Special livestream today, 8/19!

Hail Elyrians!

Please join Vye, Snipehunter, and Caspian today for a very special live stream!!

Today's event will occur on the Chronicles of Elyria Twitch channel.

We will start promptly at 1PM PDT, 4PM EDT, 8PM UTC.

See you there!

This live stream has ended, but you can visit our Twitch channel for a replay, or watch the Export on our YouTube channel!

Thanks for being there everyone!

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8/19/2019 6:25:50 PM #1


- Grand Ambassador for Vornair, Protector of the Ash Forest, Lord of Ashford.

8/19/2019 6:26:20 PM #2

Mild confusion

8/19/2019 6:26:22 PM #3

Wish I could, hope all who can attend have fun. Goes off toward requisite sleep...

8/19/2019 6:26:40 PM #4

This is not a drill, hype train is rolling out

8/19/2019 6:26:42 PM #5


Drake County

8/19/2019 6:26:51 PM #6

That's a fitting avatar @Ragontor

8/19/2019 6:26:59 PM #7

Dang it I'm gonna miss it! Super curious as to what makes it so special. :B

8/19/2019 6:27:01 PM #8

oooooo This should be interesting

8/19/2019 6:28:48 PM #9

Tickets, Tickets... Buy one get one half price... The HYPE TRAIN......

8/19/2019 6:29:08 PM #10


8/19/2019 6:30:47 PM #11

I am mildly excited. Hope my crappy mobile internet can keep up!

Count of Raberre's Rest

8/19/2019 6:30:59 PM #12

Nuuuuuu! I have to work during the stream! D=

NA-West Barony Corvoviste | Founder of the Farstriders | FC: DAF200

8/19/2019 6:34:30 PM #13

Thank you very much @Ebermensch

- Grand Ambassador for Vornair, Protector of the Ash Forest, Lord of Ashford.

8/19/2019 6:41:03 PM #14

I'm intrigued.

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8/19/2019 6:41:14 PM #15

OH there's a link here so I can watch it! Woah!

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