Early Settlement Claim


Error Message

I do not recall the exact errors, I did not screenshot them and thought nothing of them at the time, as a simple refresh of the page sufficed to permit me access to the domain maps. All I do remember was that the first error was in the ERROR 500-515 range and the second one in the ERROR 530-540 range on my browser. I didn't realize there was a serious problem until later on.

Detailed Description

I was looking through the DSS maps for NA-W and looking at the handful of counties my friends who are counts are interested in (I'm a mayor.)

I had three tabs open, two for selecting counties to look at and one to look at the duchy as a whole and look at other provinces.

All 3 tabs took exceptionally long to load (I assumed it was due to high traffic of other people viewing the maps as well) and had to cancel and refresh several times to get them all to load properly (on one occasion one of the three tabs went half black on the screen, most stuck on the loading icon.)

I found that on the third tab, the duchy tab, the message (paraphrasing) "You may now claim a settlement on your selected server." appeared on the top left hand of the screen in blue text and I could in fact claim settlements that were not county capitols, just as if I was selecting as a mayor (if there were two count-level settlements I was also allowed to choose one of the two). The CLAIM button was green and not greyed out, and could be clicked which brought up a Confirm/Cancel prompt. I didn't go any further than that, and I stupidly refreshed the page to see if it would go back to normal before taking any screenshots.

I do not know if it would have registered/accepted my settlement claim, but if nothing else it did prompt/enable me to go through the motions of doing so, when I am clearly not allowed/permitted to do so as of yet.

Reproduction Steps

I couldn't honestly say, other than opening the 3-5 tabs simultaneously and canceling the load/refreshing while having a hard time connecting to the pages ( receiving the browser errors mentioned above) or loading into smaller areas of the map before needing to refresh the entire page and starting over.

For specifics regarding the areas of the map I was looking at, it was NA-W, the Kingdom of Aranor, the Duchy of Greytoil Cove, the county of Pinereach where I first noticed this happening - I realized the CLAIM button was green and not greyed out regardless of whether I had a village or hamlet selected (it remained greyed out for the towns/forts in the area that were the county capitols of course, but anything else I had the ability to claim.) I was only able to claim on the one tab, the other two tabs I had open the claim tab remained greyed out; but on the tab where I could claim I could change views on the map and still be able to claim settlements in any county I selected up until I refreshed the page.

I hope that you can find if there really is a serious problem here that might allow someone to prematurely utilize the claiming system, or that hopefully it was just a complete one-in-a-million fluke that won't be reproduced.

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8/21/2019 6:00:33 AM #1

There was a screenshot of this posted by someone in discord. Just to confirm it did happen.

8/21/2019 6:47:58 AM #2

We're aware of this issue and it's being looked into.

FWIW, despite the interface telling you it's possible, the claim won't actually go through as the server will reject it.

8/22/2019 11:19:03 PM #3

Thanks for reporting this. As Ikkerens said we're looking into it. Really appreciate your detailed explanation!

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