[EU] [Update] The Dragoneer's Lodge

The Dragoneer's Lodge

From St.George to Bilbo, most of the characters and heroes of fantasy and mythology encountered one of the fundamental archetypes of adventure stories: the Dragon!

What about Elyrian dragons? Are they vicious beasts? Cunning collectors of gold? Demons? Gods? There's only one way to know for sure: find one and check!

The Dragoneer's Lodge in an association for people fascinated and/or obsessed with dragons (and other mythical beasts). What do they look like? Where do they live? Can they be hunted? Tamed? How?

These are just some of the questions the Lodge wants to find answers for.

Plans - Update -

I am now part of the Grey Crafters from the village of Midgar, in the Nirath Kingdom, therefore the Lodge will not need additional people for the farming, gathering or crafting and we can concentrate on the hunting part.

Also, seeing that there are a lot of dragon-themed players and groups in Nirath, it will better fit the country background to move from a "dragon slayer" to a "dragon tamer" perspective.

Short-term goals

  • Build a tavern, to be the "physical" Lodge
  • Develop hunting and trapping skills, from small to huge animals
  • Develop/acquire tecnologies related to traps and hunting weapons (likely spear and bow)

Mid-term goals

  • Monster hunting!
  • Sell animal and monster parts and items made of those parts
  • Collect information about dragons
  • Find actual dragons!

Long-term goals

  • Trap/tame dragons
  • Send a tamed dragon to the king to ride in battle and burn the hearts of his enemies
  • Retire as rich and legendary heroes!

Zombies? Demons? Giants? Glittering vampires? No, thanks. We hunt DRAGONS!

Looking for you!

The Dragoneer's Lodge will be especially interested in:

  • Hunters and trappers
  • Scribes and mapmakers
  • Mad scientists obsessed with traps and giant weapons
  • Interesting people

Look and playstyle inspirations

  • Dragon slayers from Dragonheart
  • Real world trappers
  • Wildlings from GoT
  • Monster Hunter (possibly without the giant weapons, but you never know...)
  • Anyone dressed in leather and pelts hunting giant monsters

5/21/2016 4:21:58 PM #1

Can't tame dragons. They are too intellegent

5/21/2016 4:46:32 PM #2

You are most welcome to settle in Thunormore Earldom (county) if you wish, we already have a thriving community and a couple of other villages too.

Feel free to join our discord (, or read more about us on :)

Duchy of Asebe'ia Thunar

5/21/2016 4:48:08 PM #3

Well maybe you want to have an alliance with my guild? we have the same goal to hunt monsters, besides exploring and treasure seeking! just click on my banner!

5/21/2016 5:12:45 PM #4

You are welcome in the Kingdom of Zygethia, hunters, trappers, rangers etc.. bolsters our skill base and it will bolster yours as well.

5/21/2016 5:33:40 PM #5

If you were NA i would say come base yourself out of my stronghold, that just the sort of organization id love to work with and have nearby

5/22/2016 11:02:53 AM #6

I expect interesting interactions with the Order of the Black Fang, I look forward to discussions about the nature of divinity and dragons!

5/22/2016 11:10:23 AM #7

I can see we have lots of interests in common, and as an apolitical, secular group I hope to have many allies around!

5/22/2016 11:13:51 AM #8

To all the others, I still have no specific plan on where to settle but will probably wait until some more people join before deciding!

Thanks for your invitations!

6/6/2016 9:47:56 PM #9

Update! The Dragoneer's Lodge will be located in Midgar, in the Nirath Kingdom!

All hail King Dragor!

12/20/2016 7:56:52 PM #10

Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your adventures! :D

Duchy of Asebe'ia Thunar

5/29/2017 2:47:48 PM #11

Please move to Selene Organizations

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