Blessings, Curses, and Talents

While looking through what all affects a soul and what stays with you, there were a few things I did not see.

The current affinity system looks great, but I think there may be more that can be applied to the system without over taxing or overcomplicating it. Of particular note one thing I have not seen is a charity system, I can completely understand why you may not want to incorporate a system of religion (though if you have I did not see it); however a system that rewards players for giving to others without any apparent benefit to themselves would be nice.

As such I would like to put forward the idea that charitable contributions can affect your affinity in a positive way; furthermore, I would like to put forward the idea that someone with a very positive affinity who is compassionate, kind, and charitable may receive non-tangible benefits from their life choices in the way of Blessings.

Blessings would be body bound talents that would be unlocked through acts of compassion, mercy, and charity. Most likely, these talents would be granted to those with a positive affinity; however, it could stand to reason that a person with a negative affinity performing a truly benevolent act could very well receive a blessing as well. (Good men do good because it is right, bad men do good because they find that they are wrong).

So for an example. On the one hand, you have a truly piteous person, a true living saint if you will, someone who forsakes himself for others or for a worthy cause. This person gains no mundane goods, no tangible reward for his giving nature; instead, what he finds is something within himself, a blessing, something given to those who are pure of heart or intention that allows him to continue to give of himself in a world that may not appreciate his kindness.

On the other hand, you have a true scoundrel, a man with no moral qualms or compass, all his life he has never once cared for another person and not one person has ever cared for him. One day this man comes across something, a crossroad of destiny, it may be an injured person laying in the road, a lost child, or anything. Though he has never once cared for anything besides himself, something within him stirs, he then performs a truly selfless act, one with no apparent benefit unto himself. This man then finds within himself a blessing, perhaps it is his way out of a life of evil; either way, whether he chooses to accept it or ignore it is up to him.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum are Curses, there are many "evil" acts one can commit in life; however, there are some things that truly stand out as being evil, perhaps your band of raiders ruthlessly cuts down a defenseless village, maybe you kill the unarmed messenger from a rival kingdom who comes bearing a declaration of peace, or you could possibly find yourself standing before a sanctified burial ground with the full intent on robbing it. These things leave a lasting imprint on the body, a curse, that follows you wherever you may go and though whatever you may do.

Both Blessings and Curses can be "beneficial" or "detrimental" it all depends on your own view. A good person may find that they have a great blessing only if they maintain a state of near poverty, a bad person may find that their curse gives them great power; however, they find that they must consume far more food or water than normal.

The possibilities for combinations of good, bad, or both blessings and curses could make for some very interesting additions to the Soul engine.

Please let me know what you think of these ideas. Suggestions, alterations, additions, or deletions are all encouraged.

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I wonder why this hasn't been seen or responded to.

This is very interesting! I want to be a good character, so blessings or at least a change in affinity would be a nice reward for my altruism.

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Charity for rewards isn't charity.

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It also doesn't reward necro bumps, I will be locking this thread now.

If you are interested in discussing this topic, then please feel free to make a new thread. :)