[EU] House Romaria

Our Discord:

Vassal Houses:

House Golzkiin

House Allies:

Who are Our Current Leaders:

House Ruler: Arthos (IG: Count Arthos Romaria)


Vassal's to Romaria: (Sworn fidelity to the house)

Baron: Shamstone (IG: Baron Shamstone Mistwalker)

Baron: Milkcarton (IG: Hjalmar Jarnfell)


(Ones without land or titles but remain within our county and swore fidelity to house Romaria)

Oracle (IG: Oracle Mistwalker)

Sabutai (IG: Dunrul Dragezes)

UniqueManOut16 (IG: Garris Broqkal)

Cleric (IG: TBD)

Zomli (IG: Zidar Raynoldus)

Daethos (IG: Emmor Amaranthe)

A history of house Romaria

Once a small family of peasants and craftsmen. The name Romaria was hardly known and had little to desire from these poor, insignificant people. They were known for their loyalty and duty to their lords and masters at black smiting and farming. During the great awakening when the earth opened up and the sky split across the horizon many were swallowed up by the horrors of the land in the war.

The Romarian people chose to fight for their lords, house Coshall. Taking to arms and standing strong the small house rose to the challenge and fought, defending their lords with utmost devotion and loyalty although not of the finest cloth, nor greatest of warriors. Once the earth settled, the blood flowing like rivers below the feet of so many innocent people slain. One hero emerged from the wreckage.

His name was Azémar Romaria, the head to house Romaria at that time. Through his devotion to his king and sacrifice to his kin he remained alive if only but by a hair. His left eye was missing, a scar across his brow removing his sight for all eternity. His right leg, useless after receiving a vicious blow from the demons that took hold of his homestead. It is said that he received a gift by the gods, a kiss from Ao, the god of life that saved this mortals life. A blessing for his loyalty to house Coshall.

Aleut ever swift he had passed not but a mere month later. In honor for his service and loyalty to his lord the Romarian people were blessed with the title of count and given land for their service and sacrifice during the great war.

The sigil that is mounted within their hall represents every Romarian who has fought and sacrificed their lives for what they believe in. The rings, a symbol of fidelity that they have to their people, the Romarians and to the king's house, house Coshall. A sword to show the honor they hold dear to their hearts. A pickaxe to represent the hard work and duty in the mountains countless hours have been spent, sacrificed to find the best ores. And the anvil, a symbol of the best blacksmiths in Elyria come from Romaria.

Due to their military skill since the awakening they've also been awarded a chevron. A symbol of military achievement. The hall standing above all else within the capital city of Romar. Through their devotion and strength these people. Once thought to be insignificant, weak, and penniless prove to all Elyrian's that even the most common man, the lowliest of soldiers can one day raise up and become something great.

The current ruler of the house is Arthos, a young man of the age of fifteen. He holds dear to the houses values, Honorem, Officium, Fidelitatis. It's meaning of honor, duty, fidelity. These are the core values to any Romarian. Hailing from the imperial city of Romar, within the county of Romaria named after Arthos's great grandfather's namesake. They continue to strive to grow and gain strength, always ready to call to arms and serve their lords.

Why become a Romarian?

If you wish to become a part of something bigger than yourself join us. If your desire is to be safe, protected, and fight for a greater purpose then your own desires we may be for you. House Romaria is a part of the the Romarian Empire. Allied with multiple houses and counts we plan to unite our lands and create an empire together. By joining house Romaria you're promised protection, help upon release with a structured town and the knowledge to help any player new or old.

If you partook in the kickstarter at the $125 mark you will get access to the 3month starter play. This will allow you to shape the world of Romaria and begin construction for the Romarian Empire. The goal that the current ruler, Arthos wishes on his people. He seeks to unify his lands and expand his territory bringing loyal people under his banner to better all. If you are one who seeks peace firstly and have a willingness to go to war if necessary, look no further then house Romaria. Our bonds will forever be tight and nothing is more important then our family.

We're primarily a crafting family focusing on breeding, mining, architecture, and farming but are skilled blacksmiths and soldiers. Always preparing for another awakening we think of the defense first, the offense second. This is a great opportunity to build a lasting family to go through the generations with. We accept everyone blood or not that share our same vision.

To us, were all Romarian and seek to see the Romarian Empire raise to help the family the people of Romaria.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for heavy role play focused players who want to be a part of something new, something great. Having this kickstarter allowed boarders to be founded and families to accept nobility. Arthos will be the leader and appointed count of Romaria. He also holds the title of Barron over Romar. This is not to say that he will not give it to another family member to manage Romar in his steed but were primarily looking for people who are friendly, fun, have some knowledge and history in MMORPG's or at least desire to learn and want to explore Elyria with other family.

Were a small house but always growing and expanding. if your interested please post here or private message Arthos. We are affiliated to the Romarian Empire. We don't seek war but if it must come down to it we will gladly take up arms to protect our family and our home.

5/7/2016 4:25:13 PM #1

Hey, I like the idea of this, especially as it is already affiliated with Zygethia. I'll keep this in mind, though I won't be able to help out in the 3month starter-play.

House Storm needs YOU!

5/7/2016 4:35:49 PM #2

Hey, I appreciate it Hound! Thanks I am at work right now so couldn't really get the crest up but I figured I'd hash out the rest. The 3 month and alpha/beta packages will be good for me and others to get a feel for everything. That extra time will allow us to know a basic understanding of the game and how we need to focus. Honestly I want the fort as a "baron" but the strategist in me wants economics and profit at the start and just build forts later on. I don't expect to much chaos to start, even with the early access guys. The more the merrier!

Not sure what the map looks like or where we all plan on staying honestly but we want to make our counties close to one another so we can benefit together, ideally of course. With the way things look though I think we need to focus on food and production so half construct labor camps, houses, mines, etc. Other half become farmers to start. We can branch from there. Dunno, it's an experience for all thats why the 3 month is so helpful to get a feel for things!

5/9/2016 8:38:03 AM #3

Crest is up and were still looking for people to join house Romaria. Just because your a part of Romaria doesn't mean you need to become a Zygethian although you do need to be a EU player due to location (unless you want to spread our influence. :P)

House Romaria is affiliated to Zygethia and strives to serve them when called on but we are a stand alone family seeking to build our own empire and rise up as our own power. The Romarian Empire shall rise and become strong with your help! The castle will hold the test of time just as it has in our crest for so many years!

5/9/2016 12:52:58 PM #4

Hey there !!! I will be part of this house !! I like the Zygethia principe (I'm gonna try to be Fyrd Commander at least), and I like the spirit of Romaria. Also, what made me sure to join you is "Seeking to build our own empire and rise up as our own power." because, yes, when we will grow up, I wanna our house to take a place between all the kingdoms, and write "House of Romaria" down on the history of Elyria !

1 goal I suggest : People will talk about us all over the contient !! >:D

5/9/2016 1:00:55 PM #5

Hahah that is the plan. We will work with Zygethia and help them of course always remaining an ally when the Empire is formed due to our long standing alliance and the fact that they did make us nobles firstly (one of our three principles, fidelity). Do you have a name planned for your character? I'll just have your screenname here till you tell me then can edit it.

5/9/2016 1:06:08 PM #6

I think I'll go with "Kira" :p Two syllabes, easy to remember and get fear around it xD But, I don't know how the family names work :o do you have any information ?

I'm someone really loyal.. When someone is cool with me, I'd never think about betraying him by any way. But, if someone betray me, I wanna destroy him xD If Zygethia turn against us, I hope you will follow me to wreck them down >:P

edit : Do you have a link to House Coshall please ? I wanna know all the hierarchy :p

5/9/2016 1:28:24 PM #7

Oh no you wouldn't need to worry about that. Possibly other counts but if Zygethia goes to war, so do we. I want us to focus on production. We need a steady supply of soldiers, blacksmiths, farmers, and miners. If you have any friends who are looking to take part in something new that can become great come send them my way.

I don't care about naming, it's your character. The family name will be given when you choose to join a family and join the "Romaria" family. That will automatically place you in Romar (our capital) or hypothetically our county since I'm a count and I get both. MUAHAH!!!

Our principles as stated above are honor, duty, and fidelity (meaning loyalty) so you'll fit in just great. Honestly I just want to have fun and have people enjoy themselves. If you are able to take part in the 3 month head start you can help shape the land of Romar if not see you at launch. Make sure you join Zygethia though and get into our discord. I'll be there after I get off work probably (in the next hour or so) and we can talk there if you have a mic or I can type. I'm a very active person. Just needed to hibernate for the winter, I'm back now though!

5/9/2016 1:36:00 PM #8

Okay ! :) Yeah, I have two little brothers, I'll send them to you, don't worry ;)

Oh okay okay ! :3 Hehehe, so much power !! ;P

Perfect ! That's a nice philosophy ! And yes, I have the 150$ tier, to I'll discover the game by Beta 1&2, and I'll be there during the 3 months start ! :p And, of course I'll help ! I'm pretty bad in speaking english, better in writing so we're gonna type ! :p I'm pretty active, specially when I'm happy, and this game and the dreams I have around it makes me happy ^^

5/9/2016 1:41:05 PM #9

Look forward to it. What do you speak, French? We have a lot of EU players that speak a lot of languages. They could help you and thankfully CoE doesn't have voice, just text hahah!

5/9/2016 1:44:01 PM #10

I just got on discord ! :p (first time using it) Yeah, I speak French :)

Yes ! There was a thread about it earlier ! xD

5/9/2016 1:54:13 PM #11

hai! i am actualy already a member of zygethia. But i don't have a House to join yet. As i am a baron and want to create a nice crafting village who helps the needy and poor along the way i also need protection as that won't be a big focus altough i will provide with militia for my count and king to use when the time rises. so i wonder if i could join the house or get some aliance to be allowed to settle in your county

5/9/2016 2:03:57 PM #12

I guess Arthos said he will come back soon, but yes of course you are welcome, and I'm 100% sure Arthos will say the same as me ! :3 So don't worry, of course you can join this house ! ^^ Do you have already an idea of the name you wanna give to your character ingame ? (Of course you can edit it later, it's just so it can be add on the first post) :)

5/9/2016 2:06:30 PM #13

Chelvaric is probably gona be it (at the moment) and thank you for the warm welcome o3o

5/9/2016 2:21:51 PM #14

Derp, would you be able to get on Discord? I could talk more there as I'm curious what craft you wish to specialize in. Being a baron means you will have a county to chose. You could join Romaria (our county) and have your own city. We can have that produce other goods. I am wanting to have 3 production cities and 2 keeps within our kingdom.

5/9/2016 2:23:57 PM #15

Don't forget to add him onto the House Members list !

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