Just saying thank you

SBS - Thank you for hearing our voiced concerns. I don't want to speak for the community, but I will speak for myself.

I appreciate being a part of this development process. And I appreciate that you heard our concerns and are willing to do another release candidate.

I hope that it comes out well enough that most people's concerns are alleviated.

And thank you for the late hours you have put in to get this into our hands.

8/16/2019 4:28:05 AM #1

Someone give Snipe a cookie. I'm not sure if he eats anymore.

8/16/2019 9:15:27 AM #2

He definitely eat some sandwiches and cookies recently (- and even declared he had!). Doesn't seem to have slowed him down though, fortunately! And, yes, I totally agree about being grateful for all the extra-hard work and overtime that's recently been happening...!

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