make the title inheritance happen.