16 November

Dev Journal #1: Humble Beginnings

By Caspian

It is said the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So it is true with Chronicles of Elyria.

Fourteen years ago, while playing Ultima Online and other text-based Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), I had an idea for an online, massively multiplayer game that had not yet come to pass. Over the next decade and a half I revised my idea for the game, evolving it as new technology was made available and as other MMO's were released that redefined my idea of what was fun, possible, and immersive. However, I always lacked the resources - both human and monetary to make the game a reality.

Now, with the successful backing of many online games through Kickstarter and other crowd sourcing initiatives, it is finally possible for a motivated individual with good ideas and a sense of adventure to create something amazing. To that end, I have finally begun implementation of a prototype version of Chronicles of Elyria. This prototype will serve as my pitch, my proposal, and my realization of the world I have envisioned.

What you see on this website is the very humble beginnings of the Chronicles of Elyria. There is no art or color to the website, as I am neither designer nor graphic artist, and it may even be lacking in major functionality. But do not be fooled! There is already signficant work being done behind the scenes to enable members to log in to the server and chat with other registered members. If this feature is not available by the time you read this, it will be available soon.

At the same time, more functionality will come online on the website every couple weeks. Once I am able to procure the necessary funding to do so, I will update the website with the beautiful, riveting artwork that is expected of an immersive MMO game experience.

There is a long, arduous journey ahead of us friends. But with your support, encouragement, enthusiasm and relentless demand for the best game experience possible, I'm sure we will take it in stride. It is indeed a journey of a thousand miles...

Welcome to the first step! 
- Jeromy Walsh