I'm skeptical of this dev team.

Looking at the current team they have assembled, they only have 1 programmer. Right now one of the issues CU is having is their lack of programmers (and they have more than CoE). Obviously finding more programmers will be a top priority, but they're not cheap.

I'm also struggling to find any information on what MMOs members of the team have shipped. They have extensive experience from within other developers, no doubt. However developing a single player game, or even a smaller scale multiplayer game and developing a MMO are entirely different beasts.

Crowfall has names like Jtodd, Gordon and Ralp. CU has Mark Jacobs and Andrew. All of these people know the complexities of launching MMO titles, some of which have failed. What persons should we be looking at with CoE?

I'm fully willing to pull the trigger on a kick starter package, but I'm extremely skeptical. I've seen plenty of other MMOs with ambiguous developers cash out due to difficulty, or fail completely and disappear.

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Really, downvotes already? This forum is already turning in to a giant inbred circle jerk of yes men.

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Well your free to doubt, what gives me confidence is that they already have something to show. Most other projects that offer the sun, moon, and sky, have little more than concept art to show at their Kickstarter.

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There is more than one programmer. Some people are doing multiple jobs to save wasting cash

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@Xenobi | I've "liked" your post because I think your question is fair and the downvotes without explanations on the matter are not. :)

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I agree it is a fair question ask in a non troll way. I would recommend hanging out in the irc channel the devs are there alot to answer questions and concerns.

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Well there is a little bit of flaws in your argument from what I see, and that is that you seem to just care about the names making the game.

We already have ten thousand MMOs that are all virtually the same, made by the same people you mentioned, sure they can make an MMO, but can they make a brand new, fresh idea?

From what I have seen so far, not likely.

CoE's team is different though, sure they are untesyed, but isn't everybody at first? If you continue to just support the people that are already out there, than all you will get is the games that are already out there. Look at CoD, it's the same thing every year, just reskinned, with more future crap, and that's because people are afraid of change, and only back those people that have proven capable of making a game.

Soulbound Studios has not shipped a game yet, so they have no proof, but they also have not failed at shipping a game either. They are fresh blood into the mix of making an MMO, but if you choose to only support the people that are out there already, than it is a very sad day for gamers.

Don't knock them for being unproven, rejoice that you can put your faith into a new team.

If you were making a game and pouring your soul into your work, would you want people to overlook you because you didn't even get a chance to prove yourself? Of course not. So don't do that to them either.

Everyone should get a chance to prove themselves, and what they do with that chance is entirely up to them. If you don't want to back them, than don't. You earned that money, you decide what to spend it on, but don't make your decision on choosing to not give them a chance.

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I liked your initial post not because I want to stir the pot but because I think criticism, while productive, is good. And I hope the community doesnt turn into a bunch of yes men. We should be vocal about concerns as long as theyre respectful. To your point Im not experienced enough on the subject to make a viable comment but on the other hand seeing what Caspian and his wife have put in on their own gives me hope. These are just people and a small group of them so I dont expect perfection at every step and they seem like well minded people so I trust them. And I do look forward to see their progression and how they tackle the hurdles that lay in front of them!

but thats just my 2c

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my sentiments are the same as silence's. though i did downvote your second post in this thread, there is no need for name calling, and it is uncalled for.

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My biggest concern is the scope of the project as presented in the video, when you take in to account the size of the team (that might swell to no more than perhaps 30 developers at the most), and amount of funds they're asking for. If the scope was smaller, and they expanded the game over time I would be way less skeptical.

quoteCoE's team is different though, sure they are untesyed, but isn't everybody at first?/quote

The difference is that MMO dev studios in the past didn't ask for your money upfront, and Soulbound is. An untested team trying to develop an MMO in this day and age is almost a guaranteed recipe for failure.

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I'm equally just as skeptical. And if I'm being honest not even sure it can be shipped by the team they have and the amount of cash they're asking for. But after seeing the dude fund it with his own cash, come up with an innovative idea for a stagnating genre, and actually show off gameplay that he produced in his self-funded year. I'm willing to throw my money in on making this happen.

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Keep in mind there's at least 500K investor funds on top of the 900K minimum they will get, plus there's the personal money already spent. So it's more than just "900K" -- I think people get a bit fixated on that figure. And, sure, I understand why they do... it's just not "the whole story" when it comes to the funding of CoE.

FWIW, I was KS Backer #21 and wanted nothing but the best for this game.

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Why would any one in their right minds as skeptical as you are about the game contribute to the kick starter? You say you are fully willing to pull the trigger on kick start but from everything you said it is clear that you won't. So why even bother making this post?

I don't know, if your first post is about all the "theoretical" problems with the game, it seems to me you came here looking for a fight.

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You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette. It wont be perfect at first and it'll take a while to get there. But even companys like Blizzard had to start somewhere. My point is if anyone can do it I believe this team has put in enough to show us that its their heart and soul (pun intended). No one will work as hard as them to get this thing made. Nothing big ever starts big. Gota have faith and give em a fighting chance.

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There are posts from the dev team about scaling the game in the forums, I will have to look for the posts to link them it may take a bit to locate the exact posts. Also, like some of the other posts, I up checked your first post but down checked your second post as well.

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I understand your skepticism.

As a big fan of Camelot Unchained, I am very familiar with that scene. I see two important differences.

  1. Elyria is using a very mature engine in Unreal as oppsoed to CU that is writing their own engine/server/network code from scratch to deliver a special experience via massive RvR battles. These divergent approaches mean you need different skills sets on the team.

  2. At this point, Elyria has a lot to show its Kickstarter Backers whereas CU used a very different approach that offered only ideas and concepts at this stage. Only now, is CU about ready to show off some its beauty to the outside world.

I think either business approach can work, but expect radically different paths. I have supported both (and Crowfall as well). I feel there is more than enough room for a number of great games in our future!