If I could have any Talent ....

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While we already have a growing list of Talents, we wanted to give you an opportunity to tell us what you think would be an amazing talent to have. Reply to this thread and complete this sentence:

My character can .....

4/11/2019 8:24:15 PM #976

So as a intended poison crafter, I’d love the chance to unlock the ability to make either A incurable poison, or B an undetectable poison, I lean more towards the undetectable poison.

One where you may notice the effects of having been poisoned, IE our fatigue is rising faster than normal, but when using the investigation skill you can’t pinpoint exactly where it came from, was it the water? The food? Was it absorbed through the skin via contact. It would force folks to use process of elimination to determine the source which could add an interesting game play mechanic.

As for the incurable, I’d imagine it would act similar to a disease except once you die you won’t still be poisoned like a permanent debuff, but once infected it would be an inevitable death sentence. You could do things to prolong the fatigue drain and get to a safe place, but inevitably fall unconscious. once you die or the poison has run it’s course over a certain amount of time then that’s it. Those two crafting talents in the poison tree I find would be incredibly profitable for the first to be able to craft them.

Probably already thought of but there’s my two cents worth.

4/24/2019 2:05:13 PM #977

Temporary mind control??

could work for a short period of time, basically your character would freeze and you would play as your victim.

Definitely some form of Warg abilities, seeing through animals (especially birds to act as scouts)

Some ability related to temporarily making your weapon extra powerful or increasing your stats, like an attack or defense boost, or a speed boost, etc.

Drake County

4/26/2019 1:58:07 AM #978

Personally, if I were to choose a talent to be added into the vast world of Elyria I think I would want a talent that completely transforms the game for the player and so that's why I've come up with the following Talents.


Description/Abilities: Allow's the user to reanimate dead corpses ranging from a Human to a Dragon or even a Kraken.

Personally I think this would add a whole new challenge to the world of Elyria sort of like the Whitewalkers from GOT where if the Necromancer is to die all of its Necromancies will die along with him/her creating a way for a player to powerfully impact the world of Elyria but also allows us Elyrians to have a chance against him/her. This would create massive opportunities for players to form alliances and strategize how they could defeat this force of evil or maybe our necromancers would use their power for the greater good of there kingdom protecting its people without consequences such as death and so on. Either way I truly think this would be a very interesting talent to give to player's but obviously, It should take time for the user to truly master it before they can raise whole armies.

Soul Hopping

Description/Abilities: Player can jump between bodies of different NPC's and animals.

The Other Talent I thought would be interesting to have would be interesting is a Talent of which allows the user to Soul hop between bodies of other humans (not players but NPC's) and animals. This ability could be used very strategically and would be quite interesting to see in the game I won't go to in depth on this one but rather allow whoever is reading this to sort of imagine what they could do with this power.

Benjamin MacDonald

4/26/2019 2:30:41 AM #979

Shadowed: blend in with shadows making the person almost impossible to see (avoid the lights, turn off torches/lamps) I don't like full disappear though it could be a thing i guess, just better to have some level of PC skills involved.

Martial Art: Find Pressure points- disables body parts (sword arm, shield arm, legs (slows player),

It would be nifty to have talents fail in infancy, backfire or have odd consequences

Bloodhound- Like Bloodhound in Apex Legends, for crime detectors most likely, be able to find a trail quicker, easier, see foot steps, give a sense of direction, item on criminals body or easier spotted bloodstains

Blinding attacks- be able to temporarily blind an opponent ( a second or two based on this combat system) Flash powders, "funny- flour in the face"

Tar and Feather criminals- for guards, highwaymen (lasts a certain amount of time to show this was a criminal)

Special taste!- for cooks and army cooks to give better hunger boosts, possibly for making large batches of food during campaigns

Hidden weapons- ie... assassins creedish type of knife, for assassins or people wishing to hide they are armed

Smiths Aura- a master smith could have a certain amount of time when activated to be able to teach their craft quicker to others (masters would have a certain amount of high knowledge, could go for any craft)

Just a few that could be feasible that I thought might be fun.


Sleight of Hand- being able to steal an item quickly and without being noticed

Entertainment talents- juggling, sword swallow, fire breathing, circus arts (animal taming to do tricks) snake charming

Trapping- for food and pelts

Tattooing- being able to add tattoos to your characters in game, possible fan art competition for ones that could be added to game

Glassworking- for being able to create stained glass windows and decorative objects

Vinting and Brewing- being able to create and craft drinks for taverns for all the 'lushes' of the game and those just needing a wind down

I know the last ones are kind of skills but many talents go along with them.

5/4/2019 4:11:03 PM #980

Highly resistant to most forms of damage, but certain elements or metal do 4x as much damage. Kinda like silver bullets for werewolves.

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5/4/2019 4:34:06 PM #981

The Force. lol. May the fourth be with you.

5/4/2019 7:38:06 PM #982

--))Cleanse the way : dying of natural causes you pass peacefully sending more of your knowledge on to the next life.

--)) inner peace : harder to darken the soul. Nothing you do possesses true malice. It's simply for the greater good, as you see it.

5/12/2019 4:28:31 PM #983


5/23/2019 8:04:15 PM #984

Here are some ideas that I have-

Medusa's gaze- Being able to turn someone into stone when they look into your eyes.

Talent stealers- Being able to perform a ritual that allows you trap and to conserve someone elses talent in an object.

Illusions- Being able to create mirages, this would be really useful in combat or espionage

Encouraging growth- Being able to make plants or animals reach maturity faster or making them higher quality.

Sirens- People who are able to control people through their singing, making the target follow them without being able to resist. Obviously the person would have to be in range of their singing.

Miracle Music- Being able to play music with magical properties, for example summoning a storm, encouraging plants to grow or healing people.

5/25/2019 4:17:47 PM #985

Poison/smoke breather- Can kill someone by breathing next to them or kissing them ect because on command you can breathe smoke/poison/rot- this could also count as a curse for the person who has it (because they kill everyone near them).

Magnetic sense-By sensing the magnetic field of Elyria, the character could have a very good sense of direction (eg, they would know where north and south was)

Eidetic/photographic Memory- This would enable people to learn skills really fast

Another talent could be to see more colors than the average, which could help you to paint, make clothes or something else that requires colors

5/28/2019 9:44:03 AM #986

the power to terraform teeheehee

5/31/2019 7:48:39 PM #987

Posted By Caspian at

<p>Hey CoE Community!</p><p>While we already have a growing list of Talents, we wanted to give you an opportunity to tell us what <strong>you</strong> think would be an amazing talent to have. Reply to this thread and complete this sentence:</p><p>My character can .....</p>

magic affinity. the ability to use and or control any magic powers (they have to see and know what the power is and dose to learn, also make them magic resistant)

6/4/2019 3:29:03 AM #988

Magic. I would want to be able to learn and study it. I don't think it should be a talent so much as require one, or something else magical. I think magic should be like a resource that can be hoarded and warred over with both recipe-like runes and spells etc and the rare magical items and materials which end up being absorbed into the person. Therefore magic wouldn't just be something somebody gets by doing something, it's something found, taken, or passed on. A limited resource that may be lost with the person if it isn't passed on before they do. This could be the whole reason why magic faded, the predecessors razed it from the land, warred over it, died and took much of it to their graves with them. It would be a shame if Magic doesn't ever develop into the skill/research side of Elyria but I certainly wouldn't expect this at launch. Maybe over time my research and expeditions will bear fruit.

6/13/2019 6:24:50 AM #989

'detect the rarest ores in the world...'

6/13/2019 3:49:50 PM #990

One Way Portal

The mage opens a portal to a specific location. What ever goes through cannot go back through it. If the mage wants to walk through with them he can, but if he dies there they are stuck there.

Pretty strong Talent, but with the One Way limitation it isn't too over powered since they cannot communicate once they go through.

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