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Today is our weekly Live Chat on IRC. To join the chat, either download an IRC client if you're savvy enough or navigate your browser to QuakeNet and log in. You should use your CoE alias if you have one, and for "channels" enter #ChroniclesOfElyria. Yes. You need the pound-sign.

Please use this forum topic to post your questions for the Live Chat. We may not answer all of them, but we'll do the best we can.


  1. Please limit it to one post per community member
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  3. If you have more than one question, please number them and provide paragraphs in between so we can clearly identify them.
  4. Influence will no longer be awarded for attending the Live Chat, but instead for posting intelligent questions.

See you all at 10am PDT / 5pm GMT!

10/26/2015 3:17:05 PM #1

Q1. Can you tell us a bit more about how you see the sensory map working? I it going to give details of what is around you or more of an indication that 'something' might be in a certain general direction? Is the amount of information provided determined by character attributes or skills?

A1. Currently it'll work like sonar, but withour the little sonar waves and the annoying sound. Basically, if you get within proximity of something you hear or smell, it'll show up on the map. There's no skill currently associated with it, but like D&D of old, there's kind of a passive "perception" trait which will be tied to your character Intuition attribute.

Q2. The Developer Journal says world maps are mainly decorative, can other maps be used as a decorative item? Can we use them to draw meaningless maps purely for aesthetics?

A2. No answer.

Q3. Which of the features announced in the Maps, Cartography and Navigation developer journal are you most proud of?

A3. That's easy. Naming of locations. I thought of that idea a year or so ago. And I've been keeping it to myself since then. It just seems logical that in a dynamic world people should be able to name the places. And there's all kinds of cool features that come from that... lost civilizations, etc...

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10/26/2015 3:18:25 PM #2
  1. If in your first life you master one skill then in the next life you master a different skill, will you have both skill ramps in your third life?

(@Caspian) Yes... and no.
(@Caspian) The further a memory is from your current life, the weaker the influence.
(@Caspian) So you'll have the skill ramp from both, the skill ramp from the first life will be less impactful.

  1. Will it be possible to switch weapons during combat? From a bow to a sword for example

  2. Are there dance emotes?

(@Caspian) We have a list of over 100 emotes.
(@Caspian) Most of them are just dialog, but several of them have physical animations.
(@Caspian) While I haven't talked to Strider about it yet, I want to see paired emotes..
(@Caspian) Like being able to dance "WITH" someone (slow dance) or play pattycake (sp?)
(@Caspian) It's great for RP.

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10/26/2015 3:23:25 PM #3
  1. I heard that the technology in CoE gets more advanced over time, for example discovering how to create a crossbow; how exactly does that work? Answer: " Great question. That's the topic of DJ #13 coming out in just 3 weeks!"

  2. How will the voices work while playing CoE? Does your character say random words when they feel like it and quiet any other time, or do they speak when you interact with NPCs and OPCs only? I have no idea on how this works and was just wondering. Answer: Not answered.

  3. Assuming there will be multiple servers to choose from when joining CoE, will they have names so we don't have to see "Server 1" or something like that. Will you actually call them 'servers' or have an alternative more roleplay friendly word like 'realm' or 'terrene'? Answer: Not answered.


10/26/2015 3:25:43 PM #4

It's been stated there will be music composition, there has also been mention of a guitar hero style of playing music.

  1. Will music composition use MML, a simple version of MML (similar to what was used in Archeage), or will it be a unique system to this game?

  2. Will there be any autoplay of learned songs, for putting on performances, or will it always be the guitar hero style approach, regardless of performance or practise?

[17:22] <@Caspian> Similar to other skills, at some point you just stop improving from doing repetitive tasks. At that point, there's no real benefit to the skill challenge. So for things you've mastered, we'll probably allow you to just "auto-play". However, that's separate from just jamming for the fun of it. While it won't provide any of the same effects, necessarily, as other music playing, we do really like what people were able to achieve with Lord of The Rings Online.

  1. Shop front and auction houses have been mentioned. Are there plans for a game controlled auction house of any kind, or would it be entirely player operated? How do you see the auction system working?

[17:23] <@Caspian> We do plan to have NPC controlled consignment and AH's early in the game. However, as new villages/towns are set up in a wider range of locations, there will be need for additional auctioneers. We don't plan to have a centralized AH like in other games. In fact, AH's in CoE are LIVE auctions. You'll likely put items up for auction, and people will show up at a time and place to the auctioning. We really like the way that brings people to the AH at specific times, rather than just congregating there.

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10/26/2015 3:27:33 PM #5


1, Will I be able to own a shoe shop?

[17:25] <@Caspian> Senleya asked: Will I be able to own a shoe shop [17:25] <@Caspian> Absolutely! Cobbling is a skill under the leather working tree. We all need good, comfortable shoes.

2, If so will I be able to employ other people/npc's?

[17:26] <@Caspian> Follow-up question: If so will I be able to employ other people/npc's? [17:26] <@Caspian> Yep. Some NPCs may be looking for work. And of course, you can always hire other PC or OPCs. It could be that a friend and you take shifts, each working the store with your OPC while the other is online. Then you can take turns crafting and selling to make sure you're open 24 hours! Although... we may not need shoes 24 hours at a time. And before you quote me on that... it's a figure of speech. :) I recognize Elyria doesn't have 24 hours in a day. :P

3, Can we name our shops?

10/26/2015 3:32:36 PM #6


10/26/2015 3:38:00 PM #7

Q1Following a theme that spoke on IRC, I would ask if your soul when you reincarnate in a family (using the code for that child, grandchild, etc.) can physically customize that character or we don't?.

Not answered

Q2: The second question is related with this issue but it's a biological geek: What kind of heredity there in the game? I mean, you mentioned there may be mutations and these can be inherited.

Not answered

Q3: The third question is about constructions: In the game can build roads? If so, can you briefly explain or give a hint of how it will be?

@Caspian: Not initially. You'll be able to clear out paths by cutting down trees and such, but no "roads". Quickly though, technologically will advance to a point where it may be possible.

Note that villages can certainly have roads made out of stone, brick, etc... But it's not quite the same as laying down tar roads. As to how... we're still working on the UI for it, but probably a spline tool, similar to what we use for maps. But instead of being on a map... it'll be right on the terrain.

PS: i'll try to be in the chat, but if i can't, please send me by MP the text to edit this post.Thanks!

10/26/2015 3:44:25 PM #8

(Answered- thanks Howl!) My only question: are there any plans for graveyards or ways deceased characters can be remembered by their family members in the world in a permanent way (urns/tombs/etc)?

  • Looks like we already had an answer for that: burial, cremation or left to decompose with burial being safer.
10/26/2015 3:49:38 PM #9

BicycleWalrus Asks (since he can't access the forums from work):

Yesterday, a screenshot featuring a number of different weapons was revealed in chat yesterday. I'm curious as to what kind of Exotic Weapons, and Weapon Fighting Styles will be introduced to the game. Staff Fighting, Monk Fist Weapons, Scythes, Nunchucks - are these weapons we can look forward to? What other exotic weapons types are you planning on including?



10/26/2015 3:51:45 PM #10

Hi ^-^

  1. I remember seeing a post that briefly mentions that there are different languages, does that mean that the farther we travel we will no longer be able to communicate with people and have to learn the language?

  2. During the last live stream it was mentioned that said that if you commit murder of a high profile target the amount of spirit you lose will most likely lead to your death, my question is what if you get caught on unrelated charges. like assault or theft? Do you lose spirit based on what you get caught or based on all of your less than admirable actions?

  3. When you do a soul walk and find your body well we spawn a few yards away in a safer spot or in the exact same spot? What keeps players from staying near the spawn and just killing you each time until you no longer can make the journey?

10/26/2015 4:04:09 PM #11
  1. Is there a purpose to beds in this game or are they there just to look pretty? Can we actually sleep in them and benefit from that?

[13:36] <@Caspian> Yep. [13:36] <@Caspian> There's Fatigue in CoE. [13:37] <@Caspian> Lying down on a cot, bedroll, or comfy mattress will dramatically reduce the rest period required to get back to a full energy bar. [13:37] <@Caspian> There may even be buffs for some of them. [13:38] <@Caspian> Make sure to get a good, long night's rest before a long journey, and it may allow you to travel faster or longer before needing a break.

  1. Can we have pets that require feeding, being taken care of, ECT. IE: Cats, dogs. And if so, can you breed and sell them?

<@Caspian> Yes. Breeders are a thing. [13:36] <@Caspian> We want people to create breeding programs allowing them to sell "The fastest horses in the land". [13:36] <@Caspian> I've yet to determine what use cats are. [13:36] <@Caspian> But it's possible.

  1. How much can you control your npc children? Can you arrange for them to marry, send them to a different person's castle, send them places to learn, ect?

10/26/2015 4:04:40 PM #12

1: Will buildings follow a rule of physics and engineering? Meaning, does the upper floor need adequate support to exist? Can we build buildings that dont look like they could stand?

2: Can guilds/organizations set security on doors in their buildings? Example, The Avatars of Elysia own a large barracks style building, could we assign rooms to certain characters so only they could go in? Or could this be done by saying Room X is only accessible to members that are Rank X or higher?

3: To learn a characters name we have to ask. From my new understanding this is a game mechanic that requires a player to answer with the truth, an alias they have or ignore it.(If this is wrong please correct me) Is there a mechanic similar to this for asking guild/organization/kingdom affiliation? Example, can I ask a character if they are a member of Zygethia and they would have to respond with the truth, an alias or ignore it?

10/26/2015 4:04:52 PM #13
  1. Kind of relating toward "market_blacksmith.jpg" : The question is; will people be able to open up their own shops just on the streets? Just like a flea market (pay some fees to set up a shop)?

  2. Will you be able to use different weapon techniques, on various types of weapons? Such as slashing with a rapier instead of thrusting?

Answer to Q1 -

[10:39] <@Caspian> Not quite.

[10:39] <@Caspian> Like in our world, there's zoning rules.

[10:39] <@Caspian> A space has to be zoned for a market for it to be possible.

[10:39] <@Caspian> That'll prevent people from setting up carts in the middle of the street...

[10:39] <@Caspian> Although, who doesn't love a good food wagon.

[10:39] <@Caspian> ... /facepalm

[10:39] <@Caspian> Sorry.

10/26/2015 4:05:09 PM #14
  1. Can you explain Property ownership and benefits of owning property.

  2. Can city leader claim eminent domain and destroy your house to build a Library?

[13:40] <@Caspian> Nope. [13:40] <@Caspian> While it may be historically accurate, it's pretty shitty. [13:40] <@Caspian> If someone leases or sells you land... [13:40] <@Caspian> It's yours. [13:41] <@Caspian> Now, they could attack you, kill you, and destroy your house. [13:41] <@Caspian> But it wouldn't be "legal". [13:41] <@Caspian> If your leige is a Count.... [13:41] <@Caspian> It's possible a call to the Duke would stop that behavior. [13:41] <@Souzou> A "call". [13:41] <@Caspian> Right.. [13:41] <@Caspian> Like carrier pigeons. [13:41] <@Caspian> :P

  1. What stops someone from creating a macro to craft a perfect axe with the draw an axe crafting mini game?

10/26/2015 4:15:30 PM #15

Some "higher altitude" questions:

  1. What is the biggest challenge you're dealing with in developing this title?

  2. What constraints do you foresee in realizing your ultimate vision for the game?

  3. What is the top aspect of CoE that sets it apart from the other sandbox MMO titles in development (-cough^Revival^cough-)