Land, towns, how does it all work?

I pledged during Kickstarter and then forgot about this until just now when reading an email about the maps.

Can someone explain to me how this all works? I see I have some influence on my account, there is an exposition, a land grab of some sort about to happen and so on. To be very blunt this is VERY confusing for someone new like myself, almost to the point where I don't want to bother, but the idea of the game really intrigues me and since I've already thrown in my money, I'd like to know what's going on lol.

The biggest question is how can I grab some land or a town? I'm guessing I have to throw more money at SBS, right?

8/20/2019 11:53:53 PM #1

Hey, welcome back. There's a ton of info and it can get overwhelming quickly, so pace yourself.

Re the maps that went live today, take a week or so and explore what they are showing you. Look at the continents, the kingdoms, the duchies, counties and settlements.

Your Kickstarter pledge will determine much of your eventual involvement in everything.

  • But for starters, make sure any package you purchased is showing in your inventory. If it isn't, submit a ticket in the technical support forum.

  • If you know which server you will play on, focus on that map to reduce the noise.

  • Take a look at the kingdom forums under Servers and join their discords to see if you are able to make a connection. This is a good way to make relationships that could be important down the road.

Depending on your Kickstarter package, you may not need to spend anymore money. Domain and settlement selection (aka the 'land grab') will happen by tier and influence. If you have not locked to a server yet, there's no rush; everyone will eventually get a chance to make their selection. You can also read through the Wiki to catch up on the mechanics and features.

Hopefully those few starting steps are helpful to you!

8/21/2019 2:25:22 AM #2

Adding to what Taradyn said, you only have to worry about hurrying if you bought in for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Only those who bought in for titled positions -- Nobility and Aristocracy -- have to worry about picking for the next several weeks or more. If you posted on your main account, your rank of 1 indicates that you only have a basic package, so like most of us the most you can do right now is watch the show. So just use the time to read up on the game if you like. There's really too much information for anyone to be able to impart it quickly.

If you find that you are interested in running a settlement or larger domain, there will be an opportunity to buy in with real money via a Dutch Auction after those already with titles have a chance to pick. A dutch auction starts by soliciting bids at a high price, and proceeding to lower the price until someone offers a bid. The first bidder takes it for that amount, generally. So, yes, you will have to throw some more money at SBS if you want to play the political and administrative game.

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