Kypiq Party Pack$10,000

Everything you need to join the Kypiq as they entice the sun back into the sky during the Sunsight festival: three packets of glowing Kypiq Star Powder, a slingshot to launch them into the sky, and a Kypiq noisemaker to really bring the party home.

Purebread Horse$25,000

No one really knows when the first Purebread horse came prancing out of an Elyrian oven, but ever since the purebread horse has been a delicacy across all of the known world. Adorably tasty and great for sandwiches!

Pack Bonuses$50,000

All previously purchased backpacks (Adventurer's Pack, Founder's Pack, & Merchant Pack) will each have additional goodies added to them for any that were sold (a la carte or as part of a package) before June 1st, 2018.

Special Title$75,000

Receive an in-game title (it's a surprise) to show you're a Pre-Alpha backer.

Otter Bear Cub$100,000

The "squee" you're hearing isn't from the Otter Bear Cub. It's just the sound everyone makes when confronted with their nigh-lethal levels of cuteness. Your otter bear cub will grow up to be your big best friend, but with careful training, you might even teach the little cutie to act as your ride.

Otter Bear Mount$150,000

If properly trained from birth, an otter bear can be taught to not only befriend the children of Mann, but to work for them as well. Otter bears make fearsome mounts for warriors and even better work animals for traders plying Elyria's water ways.

Mystery Gift$200,000

The label says "Do not open until launch" in Pyqsi, the language of the Kypiq. It's heavy, which begs the question of what's inside, but we don't suggest opening it early. And for your own good, don't try to shake it to see what's inside!

Upgraded Housing$250,000

Houses in the Aristocracy and Nobility Packages are getting an upgrade! (ex: All Mayors get a villa, all accounts with a villa get a manor, and all accounts with a manor get a grand-villa)

Soul Pack$300,000

The soul pack contains three random souls, ready to enter the world of Elyria with the power of your spark of life. Activating a character requires both a soul and a spark of life, but the soul will develop and learn skills when used each lifetime.

Old Soul$350,000

When they say you must have an old soul, they'll be right. This soul has lived more than one lifetime in Elyria and comes to you with the experience and skill ramps to prove it.

EP Kit Limit Increase$400,000

You will be able to purchase 2 of each of the Profession, Store Front, and Land Use Exposition Kits from the EP Store (currently limited to 1 per category, per title).

Mydarri At Launch$500,000

Some Mydarri will have found their way to the starting continent, will be scattered throughout all temperate and warmer biomes, and will be playable at launch! (Not a dominant tribe. Cannot be chosen by Nobility).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will these items go away after each week or will they remain for the duration of the event?SIEBEL

Answer: The promotional items will remain available in the store until June 1st, 2018.

2. Will any of these items remain after the event is over?SIEBEL

Answer: Everything in the promotions tab will go away on June 1st. It has not yet been determined what, if any, of the non-promotional items will remain beyond the end of the event.

3. Will rewards be available for new people? (i.e. will new players who join after the 2nd Kickstarterversary get them?SIEBEL

Answer: Some, but not all. Rewards given to those who participate before or during the event versus those available to anyone are specified in the [tracker]
For more information visit Welcome aboard the Kickstarterversary.

4. If I buy the Love Boat, can I gift the boat separate from the picnic basket or do they have to go together?SIEBEL

Answer: The Love boat bundle will become a Boat and Picnic basket, that can be gifted separately. The items in the picnic basket cannot.

5. Is the Picnic Basket that comes with the Love Boat the same contents as the one from the Elyria and Chill event?SIEBEL

Answer: Yes.