Tropical Wetlands coast line

Hi Serp not sure where we should be posting and potential map problems now, or how we should even write them up, as im told we can't call the map RC10 anymore.

but should the Tropical Wetlands coastline look like this ?

8/20/2019 11:31:39 PM #1

If you see water extending beyond the shore that doesn't match the ocean background, you are looking at parcels of land that are below sea-level and covered in shallow water. While these shallows can be deep enough to allow for boat travel, they are in most cases very shallow and present both hazards for nautical navigation and opportunities for building, if you possess the technology to build piers and quays. The To'resk, in particular, are quite adept at building with these technologies and many coastal To'resk settlements are built "out over the shallow water" supported on wood pilings driven into the ground beneath the shallow water.

Hope that helps! :)

  • Snipehunter
8/22/2019 9:25:08 AM #2

Hey, my duke and I were just discussing this, however out of both wetland duchies on Oceanus, there is only a single settlement with coastal access, and it is a hamlet. It's all well and good to have piers going out to the sea, but when there isn't a single sizeable port across two duchies with plenty of coast, that does become a serious problem for a tribe that is otherwise supposed to be very trade and exchange focused,

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