Kelson Cowley - Dueling World Cup Backstory

If you were paying attention, something odd has just happened.

One of the alley-boys of Upper Anchormere, previously unknown to nearly everybody, has made it into the finals of the duelling world-cup. At just sixteen years of age, Kelson Cowley is by far the underdog of the competition and is completely unknown in the professional world of duelling.

Here, you can learn more about the tragic backstory of Kelson. Will you support Kelson the underdog in the duelling world cup?

A young boy of noble blood has much to look forward to in life. Free from the earthly shackles of labor, the young mind is free to explore, read and dream about the mysteries beholden to Elyria. In the lush forests, rivers and valleys of Vexshore, the noble Cowley’s were like any other noble family and notable incumbents of Stanworth Manor, which had been passed down through male heirs for as long as history could remember. Kelson, the eldest and only son of Lord and Lady Cowley was just four years old when events proceeded to take his future away from him. Destiny, it seemed, had another path for Kelson. When the local villagers saw the smoke on the horizon, many dashed to the Manor with dread in their hearts. Fire. Nobody in the county of Stanworth knows how the fire started, but everyone knows how it ended; with a sole survivor being torn from the smoke, ash and the ruins. This, regrettably, was Kelson’s first memory.

Kelson’s formative years were spent in the orphanage at Upper Anchormere, the capital of Greenheights. It was a brutal and harrowing experience for the young child, who before only knew love and tranquility in his household. It wouldn’t be long before Kelson, only 11 at the time, would escape the bonds of the orphanage to scrape a living for himself in the back alleys of the city. He did some things there he would rather forget. Yet, in a strange way, the boy hardened his resolve and grew strength in those dark times. One notable skill he gained, of course, was that of swordplay. The boys of the alleys (as they were called), loved to play with fallen branches and large sticks from the many trees that dotted the city. They would often ‘duel’ each other, most often over who got the discarded scraps of meat – the winner getting the spoils, the loser getting a few scars. Kelson even managed to acquire his own sword on a fateful summer day. The story goes that a nameless knight carelessly placed his sword leaning on the ramparts of a bridge leading into the city – only then to lean on the sword, plunging it into the murky depths below. Kelson, cleverly waiting for nightfall, dived into the water and collected the sword that very same evening. Some of the more cynical alley boys believe Kelson just stole the sword – something which he fiercely denies.

Kelson Cowley, or ‘Barrow’ to the alley-boys, is the youngest participant in the tournament at only 16 years of age. What he lacks in strength and experience, he makes up for in speed, agility and cunning. For a Neran, he is extremely nimble – jokingly, he is said to have Kypiq blood in him, although this is said to tease rather than compliment him. Call him a half-Kypiq at your own peril.

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8/23/2019 8:37:50 PM #1

I can't help but root for the underdog. <3

8/25/2019 11:53:15 AM #2

Update: Kelson has made it into the finals of the duelling world cup.

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