1 March

Kickstarter Start Date Announced

By Caspian

Letter from Soulbound Studios Owner

When I first launched the Chronicles of Elyria website nearly two years ago I had pointed out that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. At the time I launched the website it was just me working on Chronicles of Elyria. There were no other programmers, no artists, no animators, or web designers. There was no composer and no sound FX engineer, and the website was entirely black and white.

Over the last year and a half, the company has grown from just me to over a dozen people and where once Chronicles of Elyria was just an idea, today it's a living, breathing organism, with the 12+ member development team at the nucleus and over 30,000 community members being the mitochondria, bringing the game to life.

Where before the website was empty and colorless, today it's filled with not only beautiful screenshots and concept art, but over 30,000 forum posts and over 2,700 topics, from players who are motivated to be a part of something great. Unfortunately, where once the development of Chronicles of Elyria was free, today it clocks in at over $40k a month, and the team is nowhere near complete.

When I started Chronicles of Elyria my family and I made a decision to trade one dream for another. We sold the land we'd purchased to build our dream home, and used that in combination with our life's savings to put toward the early development of the game. We did that because we believed in the idea of Chronicles of Elyria, and we believed in our ability to bring it to completion. But even more than that, we believed we should never ask others to back and support us in something we weren't one-hundred percent committed to ourselves.

Chronicles of Elyria is unquestionably one of the most pivotal games of the decade. It's a game which encourages massive player collaboration through new game mechanics such as contracts and an evolving story line. It encourages meaningful player decisions through a risk-reward system that truly forces players to make those tough decisions. It connects players to their characters in a way no MMO ever has, by bringing the human condition into the game.

By watching your character grow from a young lad or lass, to an aging scholar or teacher, you bear witness to another being's life. By being present for the marriage of your character and the creation of their children, you become a silent observer in your character's family. And with each quest, task, mission or adventure to take, you live the story of your character's life through them.

But the first step in being a part of this new world is to bring it to completion. Like Bastian imagining the world into existence in the Neverending Story, we need the support and encouragement of the community to bring us the rest of the way. So while we'll be showing more video footage, including a combat video later this month, we're near the end of our funding and must reach out to the players to help support the development of the game.

While there are many ways to influence the success of the game, our most immediate need is financial. For that reason, we're announcing that we'll be launching our Kickstarter campaign in just a couple short months, on May 3rd, 2016.

Chronicles of Elyria Kickstarter begins: May 3rd, 2016

Deciding how much to ask for is no easy task. Too little and we find ourselves unable to complete the game due to lack of funding. Too much and we risk the Kickstarter failing and not receiving enough funds to keep the team developing. In the end, the approach we took was to solicit feedback from the community to cull the game down to its most basic form, what people considered to be the minimally viable game. We estimated the cost of development based on that and used that as our funding goal. We then took everything else and set them as stretch goals.

In this way, we're able to release what we and the community feel is a complete game, but also gives backers the opportunity to communicate with their support which features they want to see at launch. All that said, we'll be setting a funding goal of $900k, with a slew of cool and important stretch goals.

Thank You!

As always, thanks for your continued support! Stay in touch as you await the Chronicles of Elyria Kickstarter:

  • Join the community: http://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum
  • Participate on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chroniclesofelyria & https://www.facebook.com/SoulBoundStudios/
  • Connect on Twitter: https://twitter.com/soulboundstudio

Jeromy "Caspian" Walsh
Owner/Creative Director
Soulbound Studios

Pics or it didn't happen!

We made it clear from the beginning that we wouldn't launch a Kickstarter campaign until we'd not only consumed all of our own resources, but also showed enough game-play footage and assets that we felt we'd earned your support.

While we've still got tons more videos coming between now and the Kickstarter, including a combat video, some lore videos, and some tech videos, we wanted to start off the video coverage with this announcement. So here's an in-development, First Look video of the world we're creating ... Chronicles of Elyria.

Chronicles of Elyria - Early First Look


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Knightblade321 - 3 years ago

It's beautiful! the game is bombtastic! :D

Ruthgar - 3 years ago

Talked to a few dozen people about CoE at the two last conventions(Anime&Sci-Fi) I went to when I wasnt too busy and they all seemed interested in it and would be looking it up. Even when the tiers close I'll keep talking to people who might seem interested as we will definately need more people. We definately cant all be kings, counts, dukes and barons, and I know for a fact that those of us who currently are thanks to our backing pledges, won't all still be at that level in the months and years after launch. Some of us will rise and become Kings and Queens ourselves, while others of us will fall to become the lowest of peasants. I would love to see one of the NPC kingdoms be populated at launch with just player peasants, and see exactly how long for that city to crown a player King or Queen. Also would love to see which happens first, a peaceful inheritance of the throne, or was it was from a bloody revolt?

Kysogos - 3 years ago

Posted By Ruthgar at 3:55 PM - Thu Nov 03 2016

Talked to a few dozen people about CoE at the two last conventions(Anime&Sci-Fi) I went to when I wasnt too busy and they all seemed interested in it and would be looking it up. Even when the tiers close I'll keep talking to people who might seem interested as we will definately need more people. We definately cant all be kings, counts, dukes and barons, and I know for a fact that those of us who currently are thanks to our backing pledges, won't all still be at that level in the months and years after launch. Some of us will rise and become Kings and Queens ourselves, while others of us will fall to become the lowest of peasants. I would love to see one of the NPC kingdoms be populated at launch with just player peasants, and see exactly how long for that city to crown a player King or Queen. Also would love to see which happens first, a peaceful inheritance of the throne, or was it was from a bloody revolt?

Haha yesss! One thing I think about a lot is, how will government form when nothing is decided beforehand. Will the merchant who plays 16 hours a day get enough gold and then become king, or will a valiant knight force everyone to follow his command. Anything, and I mean anything can happen. This is a lot more interesting than getting put into a kingdom because someone paid 10,000 dollars haha. But, we need some of both I believe.

Ruthgar - 3 years ago

Posted By Kysogos at 2:12 PM - Thu Nov 03 2016

Posted By Ruthgar at 3:55 PM - Thu Nov 03 2016

Talked to a few dozen people about CoE at the two last conventions(Anime&Sci-Fi) I went to when I wasnt too busy and they all seemed interested in it and would be looking it up. Even when the tiers close I'll keep talking to people who might seem interested as we will definately need more people. We definately cant all be kings, counts, dukes and barons, and I know for a fact that those of us who currently are thanks to our backing pledges, won't all still be at that level in the months and years after launch. Some of us will rise and become Kings and Queens ourselves, while others of us will fall to become the lowest of peasants. I would love to see one of the NPC kingdoms be populated at launch with just player peasants, and see exactly how long for that city to crown a player King or Queen. Also would love to see which happens first, a peaceful inheritance of the throne, or was it was from a bloody revolt?

Haha yesss! One thing I think about a lot is, how will government form when nothing is decided beforehand. Will the merchant who plays 16 hours a day get enough gold and then become king, or will a valiant knight force everyone to follow his command. Anything, and I mean anything can happen. This is a lot more interesting than getting put into a kingdom because someone paid 10,000 dollars haha. But, we need some of both I believe.

Both will be interesting just indifferent ways. Remember, the NPC kingdom will be somewhat static as the AIs they have will most likely go for the safer route always, and will tend to have limits on how far they will negotiate contracts. Plus you will never be able to get what their plan is from them. Whereas with the human run kingdoms things there will be a fluid dynamic from the getgo. Way too many reasons why too list

Xeria - 3 years ago

I think the game will go off great. I will reccomend a few of my friends to this game :)

Maroco_Virus - 3 years ago

I agree too

Stundar - 3 years ago



ziggyspots - 3 years ago

There will be another chance to back the game once the online store is open.

SBS has said that the store will offer the same purchase options as the Kickstarter for 30 days. After that options may change.

Stundar - 3 years ago

Kickstarter has ended is there still an option to back the game? If so how / where can this be done?

scotsman269 - 3 years ago

Wish they'd give the actual date for it to come out, been waiting for this game for years now and its like its never coming out and that its just some rumor... hoping its not like the No Mans Sky let down where I waited years for that and bam it hits you with worthless crap that didnt give what it promised. I myself am going to school for video game design and programming so I know what I am talking about in games, if you promise to deliver something you do that or you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, luckily steam decided to give refunds even past the date that they dont allow them since it was false advertising and I dont have to deal with that horrid game anymore.

Brenda - 3 years ago

Posted By scotsman269 at 9:11 AM - Tue Sep 06 2016

Wish they'd give the actual date for it to come out, been waiting for this game for years now and its like its never coming out and that its just some rumor.

How can you be waiting for years, when the game just was announced a year ago?

"July 27th, 2015 - On Monday, July 27th at 9am EDT startup game company Soulbound Studios announced development of their innovative new MMORPG titled Chronicles of Elyria."

They also gave us an estimated release date, during the Kickstarter campaign: Dez. 2017.

But since you are such a pro - studying video game deveopment - you know best, that only one western MMORPG wasn't delayed at least once. Which means, that everyone shoud at least add another 6 month of patiance. ;)

Patiance is the key. Since it is the the pressure from inpatiant publishers and people (like us gamers) that make Devs rush and release an unfinished project, like No Man's Sky.

Relyphria - 3 years ago

I found this via facebook and think this new concept for MMO style play is an interesting and unique take on it. I'll be backing around $50-$75 (I work for minimum wage don't judge me) and trying to back it as much as i can. I want to see this come to fruition. Good luck to you sir.

Galinet - 3 years ago

Curious If the IP points stack with the kickstarter package you buy in on. For instance Package d includes this many IP points plus you get everything in package a,b,and c does that include the IP points? Just curious.

tree_gnome - 3 years ago

I am beyond excited for this game, and if I could I'd fully fund the development of this game myself you have no idea

VexionAEI - 3 years ago

What is great is that this is going to be the first thing that is actually worth my time to Back on kick-starter. Ive been on kick-starter for quite some time but nothing has ever truly perked my interested. This will be the first thing I have every personally backed. I can not wait. Only 10 more days :)

Leilah - 3 years ago

This looks amazing I love the graphics,I am one who is willing to donate to a game if I believe it's worth the investment. Its kind of scary to get hopes up and it fails before it even hits the shelves. I have been playing MMO's for 15/years and this one intrigues me the most, you have Pantheon coming out and now this..wow I am very excited and can't wait until kick-off.

rpger4life :-)

Sickle_Mie - 3 years ago

Open world or instances ?? anyone know thanks.

Asbo - 3 years ago

I don't get excited by fluff unlike many folks here it appears! I more interested in the game mechanics and how it will all work. To many nice looking game which are rubbish and I am looking for some depth in the gameplay some new ideas even and better NPC AI too.

I cannot get hyped up anymore and then be let down with a nasty bang so we will have to see what you produce and see the thing running before I get excited.

That saying I hope you do break the mold as we do need a game which will have an impact once and for all.

Aimilee - 3 years ago

I came across CoE while looking for more interesting crafting/housing mmo's. I have played WoW since day one, Rift since day one and many, many others. This is super cool! I was extremely impressed with the video and I do hope you guys continue on the path that you are on. I will be there for the Kickstarter and I am looking forward to additional videos and one day an invitation to testing... yay! Count this girl in!

Red beard - 3 years ago

will it be free to play in the kickstart at may the 3rd????

Deffcon_1 - 3 years ago
@Red beard:

Not that we have heard of. Sometime after the Kickstarter there will be an offline prologue, similar to a demo, that will be released and most likely free. There will most likely be a Kickstarter tier that will get backers into alpha, beta and then early access.

Bilbo Baggins - 3 years ago

Looking at this game, I'm getting really excited about the potential! My question/statement is as follows:

1.) I am a content moderator for a small gaming community, and was wondering if there is anyway to get in on the alpha?

I hope that I'm not blind, but I didn't see anything in the forums about the alpha.

Caspian - 3 years ago
@Bilbo Baggins:

Hi! There will be more information about how to get into the Alpha with the release of our Kickstarter information.

ChaosIncarnate - 3 years ago

so is the kickstarter up? i'd like to contribute, but i cant find a link or even a page itself on the kickstarter site.

Deffcon_1 - 3 years ago

Kickstarter starts May 3rd.

Smokewood - 3 years ago

If you sell us shares in the company we can all own it, and you will get the needed funding.

Aimilee - 3 years ago

You sure your name isn't Smokeweed? :) Although I love the idea!

Geleven - 3 years ago

I think the thing I'm really amazed about is not just the way the game looks but also that I didn't see any clipping at all in the gameplay video, really impressive. Looking forward to the kickstarter, day 1 backing for me.

Aurum Valian - 3 years ago

I'm excited and will do what I can to support you guys.

And kudos to you, Caspian, for sticking to this dream, which has since become the dream of at least 25,000 people!

Maga - 3 years ago

Wow the kick starter is on my birthday

Smokewood - 3 years ago

I'm in for $50, sure, why not.

rj10014 - 3 years ago

Hey guys so I was just wondering if there is going to be a way to pay for unlimited game time. As an example I have currently put over 1700 hours into Dota and that is pretty average. For people serious about playing this payment could become a problem.I must say I've been following it for a while and it looks like it's way ahead in terms of how well the devs have thought through creating this world but I can see it becoming quite expensive to pay to play when you start clocking thousands of hours. So are there any plans for unlimited access or rewarding large donors in the kick starter- thanks !

Moriras78 - 3 years ago

Looks incredible, especially for alpha stage. Don't let the nay-sayers get you down. There's a place for almost anything in the game (as an option at least) to allow for maximum satisfaction in customization. Ever forward.

compwitch - 3 years ago

The footage looks amazing, and I'm really looking forwards to seeing more of the game, and hopefully playing it in the not-too-distant future.

So I'd like to make a heartfelt plea at this early stage: please, please allow re-mapping of all mouse/keyboard game commands for those of us who are disabled and have to use adaptive technology to play any game.There are so many games I've been unable to play simply because re-mapping hasn't been considered, and which rely on mouse-wheel scrolling or the like to play the game. Most adaptive rodents simply don't have wheels or extra buttons because of the user's limited dexterity, and many of us rely on macros set up with adaptive keyboard/pads/tablets/possum controls, which absolutely require re-mapping.

And I really would like to explore Elyria; what I've read so far has truly engaged my imagination, and for pre-alpha, your First Look is fantastic.

linkanred - 3 years ago

take my money i want to alpha test this ASAP.

Paruks - 3 years ago

Enter the world as a member of a player-run family, does this mean a player can decide to marry someone and when they have a baby it would just be another player?

Caspian - 3 years ago
That is correct.
Paruks - 3 years ago

will the player get any skills from the parent like for example the mom was good at magic and the father was a pro archer so the player would be good at both of those skills and can the parents teach the player stuff like skills or magic skills and last question can the player inherent the house of the parents if they die?

Paruks - 3 years ago

Hello i have a question is it possible that a player can no life the game and become soooo powerful with magic that he can destroy a whole city or can he become a legend? because that would be pretty fucking cool, imagine you start out as a thief and you make your way up to a super powerful wizard that can destroy a whole city with a spell that would be sexy

xking_Greatnessx - 3 years ago

i so cant wait, this looks outstanding!. i can wait to see whats in store for all of us mmorpg players.

Eroind - 3 years ago

So excited can't wait for it!

Aurjay - 3 years ago

Very anxious to get into this game. Even if it's just in the alpha or beta testing I'm all for it. Love everything I keep reading about where the game is going, some of the features are exactly what I said my dream game would have that is still missing from all of the games out there. As soon as I see that Kickstarter link I'm gonna say "Shut up and take my money!"

Kandrick - 3 years ago

Help me out here as I only have a basic understanding on how Kickstarter works. If I understand correctly you guys need more money to fund the game development correct? So essentially your asking players to help by giving you money through kickstarter, where I am confused is what will us as players get in return for funding the game development. We pay you to make a game so that we may one day pay to play the game?!

Aimilee - 3 years ago

Kickstarter is a super program run by Amazon.com. It is there for just this purpose... to enable a great idea to come to life. I don't care if I donate and get nothing in return (tier level rewards) as long as the end result is a great game to play. It sure is looking good!

Aurjay - 3 years ago

All of the Kickstarters I have seen for games do allow people to pitch in any amount of money they wish. However, they all have had different tiers of designated amounts that a person can donate to receive set rewards for when the game is done, or goes into testing phases. I'm pretty sure they will do the same thing, I wouldn't get too excited about it right at this moment. There's about 2 months before the Kickstarter goes up and I'm sure they will decided on those details by then.

This article is just to keep us informed on what's going on, I believe. Transparency and updating fans is very nice to see in game developers.

Skrachfays - 3 years ago

Well, I've this week been playing Black Desert Online (which I heartily recommend) which has probably the best graphics of any RPG to date, and, naturally, Elyria doesn't hit those heights. But relative to budget, I would say this is some of the better-looking scenery I've seen in RPGs.

This means that if you combine that with all the advanced game features that you're promising, we are in for one hell of a game! Because, if the game is involving enough, the graphics are only an initial come-on, and, as long as they maintain a reasonable level, players will be so involved in the game that the scenery won't be anything more than a pleasing (or forbidding) backdrop.

Looking forward to the next videos.

Baratta - 3 years ago

Amazing how good the footage looks. Some released games don't look as good. I am very excited about this game.

Edisoncz - 3 years ago

I cant find you at Kickstarter guys :(

Kandrick - 3 years ago

If you read the article i believe it says they wont be launching the campaign until May :)

Souzou - 3 years ago

Indeed :) May 3rd. Feel free to mark your calendars ;)

mousie - 3 years ago

I've been waiting for a game like this for years: one where choice really determines the outcome of gameplay. This is such an interesting game mechanic that I think is going to change the way RPGS are played. Count on my support. PS, I work with a game studio, and I know first hand that things are constantly improved before launch. Do not be discouraged, neither you devs or gamers, because this is far better than most games at this stage of development. I am keeping an eye out for this, and if you want help, either within the development community or from a marketing standpoint, please feel free to contact me.

Malific1 - 3 years ago

This is exactly what I have always wanted in an MMO. I wouldn't be surprised if the goal is reached in just a couple of days. I have seen finished games without as much polish as this pre-alpha. I have dreams of a battle mage so I hope that magic isn't extremely rare.

Galinet - 3 years ago

Has the team decided what price ranges for the packages and what those packages may be? Just wondering on how much to start setting aside for May.

WilliamInnocent - 3 years ago

So kind of need to donate like now.

Souzou - 3 years ago

Soon, my good man...soon.

crytaxx - 3 years ago

look good keep it up with the good work

Tawny - 3 years ago

I also love third person view, and am happy to see it included. This Pre-Alpha ( ! ) is utterly amazing! What a marvelous first look. Very impressive :)

Galiant Reaper - 3 years ago

I am curious as to what is magic? What does it do and mean if you have it? Because I'm the type that loves mages in mmos so I would like some clarification.

Kandrick - 3 years ago
@Galiant Reaper:

I would recommend reading up on the forums any information relative to the game can be found on this website.

EinarScharl - 3 years ago

The community number is like 30,000 right? If everyone chipped in $45 we'd raise $1,350,000. If everyone donated $100 we'd raise $3 million (with just the 30k members). With how dedicated most of the community members are I'm sure 100 wouldn't be much to ask for and I know I'm probably gonna give more. I've got multiple friends already hooked just from bicycle walrus's videos so the community is gonna grow.

Maric - 3 years ago

I'd pay $500 just to have that cloak.

bunnyhoney - 3 years ago

Oh my! I'm looking forward to this even more! I've been waiting since it was announced. Hopefully you guys get the backing that you need. Everything about this game, so far, is just jaw-dropping and amazing. I can't wait to see what else you all have in store for us!

IronxSpider - 3 years ago

Seeing it makes it oh so tangible 🙀

Cordain - 3 years ago

My wallet is ready....

Souzou - 3 years ago

May 3rd :)

Jakemf - 3 years ago

It starts on my birthday! Looking forward to supporting the development of another good mmo.

Edulahin - 3 years ago

OMG it looks as if Warbands and D&D had had a beautiful love baby!... T.T (manly tears of joy) Its gorgeous.

  1. There are some weather mods creater for fallout. you may want to check into that. Since weather may affect crops and crops are the life of medieval kingdoms.
  2. Since there is so much room for developement i bet eventually some kings would want to go to war. So you may want to merge 2 things. The Single player fighting style of Mount and Blades Warbands with the tactics and strategy management of Rome. Lets say the General Goes to general mode and calls a unit to move as in any strategy game... now the unit will have that task on screen and maybe a mission compas into that direction.. the rest is up to them.
greenman33 - 3 years ago

I realy like both your ideas, i personaly would like this game to have lots of management/strategy/economics besides its pvp. Pvp should only be last resort. And it would be nice that a king / lord or a group of them can sentence some outlaw to death and execute him and lose his spark directly

I m new in the community(good to be here)

BigKiwi - 3 years ago

I can't wait to see the features actually put in place and see them working! Looks amazing! Keep up the good work!

Finneris the Novice - 3 years ago

Shut up and take my money!

Souzou - 3 years ago
@Finneris the Novice:

May 3rd ;)

Edulahin - 3 years ago

This is going to be fantastic. I'll share it all i can so you get the support you need.

Candacis - 3 years ago

Amazing for pre-alpha footage. I hope the kickstarter is successful. The graphics and style remind me of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Another medieval game with low-fantasy.

Tayzorr - 3 years ago

It's almost intimidating how much you've invested into this project. I really, really hope the Kickstarter goes well, as it's obvious that more than just being a financial investment, it's also one of a lot of love. I don't want to seem negative, but it really seems like you've put your neck on the line for CoE, a huge risk for a huge reward. I'll be checking out the Kickstarter when it's up, and keeping fingers crossed.

Goatlov3r - 3 years ago

This is the pre-alpha footage?!?!!? I think i came a little

Sir Poprivet - 3 years ago

I chose to join at the right time. This gives me time to read through all the journals. Bring on the Kickstarter!

Najra - 3 years ago

This is already looking to be an amazing successor to the older develop over time games such as Fable and the like. I can't wait to back this and i hope to see more from you guys over at Soulbound Studios.

Hawk0000 - 3 years ago

If there is no fantasy, I am not interested, idea of souls is already non realistic but however you want this to make sword to sword combat simulation ? That is a very bad Idea sorry.. mmorpg without fantasy and magic ? Where is fun? There is no successful simulation/realistic mmorpg, you can do Fencing in real life and it will be x100 times more pleasurable. Thanks I'll pass, maybe others will like. This is my final feedback on this project as I prefer real life to simulations.

Alejandro De Rienosa - 3 years ago

@Hawk0000: Well it isn't trying to replace reality. Its more of a time travel of sorts if you will allowing us to go to a medieval time with fantasy elements mixed into it. Even Caspian stated and proved that their focus is trying to make the game fair for players who do not have enough time to play, therefore unlike other games, this game wont consume as much time as your character will progress even whilst you sleep.

Hawk0000 - 3 years ago
@Alejandro De Rienosa:

Combat system is very bad, I tried to play sword fight games, where they try to make game realistic, it was worst experience ever. I don't have much time for playing also, but this game is not my type so I hope it will be a fun time for someone else. I don't want to post negative feedback but I don't see beauty/fun/interesting combat system in realism. Try the Witcher 3, that game will make you hyped, it is not arcade at all, meantime is excellent looking game, with a lots to stuff to do, and a little fantasy in the world gives you more stuff to do in combat and in that open world in general.

Ludwig_Felesvelamen - 3 years ago

There will be magic and enchantments... it's just going to be rare.

LadyofFalcons - 3 years ago

I'm brand new to the community, but the footage looks gorgeous! I'm really fascinated by the concept of the game and will definitely be contributing to the Kickstarter! Good work!

Digma76 - 3 years ago

I have only recently stumbled over Chronicles of Elyria and the more I read, see and hear about it, the more impressed and intruiged I am becoming. Keep up the good work and make sure you keep a steady course. Having a solid amount of resources through different means is great, but can also cause more trouble than they are worth!

Oije - 3 years ago

I will support you via Kickstarter campain for sure.

Aurecante - 3 years ago

Please please please tell me you'll do a Linux/Mac version too !

pangelo - 3 years ago

I've been patiently (well, somewhat patiently anyway)waiting for this announcement. This game truly has the potential to be the best MMO. While it may not appeal to the masses of WoW fanbois, this will have a strong and loyal following. The pre-Alpha video looks fantastic, graphics are spot-on and the animations seem to be dialing in nicely. I've been in Beta testing on games that haven't looked this good, and we're pre-pre-Alpha, so way to go Caspian and the entire Soulbound team!

Lumaweh - 3 years ago

I just get the sudden urge to burst into tears of joy, this is the type of game I have been looking for for years and seeing this trailer just makes me so happy!

Senu - 3 years ago

30000 people, $30 each = COE release!!! lets make it happen in 3 days.

LUS Montplaisir - 3 years ago

I've only been around the community for a few weeks now, having been drawn in by Rahunei's imgur post; so far everything I've seen from the game and what they're trying to make is amazing. What's even more incredible to me though, and something I don't see many people talking about, is how heavily Caspian invested into this and how much it means to him. The more Q&As I watch, and the more I learn about him, the more I found myself simultaneously bewildered and in awe; I have so much respect for how hard he's committed to making this game and how much he's put into making this game coalesce into its best version possible. Just...wow.

Soliloquy - 3 years ago
@LUS Montplaisir:

It's like you reached inside my head and drew out everything I've been thinking, putting in into words much more eloquently than I could have.

NaughtyProwler - 3 years ago

Fantastic! I have no doubt that you will do great on Kickstarter with quality footage like that.

Also, not sure who does the music for you guys, but that was a 10/10 song for a sneak peak video and whoever it was deserves a round of applause. I'm totally digging the tunes.

theBURNINGRoman - 3 years ago

I am very excited for this game

baga1990 - 3 years ago

This looks incredible! I'm curious to see what the stretch goals will be, and I will definitely be donating.

Magvad - 3 years ago

Landscaping tools HAVE to be early in the stretch goals. It'll allow players to create WAY more content and keep the game fresh for much longer...plus procedural is never interesting.

equalsfive - 3 years ago


Brynjar - 3 years ago

I have been highly anticipating this announcement for several day now and I was so excited to see the video. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see the combat system video.

Angst - 3 years ago

I've been waiting for this for a while and I'm not disappointed. This looks good!

Dethmiayr - 3 years ago

For pre-alpha this looks really good. Sent out to a few people I play other rpgs with for them to look at as well. I know pre alpha so these may be known or worked on already

1: Detail - in beginning notice the leaves moving in breeze clothing movement when walking/running but seemed that when moving through grass and woods the person moved through them. They don't seem to have any movement from outside sources. I know that all those blades having to bend and move etc would be monumental so more of a, if I see leaves blowing one way could I make sure I am downwind of my prey while hunting?

2: Environment - This being one of the more true to life RPG will the conditions of the environment effect your actions? IE will it be harder to climb when or after rain/snow? Will they have an effect on movement etc? Not a lot of action things in demo of course but will these things happen in the future?

3: Thought the textures were great, the bark, seam lines on clothes, stone paths, etc

Lastly will be a backer for sure and look forward to the next update

Ludwig_Felesvelamen - 3 years ago

This makes having a job worth it, lol. In-game and in real life.

Lathe - 3 years ago

We've got your back Caspian. Congratulations on this milestone. Watching the video with the guys in IRC was electric. It was like "this is our game, this is our world." and it can only get better from here.

Damiskus - 3 years ago

I think your game looks simply amazing! And I can't wait to see your innovative character development. However arch age made a ton of promises and when beta testers dropped $150 there was no support and an unplayable game. What assurances can you give to your kickstarters that are iffy off over promise under deliver?

Alejandro De Rienosa - 3 years ago

@Damiskus: Well I don't claim to be part of the Devs but incase you don't get a reply, my answer may suffice. Only time will tell, I mean till the actual Kickstarter we only have their words and footage to trust. Same was with arch age. At the end of the day, action speaks louder than words, but if it helps $900k is a really low minimal margin to pass, so fingers crossed for the best... Good Luck Caspian, I am rooting for you

Gdk224 - 3 years ago

So beautiful

Ohnara - 3 years ago

Looks beautiful :) A fantastic job soul bound team!

I would love to see a female character in future videos :)

Kerumkosha - 3 years ago

(DIES) This looks amazing, granted I had no doubt that you guys would make a amazing game! Now just wait till may 3rd when you guys get TONS of backers!!!!

Sasha - 3 years ago

I personally love third person view, so having that option would be nice. Cannot wait to see what's coming :)

Blood&Salt - 3 years ago

Found out about this on Imgur. Now I am more excited about this than I have been about most things in my gaming life. Will be supporting and I look forward to the developement.

WanderingMagus - 3 years ago

Looking good! My money is ready to donate!

Mixtli - 3 years ago

I hope that the home building tech is released during the Kickstarter. I know they said it would be released for Spring (and it might be a little early for Spring still) but I believe that it would be perfect for drumming up more attention for the Kickstarter.

Mixtli - 3 years ago

Oops I read "May" as "March" :P

AyeJay - 3 years ago

Looks absolutely amazing! Now that the teaser is finally here, I can't wait for more interface/game-play videos.

Luccheno - 3 years ago

The feelings upon both the video and the article are just too many and too intense to express in words. The leap of faith one does in quitting a good and well paid job, giving up some dreams, just to invest all one is and has into a bigger dream... Most humans can only dream of such dedication. That alone is merit enough... But when you add the pics and videos to back that dedication up... It's something like seeing your nephew take its first steps . A really cool and loved nephew mind you all =P

Tobad - 3 years ago

Will definitely contribute! Looks like there's already a solid foundation for this game to build on and will watch with interest how the world will flourish with Caspian's dreams and ideas :)

Alejandro De Rienosa - 3 years ago

Please take this as a compliment, but with how limited you have been, im surprised the game looks as good as it does. A few things might need adjusting like the blacksmithing action, or the combat in general but considering this was to give us an insight of how the game feels like, I am sure you'll find a way to surprise me and change my mind on that topic like you have been doing so far Caspian. Keep up the good work and always be positive. I wish I took a part in some field that could help you as I would really have enjoyed assisting you in making this game a reality :D Nevertheless I hope your visions are met.

Alejandro De Rienosa - 3 years ago
@Alejandro De Rienosa:

P.S the graphics don't look bad at all, in fact it kinda feels refreshing in a way, and I cant wait to sport the hood haha, looks really nice.

Edathol - 3 years ago

Looking great!! Keep up the great work.

Will contribute what i can, and Good luck with the Kickstarter, I'm sure yous will surpass your 900k!

This is the type of game many are waiting for.

Creosote - 3 years ago

This game looks really promising, just please be kind and have a version that doesn't require Steam/origin/ any other third party tool to download.

Roudinesco - 3 years ago

Good new,

I will be backer for sure !

That Guy - 3 years ago

You are a beautiful person. This is a beautiful game. I am a starving college student, but I can momentarily supress my stingy part to contribute to this magnificent time sucker and grade crusher. Keep doing what you are doing. And I know you probably already know this, but I feel like saying it anyway. You have an overarching vision of how the game will work and how the mechanics will fit together. So if some, or even most of the community doesn't like a mechanic, remember that we can't see the big picture, and carry on making what you think is best. Don't compromise. Good luck.

Alejandro De Rienosa - 3 years ago
@That Guy:

I agree with the last part Caspian. Don't get discouraged and make this dream a reality :D

Caeoltoiri - 3 years ago
@Alejandro De Rienosa:

Agreed. Don't give up! You've gotten so far!

Soxyl - 3 years ago

Wow! I have been reading the journals when possible and I am excited to see what you will do! After watching the footage, the potential is great! I will try to fund it when I can when the kick-starter begins that is.

Good luck with the project!

Caeoltoiri - 3 years ago

That's greatly appreciated, thank you! I'm looking forward to it, too :D

Lordess - 3 years ago

I find it so inspiring that you sacrificed so much to bring your dream of this game to a reality that others of us can one day take a part in. It must be inspiring for you as well to find out that your dream has been the dream of many other gamers as well. I can say without a doubt that CoE is the MMO I've been waiting for since I stopped playing EQ back in 2006. It is my hope that you and your team will have all the success you need to bring your vision to life. Since your dream is also my dream, I will be backing this game like I have no other game before it. I think the passion of this community, however niche it might be, is going to go a long way in helping you hit your $900k goal and beyond!

Caeoltoiri - 3 years ago

Thank you for your support! Every little bit helps, and yours will be greatly appreciated :)

It's the same for me. It's been a difficult decade trying to find my 'home away from home', and there were times I thought I'd found it... but Chronicles of Elyria just might do it. I'm really excited.

Jute - 3 years ago


Alejandro De Rienosa - 3 years ago

took the words right outta my mouth haha.

SymbioteX90 - 3 years ago

Awww man this looks awesome can wait!

Livingbiohazard - 3 years ago

There goes my wallet, I'll start with 30$. If this keeps up with all the hype you should expect more!

David_Bruis - 3 years ago

It looks amazing I can't wait to see the combat video, and then start playing this game.

Fyhlen - 3 years ago

I'm very interested in seeing the technical videos when they are released, as well as core gameplay. I hope there's going to be incentive to explore the world in its entirety instead of running from one quest giver to another like so many other MMOs do - the dev blogs have made me hopeful that this will be addressed, but it's a very easy mistake to fall in to.

VictoriaRachel - 3 years ago

There is no 'quest giver'. There are NPCs that want things done, but they are based on their needs at the time. You will only know about it if you actually talk to them, no exclamation mark. I wrote a summary post about story based on things they have in the chat channels that gives a better idea. I do agree though, I too hope we get a Developer Journal on it or even a video!

Arik_Ruhl - 3 years ago

@cowboyfromhell if they set it too high they will get criticized for it. I think 900k is just right. I believe they will be pleasantly surprised once kickstarter concludes. I can see them doubling their goal without too much issue...I think they hit 2mil.

Lentor - 3 years ago

Wow, this is it guys...Chronicles Of Elyria. Congratulaions to Soulbound Studios! I absolutely cannot wait for more videos! I am impressed even with this video! :)

Tierless - 3 years ago

Someone que Whitesnake because here I go again. :D

cowboyfromhell - 3 years ago

excuse me if I sound dumb but is not 900k really really low? if you have 30,000 people and all of them donated 50$ thats what like 1.5m and i know now every one will donate 50$ but the people who do like 500 or more will make up for them... I know this choice was made from a strategic point but I feel like soul bound studios has no faith in its community but you will see soul bound you will all see

Lordess - 3 years ago

Its not really a lack of faith in the community, its the minimum they need to launch a game with the core mechanics they want to have in CoE. Anything above $900k will allow them to hit stretch goals. If you look at it this way, $900k is the minimum they anticipate they are going to receive, not the most that they hope to get.

Madnezz - 3 years ago

Take my Money!

pxnsolid - 3 years ago

Looks very promising, especially for so early on in the development. I will kick in all I can, I love the overall idea of this game

NordicApache - 3 years ago


Frithgar - 3 years ago

Getting so psyched by this game now! Really looking forward to when I can first go trotting through the world, grow a few crops, play some music, then kill my neighbours chicken because it keeps being noisy ;)

Kuro Bonerot - 3 years ago

I just have one piece of advice to you. When the game Is 'released' (Maybe in a Beta state.) WoW fanboys WILL flock to It, complain that It's not WoW, then, If you change It to be like WoW, they'll complain that It's a WoW clone and leave. Stick with your concept. You've a good idea going here, but you can't afford to let others completely dictate your actions; It's good to listen to the community, and you should, you really should, but on the flipside, If you turn this into another WoW clone or go downhill like ArcheAge did, very few people will want to play.

Lordess - 3 years ago
@Kuro Bonerot:

The CEO and Creative Director (Caspian) has already stated several times in Q&A that he is not creating this game to get rich. This is a game he has been working on mostly by himself for the last decade and his ultimate goal is to create the game he has envisioned. He has stated he will be making no compromises to the core mechanics of the game and he does not want to appeal to the masses. He knows his game is niche, and he likes it that way.

Sir_Skylos - 3 years ago

Looks brilliant. Guys.

I've been talking about CoE to a few mates. One saw this and was like Wow...

SylverWulf - 3 years ago

Great video! I can't wait to see more.

Arethrae - 3 years ago

Awesome! Im going to save some money to fund you guys! Im only 18, and i just started with an low wage job, but it it porbably worth it after what ive seen so far!

Caeoltoiri - 3 years ago

Thank you for the support! A little bit goes a long way, and you can contribute to the community to earn Influence Points you can use to earn cool things, like Sparks of Life :)

Kadrak - 3 years ago

The world looks amazing, everything seems to flow smoothly. I can truly say I'm excited about the very concept of this game. So I'm glad too see this milestone reached and hoping to witness many more.

Aionion - 3 years ago

The long awaited video is great! I'm super excited!

PS. 900k = 30,000 community members chipping in 30 bucks!? Totally doable :)

InvalidArguement - 3 years ago

With what they might be giving out to the people who give more money on the kickstarter i see those people giving hundreds each. I know ill put atleast 500.

Tyrkhan - 3 years ago

:O awesome! looks incredible for a first look!

Atephon - 3 years ago

I agree - for a first look this looks very promising indeed!

KalTheo - 3 years ago

I think the engine looks beautiful! I'm loving the cloak and the fact there appears to be no clip plane on grass in any of these long distance shots. Those rows of crops will make someone I know very happy.

keithvsmith - 3 years ago

I couldn't agree more, this video looks amazing and to think this is early footage. I honestly have no complaints of anything I saw, which is rare. As an artist, I'm very critical.

Hawk0000 - 3 years ago

Hi! Good job, here are some suggestions:

  1. Need a lot of work on details and weather effect, people nowadays want good/realistic graphics.
  2. Without beautiful skill effects game will not be impressive, AOE skills nowadays feel friendly to people.
  3. Using magic skills in Skyrim/Dark Messiah style I think is a really good idea.
  4. Ageing process should be realistic, a game that does this well is Fable, another thing interesting in Fable is that you can choose to be good or bad and that will impact life of your character.
  5. Game should be Open World without invisible barriers also you should be able to climb high places and use a glider or something to see area, ability to swim.
  6. Black Desert combat system is very good, don't mess with combat system, this should be true non target system and to give good feedback.

These are my thoughts guys, good luck, very good demo!

keithvsmith - 3 years ago

I'm sorry, but Black desert online has an "alright" combat system. I prefer ESO's and the open class system they have. I prefer control over the over played combo system. I find Black desert of being more of a button mashing game like Dragon's Prophet was/is. No real skill required. ESO, you have to pay attention to combat cues and block/counter/etc. ESO problems are in other ways, because it doesn't so much like an ES game for some reason and this pissed a lot of ES fans off. I do love the combat though. My personal issue with it is the painted on armor graphics. Feels like a 10 y.o. game. It's the same way DAoC handled armor. Plus, the whole non-open world thing. I love being able to switch between weapons on the fly though. Picture that, a game that a tank can have a bow and still do DPS when he/she has to.

Partypete8 - 3 years ago

you say to use a glider but lets be honest it's mid-evil times

Caeoltoiri - 3 years ago

Thank you taking the time to share your thoughts, Hawk! Please keep in mind that this game is still in early development, and needs funding in order to progress farther than it's gotten so far.

Also, to note:

  1. Good/realistic graphics are great, but not everybody has the hardware to handle them! This gives Chronicles of Elyria its own unique look as well, rather than feeling like a copy of Black Desert Online or modded Skyrim. I feel CoE manages quite well in the detail department already, though! Check out [these screenshots, taken 100% in-game!]

  2. Beautiful skill effects do add to the satisfaction of casting them, but Chronicles of Elyria is a low-fantasy kind of game. There's a different kind of satisfaction in landing a solid hit on something, rather than aiming a skill in the general vicinity of the target and letting loose.

  3. Again, Chronicles of Elyria is a low-fantasy genre game! Magic has become almost a myth in the world of Elyria, and is super rare. As such, the vast majority of the population will be magic-less! However, there are some who are 'gifted' with talents, which you can read about here, in [Design Journal #1: Introduction to Souls]

  4. There is a realistic ageing process, actually! As your character ages and grows, so too will their bodies! Every time they are sent to the spirit plane, a scar will be added to their bodies as a reminder of the price they paid for their mistakes. And, eventually, they'll die. You can read more about it in [Design Journal #3: Time, Aging, and Offline Player Characters]

  5. Chronicles of Elyria is open-world! You can explore, map the world, and research and invent new modes of transportation that will take you into the skies. Swimming and diving is also a thing. You can read a little more about the world here, in [Design Journal #10: Maps, Cartography, and Navigation] and here, [Design Journal #14: Player Housing – Architecture & Construction]

  6. Black Desert Online's combat system is decent compared to most other MMOs, yes, but Chronicles of Elyria's system will be quite a bit more complex. Certain types of armors are more effective against certain types of weapons, for examples, and glancing blows and critical hits are thing. Keep on your feet! You can listen to the particular Q&A session that mentioned the combat system here: [and don't worry, I already went through and found the exact spot for you]

Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts! May I suggest taking the chance to look through the other Design Journals? There's a lot more information about the game in there that I think you might find interesting. ArcheAge and Black Desert Online were pretty cool, but Chronicles of Elyria is on a different level entirely :)

Sir_Skylos - 3 years ago


Please read up on the game before making comments on something that has already been commented on by the devs

Narendur - 3 years ago
  1. We haven't seen much about the weather yet, but Caspian knows how important this will be (we have seasons, , day, night, etc., remember)
  2. AOE skills? You gotta remember hardly anyone will have magic skills. And weapon-combat will be realistic. So I don't know how you are placing AOE in that.
  3. Can't say stuff about this yet (we know nothing about the magic system)
  4. The ages looks absolutely gorgeous. I think they alrdy shared quite a lot of pics showing this?
  5. There's no invisible walls anywhere (except during demo). You can swim. You can climb. Gliders... those gotta be researched :)
  6. There won't be any targeting. Again, combat is realistic. If you don't defend yourself properly, you can die FAST.

I know, your feedback was meant for the dev's. But I thought I'd try to answer them anyway:)

Atephon - 3 years ago

Great Caspian - Its looking good. Honestly though $900k cant be enough for a game of this magnitude.

Well I guess it comes down to when you guys actually wanna have a final product of the game.

Looking forward to the kickstarter - and I will put in what I can.


Googlesearch - 3 years ago

Now that is amazing development for this stage. What graphics for an MMO of this size. Truly blew me away

Apostalll - 3 years ago

Excuse me for saying this , but the view from the third party is not needed and combat system - shit ...

whynot - 3 years ago

Posted By Apostalll at 06:55 AM - Tue Mar 01 2016

Excuse me for saying this , but the view from the third party is not needed and combat system - shit ...

oh yes it is....

keithvsmith - 3 years ago

Maybe you don't realize this, but a lot of MMO players like 3rd person. to be able to actually see your character you spent all that time customizing to look the way you want it to. 1st person is there for those who prefer it or those tie you need it to "get a better view." If you don't like 3rd person, just stay in 1st person like many do. There's no need to remove the option, because you "don't like it." Also, you should learn what "Pre-Alpha" means. This is a major huddle for developers as people are always critical like you are over what they see and don't understand, THE GAME ISN'T COMPLETE. Heck, it's not even close to being complete. Of course animations are going to be rough in a "Pre-Alpha" video. You're lucky you even get to see anything this early on. many big game developers don't give anything and even make Beta players agree not to share any info. It's been known to kill games before release if people see unfinished features.

@Caeoltoiri: Great work, it looks amazing so far. Keep up the great work!

Caeoltoiri - 3 years ago

Hello! You appear to be new to the community- welcome!

Chronicles of Elyria will support both first and third-person perspectives. The game is still in early development, so not everything has been animated yet! A proper combat video is currently being worked on, which many of us are super excited about-- especially with the release of the announcement video.

This is what the crowd funding is for! Soulbound Studios needs funding in order to continue working on such a large-scale project, but the members are super passionate about their work and this game that it's pretty amazing. This is pre pre-alpha, so there's still lots to work on-but for a video captured with in-game footage from a small company, it looks fantastic!

Apostalll - 3 years ago

View from the third party kills the atmosphere (whether there is a first-person or not) ... The combat system is just like Gothic 3, I hope that it will transform things like Mount and blade.

Caeoltoiri - 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing your opinion :) What kind of perspective do you think immerses the players best?

I've never played Gothic 3 or Mount and Blade, but I think Chronicles of Elyria has a pretty good combat system! This is more an announcement video than a combat video, which is currently being worked on and due to release in the near future.

You can find out more about CoE's combat system [here!]

Sir_Skylos - 3 years ago


Please read up on the game before making silly comments...

And welcome to the community

Arik_Ruhl - 3 years ago

Man first look footage? Looks amazing!

Pre-alpha even! Whoa!

Farrow - 3 years ago

It just makes me wonder how on Earth Bioware managed to pour hundreds of millions into SWTOR which ended up just being an incredible average MMO.

Helion - 3 years ago

For someone with dyslexia like me, I can tell you that SWTOR was way above average and money well spent. But I get your meaning, I just think that the voicing enabled a huge player group to participate more in the story line. And I don't mean only handicapped people but also players with non-English native languages, among others.

Lordess - 3 years ago

My guess would be licensing, and voice acting. I think people underestimate how expensive it is to fully voice act an MMO.

Jadow - 3 years ago

im so happy for you guys and im so glad you have come so far. heres hoping to an awesome kickstarter. everything looks great im having a beer for you tonight!

Nagash - 3 years ago

Stretch Goals

$1mil = Whips

$5mil = Chain-mail Bikini's

$10mil = Mud Wrestling

Game funded, done!

Chimchilla - 3 years ago

"pics or it didnt happen" xD