Upgraded pledge required to purchase EP gift

Error Message: You must upgraded your pledge to purchase the item 100 EP Gift.

I'm trying to purchase an EP gift, which is available in store to me (with an adventurer tier package) but when i complete purchase confirmation, i get the error message. I have tried using 2 different browsers but get the same error.

  1. I add an 100 EP gift to cart
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Fill in the billing adress
  4. Check that i have read and agreed to the Terms of Use.
  5. Checkout and confirm purchase
  6. Recieve the error and cannot proceed

Image of the error:

8/23/2019 3:01:30 PM #1

EP/EP gift purchases have to made with a Bloodline+ pledged account( and gifted to a Bloodline+ pledged account if gift), if you meet those requirements then yeah thats an actual bug

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8/23/2019 3:01:52 PM #2

Well the adventurer package is before my time. But to buy exposition points you have to be in the gentry tier, which is the bloodline package right now. So I would go to the current packages and see if you can upgrade to bloodline. If so you have a tier one package and don't have access to exposition therefore you can't buy expo points

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8/23/2019 3:07:19 PM #3

I have in the past purchased EP gifts, with an adventurer tier pledge.

The EP gift is also shown as available for purchase to me in the store, while EP by itself is not.

Image of the store:

Image of my previous purchase:

8/23/2019 3:10:14 PM #4

Also, i dont mean the actual Adventurer package that existed in the past, but an "Adventurer tier" package, mine is Pioneer to be exact.

8/23/2019 3:13:57 PM #5

Another statement of yours i can disproove @NightTaron is the gifting, i have today recieved a 100 EP gift just fine, while having a pioneer package.

Image added:

8/23/2019 4:07:52 PM #6

You indeed need bloodline + to buy EP packages. I assume this also applies to the giftable ones as you can claim them yourself.

Were you also able to claim the package gifted to you?

8/23/2019 4:38:48 PM #7

If you check the image above, i have bought EP gift packages in the past just fine. And also an image of them being available for purchase to me, so i don't see why i wouldn't be able to buy them now.

I have not tried claiming it (if by package you mean gifted EP) but since i don't have access to exposition, i doubt i'm able to actually redeem exposition point gifts.

8/23/2019 5:03:55 PM #8

I looked at the original kickstarter. Your pledge level should have never been able to purchase or receive EP. I'd talk to SBS about how you might upgrade to Bloodline and resolve any issues with the account.

8/24/2019 2:19:36 AM #9

Please email us at [email protected] so we can investigate further.

Thank you!

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8/29/2019 8:57:39 PM #10

I was informed by SbS Support that EP items (gifts or non) are only able to be purchased by those with a pledge package that can actually use them.

And that there was previously a bug in the system that allowed me to purchase EP gifts.

So you lovely folks were in fact correct, i was just basing my assumptions on something that was caused by a bug.

8/29/2019 10:15:25 PM #11

I though I didn’t buy the pledge cause my thing kept coming back refund and now have 10 charges on my account


8/29/2019 10:39:36 PM #12

You'll have to contact Xsolla support