[NA-E Alesia] County of Trent

Server: Luna (NA-E)

Kingdom: Alésia

Duchy: Aravier

Capital: Hesperia

Tribe: Neran (likely with Kypiq & Waerd in the minority)


I intend to foster a gaming community that is mature and fun for players of all play styles. To do so requires that I govern fairly and in a way that promotes the development of the entire county. I believe government is best when it governs least, and I intend to avoid excessive taxes and economy killing regulations.

I will refrain from declaring a "county focus" or committing to specific plans until after D&SS. However, this does not mean I do not have ambitions for the county.

I welcome you to realize your dreams in Trent.

- Amadio von Tirol, Count of Trent


To create a county that is economically prosperous and interesting to play in, I aim to:

  1. Minimize regulations & taxation
  2. Build roads to connect settlements and other economically important areas
  3. Acquire tools & technology necessary for exploiting natural resources
  4. Partner with or directly patronize local businesses and institutions
  5. Patronize the Grand Church of the Virtori Faithful by building a Shrine to Iustus to be used as a pilgrimage site and, possibly, a cathedral, with religious festivals and events
  6. Establish a school focusing on research relevant to the industries in the region, with students/researchers being free from paying county taxes
  7. Build a scriptorium to house lore and knowledge
  8. Establish a small gendarme force to protect Hesperia and the surrounding land
  9. Build an entertainment district to indulge vices


Lords Court

An advisory body to the count consisting of all mayors and barons, and possibly the local sheriff or other important ducal or royal officials. Acts as a forum for county leadership to coordinate efforts and secure the prosperity and stability of the community. On occasion, the Lords Court may serve as an actual judicial body, but this will depend largely on royal and ducal law.

Minor Council

An assembly of notable members of the county gaming community which meets on a monthly basis with the count to appraise him of the state of the county and act as a venue for the airing of grievances. Membership is by invitation only, and may include large land owners, important business owners, religious leaders, guild leaders, famous bards, etc. The council has no authority whatever.

Looking to Recruit

  • Mayors
  • Cartographers, Scribes & Researchers
  • Rangers & Foresters
  • Artisans & Merchants
  • Food Producers & Others!


Roleplay is welcome and strongly encouraged within Trent, though it is by no means mandatory.


Message me on Discord at vonT#0898:

For more information on the Duchy of Aravier:

Amadio von Tirol, Count of Trent

Lord Amadio von Tirol

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Lord Amadio von Tirol

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Lord Amadio von Tirol

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