Titles and lands: what we know so far


  • All the land belong to some kingdom or another.
  • There is no unowned land (example, all the land inside the United States belongs to the U.S., even if there is nobody that has a title of ownership to it).
  • A Kingdom is divided in Duchies, and Duchies divided in Counties.
  • Anyone can own land.
  • People will be able to buy or lease land from a Count.
  • Bought land is inherited.
  • Owned land: you can do anything with it. Leased land: you can do anything your landlord say you can, otherwise it's a crime. Unowned land: anything you do with it is a crime but someone has to enforce it.


  • Kings, Duke, Count, Baron. Child titles in between: Prince, Marquis, Viscount, Knights. Baron is the only title not inherited.
  • Count duties: land distribution, tax collection, keeping a standing military.
  • Barons manage castle/strongholds for the Count.
  • Town/villages are managed by a Mayor.

Note: all this was said by Caspian in IRC.

9/12/2015 9:43:41 AM #1

Sounds great, looks like I missed a good convo lol

9/12/2015 9:47:13 AM #2

I want to know how the UI will look for the different 'tier' of nobility, how will we access this UI?

Do we have to be sitting at a table to look at the inventory list for a castle, will I need to visit the treasury to see how much coinage we have etc...

9/12/2015 11:01:06 AM #3

Please explain why this sounds great.

I'm still thinking how to act, or whether to act at all... I already said too much on the other thread... plus I don't think it's fair to disrespect 15 years of development using just a few words.

Well, after all, they can't please everybody, no matter how hard they try.

9/12/2015 11:12:52 AM #4

It encourages politics, economics, warfare, Roleplay etc..

9/12/2015 11:46:26 AM #5

About economics. What about taxes? Where do they go? Someone starts as noble, via IP, and gets a major source of income by selling land and collecting taxes. While others, like the wards, struggle to live in the wild. It's important that we all get a fair start.

What about politics? What sort of politics will we get if 99.99% of the players will be vassals?

Warfare. As long as the game allows everyone to challenge anyone in battle, no problem. This is important, but we don't know how this works, so yea, talking about it is speculating.

Roleplay. Acting as a noble or a servant is not enough. Without much choice, only a few will roleplay. The rest will survive. Freedom is important. Basically, if you do something different, most likely it's highly illegal.

Another problem. I see enough info about land and titles. What's missing is how to lose them.

9/12/2015 11:55:50 AM #6

It is very obvious to me that this game will have different levels of game play. One thing is for those who want to play all the political game, in which this game will be more of a Kingdom management/RTS game, while on the other hand you have a game more akin to what we know as an MMO (as in players going out into the world adventuring, crafting, etc.)

I don't think a King running around the wilderness beating the crap out of deers to get pelts so they can craft a leather armor. Nor having a piece of land with their house and a farm to plant tomatoes and potatoes.

I have given some thought to the fact if I want to be a noble... but I don't think I won't that kind of game for myself. If anything Baron or Knight would be the higher I could probably like... I prefer the freedom of a commoner, be an explorer, merchant or crafter.

9/12/2015 12:04:57 PM #7

Baronesses and countesses will play it a bit lik a rts, A sim. Duchesses and queens will play it more like a kingdom builder. :3

9/12/2015 12:10:07 PM #8

Ok, fair point about nobles, I didn't think of that... if they leave the safe zone, they become fair game, KoS. A major disadvantage, I admit that.

I also like being a commoner, I don't need to control others, but I don't want to be controlled either, or to be told that most of the things I do are illegal.

9/12/2015 12:32:30 PM #9

(Typing on my phone, so sorry for any gramma mistakes) You "can" buy noble titles, but i son't think it's limited to only people who have IP to spend. I'm pretty sure a lot of people will have the chance to start as a noble family, if not the the way to become noble isn't out of question, and you can always just marry yourself into one.

If 99,99% are vassals (we both know the numbers are untrue, but for the sake of answering your question I won't bother calculating :9) we'll get the interesting kind of politic rp. Remember back in the 13 century (to pick one) we had king with vassals and more than not did you see a great political game being played, most played for their own interests. In 16 century I believe (mary of scots) there were great political conflicts, mary had lost her husband and returned home with her son, she took around visited her vassal states, some tried to push er into marriage with some from their house, and it ended up with the vassals took hold of her child etc. Really interesting :) now for another example that isn't from real life: In Game of thrones every country besides Dorne is a vassal kingdom to the iron throne. Dorne is a bit different since the king married into their house to gai control of the land. In every vassal state, like the riverland we would have the duke (house tully) and then the counts (house frey etc.) And In them we would have people who tended to the keeps (barons) etc. Now don't tell me Game of Thrones doesn't have any kind of political game ;) but thats the kinda political game you get with vassal states.

But we know warfare will be in the game, so it's not that much speculation when we know it'll be in game :9

Roleplaying will happen one way or the other, and lots of people like to rp as nobles so I'll saythats enough xD but of course they'll want to rise in rank, and there are many ways to do that ;> vasicly if you do something different it probably won't be illigal unless what you'll do is gonna kill another person or something like that and even if it was illegal you can always flee.

Another problem? Ender I didn't see your first problem ;9

9/12/2015 12:38:34 PM #10

Couldn't scroll down on my mobile so couldnt continue to answer you last question. We all know some titles will be granted to the heir (first born in some instances even?) And we also know that titles comes from land, holdings etc. So my guess is this: If you'll kill the person, maybe the heir too, or put them on the run, they won't keep their titles for long :9 killing would be the best to do so. But since dukes give out counties maybe befriend the duke? And make him grant you one of the excisting counties, though it qill probably be unpopulair with the ruling count. ;) This ^ is all speculations of course! But only the last part here ;3

9/12/2015 12:40:06 PM #11

We know you can always just refuge to pay taxes :D though that might bring conflicts ;)

9/12/2015 1:04:00 PM #12

NPCs can refuse to pay taxes if it is in there interest, but it is illegal and can result in you being in jail.

9/12/2015 1:34:27 PM #13

@Liva Speaking of Game of Thrones, what about the coal boy, the guards patrolling the garden, the fish vendors, and other less relevant characters? Remember this is a MMO, everyone needs a story, not just a few self elected political figures.

Maybe I like the story of Molly Malone more than I like the one of Mary, queen of Scots. History rarely mentions commoners. But a game must offer everyone equal chances to play a role and to shape the world.

9/12/2015 1:38:54 PM #14

Hehehe, when CoE has been released for 6 months, I can see new players not know how to pay taxes. ;)


The information that we got is really nice, thanks Caspian ;) I really like the titles, and no one really mentioned mayor; mostly it's been about kings and stuff, so neato! The land section of this thread brings joy to my eyes.

9/12/2015 3:09:48 PM #15

Just because you can play a role in shaping the world doesn't mean you do, we only know the story of the nobles in game of thrones because they're the people who are our point of view characters. There are many great stories from people who are commoners, but we might not know them as well since we're reading from a noble persons point of view if you catch me? and this has nothing to do with the political system, since it was the political system you seemed unhappy about, so it was that system I tried to give some examples too, and we both know nobles and such delve into such things more than commoners, commoners are much more about exploring, adventuring than political intrigue but they can always do that, the game doesn't limit it that way as far as I understood. Remember Varys did come from a "ward of the state" kinda person, and he seem to be doing really fine.

And there will always be less relevant characters in ones OWN story, but it all depends on who's telling it.