Undo Button?

So, this may be a dumb question, but is there going to be some kind of "undo button" to back out selections before you hit the final submit?

The reason I ask is because the domain grouping mechanics are still a little unclear, and there is the chance that once you start placing domains, you are going to find out that they will not group the way you intended. If that happens, you will need to be able to "back out" and start over again.

I am assuming this is an obvious "yes", but I figured I would ask just to make sure.


8/20/2019 11:59:51 AM #1

This is something I am really interested in as well actually. It would be nice to get a bit of a rundown on specifically how all the selection mechanics are going to work. It would be even better if the selection process, up to the point of submitting the final selection, could be enabled on the site. To give the multis a chance to play with the grouping mechanic and see what domains they might reasonably be able to pick, to aid in planning what spots to look at in DSS.

8/20/2019 2:32:16 PM #2

Since the choice isn't retractable once you claim, they're extremely likely to have several different "are you absolutely sure?" prompts to make sure it's what you want.

Once it's closer to D&SS physically starting, I expect they will most likely put out an announcement, showing what the prompts and choosing over all will look like.

8/20/2019 2:39:46 PM #3

During picking, there is both confirmations all over the place, but an undo button when choosing multis.

If you choose all of your holdings and then get to the naming panel and change your mind, nothing is submitted or undoable.

If you choose all of your holdings and then submit and confirm your property names and they go into the queue, there is no backing out.

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

8/20/2019 6:21:28 PM #4

Thanks Serp!


8/21/2019 11:10:19 PM #5

They show them using the Undo button in this demo.

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