If I could have any Talent ....

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While we already have a growing list of Talents, we wanted to give you an opportunity to tell us what you think would be an amazing talent to have. Reply to this thread and complete this sentence:

My character can .....

4/12/2017 9:03:45 PM #706

Friend of the Wild - Wild animals won't attack player, unless provoked/attacked first.

4/13/2017 10:24:03 AM #707

Storm Aridite

My character can control the weather locally, with a cooldown obviously.

4/15/2017 5:48:47 PM #708

I think all talents should have drawbacks, in most cases a drop in charisma for things like scaly skin or other physical talents, or missing eyes for a true sight, etc. I personally would like to see talents specific to boomed like increased stamina or regeneration in the native biome outdoors only. Finally, I'd like to see a society or guild, monsters, or the like that seek out those with talent. It really would make it way more interesting to have a special but concerned to use it. My 2 cents :)

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4/18/2017 10:44:17 PM #709

Be basically a frog like Tsu in "My Hero Academia" or be able to turn you arms into blades like Jyugo in "Nanbaka"(didn't read all 48 pages of this forum so no idea if suggested before)

4/21/2017 4:35:47 PM #710

Here's another - if you had a "dwarfy race" with mining perks I think it would suit this better but:

A tinker handling underground ores might discover a talent for animating said ore. Thus your first "Golem" creater is discovered. Might be limited to a 1 week (RL) cooldown for each "animation". at which stage they persist. The magic may only work underground. Golems feed in small quantities on rock.

All skills should have risks though...

Perhaps you start out able to create one golem, the sort of servant who appears to have no mind of it's own. Initially it starts out following orders. It might take a few men to take it down, and perhaps it's a nice effective heavy at mining. Great you think, a fantastic servant, and everyone is happy. Local mining production starts to rise. You're a small time town hero.

...Until one day it starts to exhibit new behaviour. It refuses the odd order. Weeks later, your (now 3-4, max?) loyal golems are a menace and the mine is not a safe place. Without warning they not only stopped following orders but became hostile. They don't appear willing to leave the mine or caverns they are "born" in. You need to hire help to fight them. It takes you more than a RL week of waiting before you feel you have enough "energy" to infuse another golem since your last one. The local townspeople are no longer impressed, blaming you for their losses or deaths. They will not follow orders to destroy each other either..

The longer you live with the golum animation skill, the more chaotic and free thinking your creations become. No longer can you safely animate one without risk of it turning hostile. Either you abandon your experimentation, or perhaps have to adapt deviant skills, animating them in far off rival's mines, attempting to do so without being caught, by your own creation or witnesses.

4/21/2017 5:11:32 PM #711

Utilize the shadows using my Talent idea Shadow Shifter

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4/22/2017 9:48:53 PM #712

Id love to be able to use Dark magic. Oh the power would be lovely.

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4/22/2017 10:10:51 PM #713

I can turn wood into baskets, so I can turn your door into a basket that I can use to keep all my loot in when I rob your now-doorless house.

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4/23/2017 2:57:21 PM #714

I have an idea for a talent and also an idea for the talents trigger.

Someone can have an ability that lets them enter a rage mode where they attack stronger and faster, move faster and see the outlines of enemies through walls. Something like a berserker/bloodlust mode.

The trigger could be the person seeing a party member/significant other/soulmate die (the soul disconnected from body death) in front of them. After that the could only access the power if his vitality is lower than a certain point.

Sry if the idea is taken I just thought I should put in forward.

4/23/2017 3:57:50 PM #715

I like the idea of subtle talents, but I prefer to have a more subtle touch in the world.

I've read that shapeshifting could be possible, which I know isn't necessarily a subtle talent, but it could be if you could only shift into something with the same mass as yourself.

Of course clairvoyant abilities are always fun (& potentially problematic). Though a very specific type like being able to touch someone & see past/present/future or read their thoughts... maybe a medium type where they can channel & communicate with the spirit world.

Animal speak. Talking to animals would be really cool, though everyone would think you were insane... & maybe you are...?

The healing/hurting touch idea is a cool one too. I played a mystic a long time ago who could heal by touch, but it harmed her at the same time so she had to gauge whether it was worth it to use the power.

The ability to help plants/animals thrive would be a practical one. The farmer who can grow absolutely anything or the rancher who has that uncanny knack for raising prize winning goats. That sort of thing.

I know in 5 years you've most likely thought these things out. I just wanted to chime in with an opinion since the question was asked.

Honestly, I don't expect to have (or use) a talent so I have no big ideas on them, will just enjoy the show if anyone around me happens to develop one.

4/28/2017 4:21:31 AM #716

Sense the magical potential in others.

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4/28/2017 6:55:51 AM #717

So heres a few I've thought would be great.

Soul resonance - You learn from others mistakes by being around them well they work. When around other players performing skills if you perform the skill as well you gain experiance in it 20% faster.

Reaper - (only activated after killing 4 or more players) You've discovered you have the ability to steal part of someones soul when killing them; making you stronger. When killing players you gain 5% of their stats and increase your lifespan by 1%. After activating you gain an arua that thickens the more you kill, and people around you can hear the screams of stolen souls. (Good for making people be evil)

Zealot - (cultic or religous zealot) The more followers, or worshippers you have the move powerful you become. Each Follower increases your stats by 5%.

Blessing of the Goddess - Your destined for great things. Everything you do is 50% easier, and you progress 50% faster. Character has a faint glowing arua.

Magus - Through ridiculous amounts of research and a chance discovery; you've discovered magic. (Maybe not be able to use it. But create magic potions, and equiptment)

Puppeteer - At the cost of some of your life span; you can split your soul and place it in a puppet. Which you can then operate remotely.

Muse (Hidden talent) - When performing you inspire people to do better and possibly discover hidden talents. (Can increase others skill gains by 5%, can increase speed of research by 15%, and has a 10% chance for people to discover their hidden talent)

Blood scrying - By drinking someone or somethings blood you can sense the direction the other party is in. Can only track 1 person at a time.

4/30/2017 9:25:31 AM #718


4/30/2017 11:04:09 AM #719

communicate with a few other individuals through thought and/or dream, however who they are and where they are isn't inherently known to each person.

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