DSS Suggestion : Zoom out with right click, zoom in with double click

Hey everyone, I'm here to suggest something that would greatly improve the current DSS app. As the title says, it is about adding a right click zoom out and a double click zoom in (or just a left click on an already selected domain).

Indeed the "Go back to ... choice" and the "Look inside" buttons that we have to reach each time we need to change the zoom (which actually happens a lot) are small and very far on the right, which implies a lot of useless mouse movements and hurts the navigation's fluidity. I don't mean to remove the buttons, but some "shortcut" inputs would be very nice.

I have seen some people suggesting this idea in Discord too, so I thought of making this topic so it can be brought to the website developper's attention.

Thanks for reading.

8/21/2019 7:58:22 AM #1

Right clicking is usually for context menus. Double clicking would be ok for zooming in.

(As a rl UX dev) I made a post about UI problems to EA forums which included suggestions for zooming in/out. I'll copy part of my post here as well.

Add a breadcrumb (preferrably to upper left corner) which shows you currently selected Server/Kingdom/Duchy/County. You can use the breadcrumb to jump straight from County level to Kingdom selection. Remove "Go back to..." -button from top of info panel. If breadcrumb is added, server selection can be removed from the bottom left.

Choosing an domain and then clicking Look inside -button in the info panel is a clumsy way (too much mouse travel). Using double click or mouse wheel zoom on currently focused domain is more modern way. Mouse wheel could also be used to zoom out.

Speaking of "mouse travel" etc might sound silly, but in making a smooth UI removing these unnecessary actions is essential.

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8/21/2019 8:09:37 AM #2

I disagree. While it would be nice if such functionality had been there from the start, at this point SBS shouldn't be concerned with making changes to the DSS UI -- it does it's job as it is, and it's only going to be needed for a fairly short period to do one well defined thing.

If the current DSS UI is used as the basis for subsequent map screens in Prelyria or the final game then sure, it makes sense to improve the UI interaction then, but it isn't needed for DSS.

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