Having trouble accessing tokens.

I'm having trouble accessing my tokens that I just bought. I have the receipt and the order number so the transaction went through. But when I click on the Tokens tab on my Account Management page it doesn't redirect me or change the content on the page.

Thank you for the help.

8/23/2019 4:31:13 AM #1

I'd clean my browser's cache.

8/23/2019 5:13:19 AM #2

I'm also not able to navigate to the Tokens page.

Was anyone able to resolve this?

8/23/2019 6:02:20 AM #3

Have you cleaned your browser cache?

8/24/2019 1:04:31 AM #4

Yeah unfortunately it still doesn't seem to be working. I'd like to get these tokens handed out asap.

Any help is appreciated.

8/24/2019 2:12:54 AM #5

We know about it, and have a fix in the works.

Thanks for your patience!

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8/25/2019 11:21:22 AM #6


Thank you.