[NA-E] The County of Snovale

The County of Snovale

The Frozen Bazaar





Among the Taiga of the north, a county of free trade exists, tucked in nicely along the frozen waterways that connect Ulvemåne. This county has been the home to the Snovinter family for three generations after coming to power through a series of deals and promises, they have served loyally to the Ducal line since their rise to power.

What our county has to offer you?

  • Racially we can provide to you Brudvir, Hrothi and Neran.
  • Resource wise, if I am able to get the counties I desire I will be able to provide settlements with hunting and trade focus
  • Gameplay wise, I will provide everyone within my local the ability to grow and achieve their ideals.

How many settlements are available?

i am a Quad county so I will have around three to five open settlements for mayors to place in.

Where is your Dutchy on the map?

You can find Ulvemåne labeled as New Moon Ridge, in the kingdom of Vornair

How can I find out if you are the right choice for me?

Please go to this link right here Discord

8/23/2019 5:38:22 PM #1

Organizations I am associated with

The Elyrian Initiative

The Long Tail Trading


8/23/2019 5:38:41 PM #2

Reserved in case I need something else

(Ya'll can post now)

8/29/2019 9:20:25 PM #3

Updates have been done changing around and providing some new information.

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