26 November

DJ #14: Player Housing – Architecture & Construction

By Caspian

People say “home is where the heart is,” and while that’s true, it’s so much more than that. Home is where you spend your childhood, where you host and eat dinner with friends and relatives, where you play games, practice your trade or craft, and where you raise your family. Home is your safe haven. It’s where you keep your treasured keepsakes, favorite paintings, and your grandmother’s rocking chair. In short, your home is an extension of you. Unfortunately, most other MMOs forget that fact and either skip player housing altogether, or overlook the many mechanics that can be tied into player housing.

In this week’s design journal, we’re going to talk about player housing and architecture in Chronicles of Elyria and the many game mechanics they tie into. We’ll talk about when and where you can place your buildings, how buildings provide player-benefit, how buildings interact with their environment, and how the very flexible building system allows you to create just the right home (and other buildings) for you.

In-game screenshot of the interior entryway of an inn Figure 1 – In-game screenshot of the interior entryway of an inn


One of the first questions we get asked when we tell people there’s player housing in Chronicles of Elyria is whether we’ve got instanced or open-world housing. When we first thought about which system to use, we observed so many more advantages to open-world housing that it wasn’t much of a decision, really.

To begin with, in systems with instanced housing it’s common for players to use pre-existing, pre-placed homes. However, there are so many opportunities for customizing the exterior of the houses – the materials used, the landscaping, etc. – that we didn’t want to pass up that opportunity.

Another problem with instanced housing is there generally isn't a way to interact with the outside world while inside your house. We really wanted people to be able to move in and out of homes quickly and easily, without having to go into loading screens. This is true whether you’re coming out onto the balcony to rain arrows down on invaders in the streets below, or if you're an assassin sneaking into a window to assassinate a king.

Also, as Chronicles of Elyria sports a fully destructible environment, we didn’t want the destruction of one building to result in the destruction of many “instanced” homes that all mapped to a single physical building.

Finally, we use the same system of housing to build both homes, as well as shops, smithies, auction houses, and other forms of buildings. With an instanced system, you’d have to remember which instance you wanted when entering a building and use the button on the wall like an elevator. This way, you always know precisely where the blacksmith is on the map.


Now that we’ve established houses and other buildings take up physical space in the world, the next question we get asked is how big can buildings be?

The short answer is, it depends. The maximum size of a building is determined by the availability of resources, the type of terrain you’re building on, and what technology is available for construction. Initially, it may only be possible to build one or two story homes. However, with enough wealth, the right technology, and the right terrain, it’s possible to build massive castles or keeps with multiple floors, large wide open areas, dozens of rooms, courtyards, and other architectural features.

It’s even possible to build bridges between two adjacent homes in order to combine them into larger structures.

In-game screenshot of a common-room in an inn Figure 2 – In-game screenshot of a common-room in an inn

Building Placement

The next logical question is “where can I build?” It’s not uncommon for games to limit construction to within specialized housing regions. In Chronicles of Elyria, you can build buildings pretty much anywhere.

The world of Elyria is divided up into sections of land called parcels. These parcels are 64m x 64m and can be further divided up into zones. It’s possible, right from the get-go, to construct a building on any parcel of land or zone that you own or lease (with permission to build). As we’ll talk about in a future design journal, it’s even possible to construct buildings on land you don’t own. If you can defend your new structure for long enough (adverse possession), you may even take ownership of the land!

Aside from those restrictions, you can construct buildings pretty much anywhere in the world where the terrain is suitable. If there are obstructions in your way like trees or rocks, you can remove them via mining or logging.


In those rare instances where the land isn’t immediately suitable for construction, it’s sometimes possible to work around it. For example, if the land is uneven, it can be flattened by laying down a foundation. Building a foundation acts as a sort of terraforming, raising up the land where necessary to create a nice, flat space for construction.

In areas with shallow water such as bogs, beaches, etc. stilts can be used in order to raise the base of the building up out of the water.

It’s even possible to mount large platforms to the side of massive trees in order build light structures on top of the platforms. That’s right – tree houses!

Housing Mechanics

As I mentioned at the beginning of the design journal, far too often MMORPGs take for granted all the great mechanics housing can be used for. So now that we’ve talked a bit about where you can build, let’s talk a bit more about why you’d want to build. Housing in Chronicles of Elyria is designed to address several different design mechanics including:


As discussed in previous design journals, Elyria is a dangerous place and players have a powerful need to survive. While inside of your home the typical survival mechanics such as hunger, thirst, temperature, and personal safety become far less important. It’s assumed as long as you’re in your home and your town has supplies, that you’re not going to die of either hunger or thirst. Furthermore, while resting in your house your energy levels will stabilize, preventing you from getting further fatigued. Finally, assuming your home is built with the correct materials, there’s little risk of hyper or hypothermia while inside the comfort of your house, regardless of the outside temperatures – worst-case scenario, you can always light a fire in your fireplace.

In-game screenshot of a hidden safe Figure 3 – In-game screenshot of a hidden safe


As a survival RPG, Chronicles of Elyria has extremely limited inventory. Basically, if something isn’t in someone’s backpack, and it’s not visible on their person, they aren’t carrying it. Given that, players need a safe place to stow their unused equipment, their treasures, and their trophies. Your house, business, or warehouse is an ideal place for storing such items. But, as we’ll talk about next week, it may still be a good idea to store items in locked chests or even in hidden safes (See figure 3).


Crafting in CoE, like in many other RPGs, is done with the use of crafting stations. Depending on whether you want these stations to be publicly accessible or private, and whether you want your building to be viewed as a residence or a shop, it can be a great place to put your crafting station. Why does that matter?

There are no specific building patterns in CoE for things like “smithy”, “lumber mill”, “warehouse”, “inn”, or “shop” - only patterns for floors, walls, etc. Then there are also patterns for different types of important furniture such as anvils, looms, writing desks, bars, mayoral desks, judicial stands, etc. – all used in various professions.

In the end, rules about what can exist in the same space, or in different spaces, dictates what a room is – bedroom, living room, work-room, etc. and what type of building it is. So if you want to create a bedroom, simply create a room with a bed in it. What to make a public blacksmith, make a publicly accessible room and throw an anvil and forge in it.

Customization, Personalization, & Secondary Benefits

Inside of houses there will be tons of different types of furniture like dressers, beds, changing and crafting stations, bookshelves, kitchen tables, ovens, fire places, furnaces, etc., each of which provide additional benefits to the home as a whole, or to the people residing within it.

In addition to the different types of furniture in the house, there may be smaller, or more cosmetic items such as pictures, rugs, sculptures, coat of arms, and other things to keep on the mantle. In nearly all cases the items can be crafted by artisans of the correct profession, and in some cases those additional novelties can provide additional benefits while you’re in the home, such as inspiration when performing certain crafting skills, etc.


As we’ll talk about more in later design journals, maintaining one’s status as a vassal or nobility is a demanding job that often leads to socializing and entertaining others at your residence. If you want to work your way up in the social class, be prepared to play the Dance of Dynasties.

Family System

Finally, and perhaps the most important mechanic thus far, is the role housing plays in the family system. The phrase “noble house” comes not just from the family’s name, but also their physical place of residence. In Chronicles of Elyria, your social status, wealth, and the size of your family is closely connected to your home. For example, as part of the process of having children it’s necessary to have allocated a private space for your new child. In most cases, this means a bedroom in your house. In other words, the number of children you have is capped by the number of rooms in your home. The wealthier and larger your house – the more noble your “house.”

In-game screenshot showing an Inn with multiple rooms for housing guests Figure 4 – In-game screenshot showing an Inn with multiple rooms for housing guests


Up until this point we’ve been talking about where you can place houses and other buildings and why’d you’d want to. Now, let’s talk about how.

Chronicles of Elyria uses a hybrid housing system that grants maximum freedom and creativity to those who have an interest in architecture, while simplifying the construction and placement process for those that just want to get their houses built. Similar to the way contracts work, we’ve created a division of responsibility between those who design houses, and those who create them.

To make this possible, Chronicles of Elyria implements a blueprint mechanism in which architects create blueprints, and then builders use the blueprints in order to construct the building.


Housing in Chronicles of Elyria is fully customizable, but it’s the architect that creates the blueprint for a building. As a result, virtually any shape and size of building can be built, within the skill of the architect.

The process of creating a blueprint is done using the Architecture Tool. This tool, much like the map tool allows you to draw content directly onto a blue-print. However, as blueprints are inherently more “3D” than maps, we’ve created a special 3D environment for architects in which you are quite literally transported into the blueprint to help you visualize it.

We’ll actually be providing a stand-alone version of the architecture tool next Spring so people can get their hands on it early and see what it feels like to design buildings in Chronicles of Elyria. As player-created content is paramount to the success of Chronicles of Elyria and isn’t part of our business model, the tool will be made freely available to everyone.

In-game screenshot showing the blueprint architectural tool Figure 5 – In-game screenshot showing the blueprint architectural tool

When working within the architecture tool, the skill of the architect will determine several things, such as how many floors can be in a building, how complex the shape (4 walls, 5, 10, more?), and what materials can be used.

In construction the material you use is important, as a material’s weight and strength are used in combination to determine when/where you need support structures and how strong your structure will be. For example, if you’re using wooden flooring on a second floor there will be a maximum area before a first-floor support structure will be necessary. Switching to reinforced materials can change the requirements.

As you’re working in the architecture tool, the UI will make you aware whenever the creation of a structure would be inherently unstable. Of course, the architecture tool can only calculate the physics based on what’s known at design-time. Things in the environment can add further complexity.

Builders & Construction

Constructing a house is an active process in which crafters of all walks of life work together to create the individual components of the house, and then combine them during the appropriate point in construction, in order to slowly build up the final product.

Because construction is modular, components within the blueprint can generally be replaced with higher or lower quality components. For example, if you’ve got a wall piece, the pattern may call for a wooden frame. In this case, the frame can be made out of virtually any wood. However, the pattern may also call for a wood of a specific hardness or strength. In this case, it’ll be necessary to find a wood of the correct hardness in order to complete the design.

If you do choose to use a different type of wood, the type of material you select may effect things such as how well the house keeps out heat, how well it holds out moisture, and how it responds to strong winds.

In addition to the framing materials called for, many other aspects of the pattern used in construction can be specified at build-time. For example, the floor may just call for any type of “flooring”. In this case, virtually any flooring can be used, be it wood, tile, or even marble.

As there are many different components that go into the construction of a building, there are many different skills that come into play. These can include carpentry, masonry, glass-blowing, metal working, etc. Because there are so many skills involved in the construction of a house, it’s impractical (though still possible) for a house to be built by a single person. When you take into account how large houses or other structures can become, combined with the time it takes to build each component, it becomes clear that such construction is really designed for a group of people to do in parallel.

In-game screenshot showing the material architectural tool Figure 6 – In-game screenshot showing the material architectural tool


While we want players to be able to control the look and feel of their houses – to a degree, we also want the housing to make sense in the part of the region the player is building in. As a result, the look and feel of a home in Chronicles of Elyria is largely driven by the types of materials you use. Wooden siding comes with a different look and style than other siding. Plaster, tar, metal, etc. roofing also brings with it a different feeling.

Furthermore, the environment and biome has the biggest impact on the type of resources and the style of architecture most suitable. Some materials will handle heat transfer better, some are better suited for arid environments, or high humidity. Some soils will allow for tall, heavier structures, some will not. Some materials are suitable for fast, strong winds, while others are meant for calmer weather.

Upkeep & Updates

If you’re building in an area and use the correct materials, you’ll find there’s little-to-no upkeep involved in maintaining your house. But if you use the wrong material, you may find your home deteriorates over time via rust, mold, cracking, and other negative effects. If this does occur, your best bet is to replace components in your house with more suitable materials.

That’s right, even after construction is complete it’s possible to select some components in your house, destroy them (salvaging some materials), and then replace them with higher quality components. It’s also possible to add onto existing houses after construction is complete.

As we talked about earlier, your family size is tied to the number of rooms in your house. It’s only natural then to build onto the side of your house as your family grows.

Screenshot showing completed inn exterior Figure 7 – Screenshot showing completed inn exterior

What’s Next?

In this week’s design journal, we took a first-look at how housing, architecture, and construction works in Chronicles of Elyria. Next week we’re going to dig deeper by taking a look at how zoning, ownership, and transference works, and what you can do to protect the valuables you store in your house. Oh, and we’re going to talk about other structures that can be built, such as subterranean structures and dungeons! We’ll close out next week’s discussion on sieging and building destruction. Don’t miss next week’s design journal!


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Dongiovanna - 2 months ago

This is like porn to my eyes... i cannot wait to get stuck in.

MotherofCats - 2 months ago

The interface for building looks great. Very similar to the Sims interface.

Bankroll - 2 months ago

Hello! I'm new to the CoE forums, only discovered it two days ago and I'd like to say that I've never been so ecstatic about an MMORPG!

This may sound ridiculous but my friends and myself built many medieval structures on a minecraft server known as Messy Medieval. We attempt to make everything as realistic as possible and livable.

My concern is regarding the build freedom and creativity of the build engine proposed in this thread. Suppose I wanted to develop something like the Cochem Castle or perhaps the something Norman, would I be able to free form it using this engine similar to that of minecraft? Of course there are plenty of limitations to minecraft and the graphics are not comparable, but again, my concern is free building.

Here are some examples of our work on minecraft for reference!

Plug in the following in imgur on the address bar, unfortunately I can't post URLs due to lack of influence...


Thanks for reading!

Count_Emiya - 2 months ago


Malais - 2 months ago

What I want to know is how can they make that much work on a single house fun for those who play contractors...

Zardain - 2 months ago

I'm also curious about build time.

Artsykidd - 2 months ago

Posted By Wise_Insights at 5/10/2017 3:48:06 AM

Will construction happen over time? I assume if lifespan is a year, that a house being built is like a 1/4 of a real day?

Posted By Zardain at 6/15/2017 8:47:23 PM

I'm also curious about build time.

Caspian has actually answered this before. I remember specifically him answering on Discord. He said this:

Ok. The two questions I've seen most recently is how long it'll actually take to build a house. The answer is: It depends on the size of the house. But we want house building to be commensurate with home building in our world. Generally speaking, building a house can take up to a year with steady work being done, by multiple contractors.

So yes, we anticipate if a few people were to work together, it would take them a couple hours a day for about a week.

Hope that answers your questions.

Wise_Insights - 3 months ago

Will construction happen over time? I assume if lifespan is a year, that a house being built is like a 1/4 of a real day?

Demidog - 4 months ago

Hy I just want to know will you be able to alter the land itself. For example a nice river flowing at the foot of a mountain range and I think let's make this river into a lake to support the growth of my town that will support my assassins guild that I am going to build into this mountain.

Vigorish - 2 months ago

Posted By Demidog at 02:20 AM - Fri Apr 21 2017

Hy I just want to know will you be able to alter the land itself. For example a nice river flowing at the foot of a mountain range and I think let's make this river into a lake to support the growth of my town that will support my assassins guild that I am going to build into this mountain.

Unfortunately full terraforming will not be possible. It has been stated somewhere that water-ways and water-sheds cannot be altered.

Damian_Reizinger - 4 months ago

I think I just started drooling a little...

Iccubus - 4 months ago

Cannot wait to try the architecture tool, my profession will be architect. So this is going to be a big part of my game.

PandoraNightstar - 4 months ago

What I want to know is if the materials will cost money. Also if its difficult to build a structure on your own how would u get a group of people working on it.

CommonlyQuixotic - 4 months ago

Posted By Silverfalls at 04:54 AM - Tue Apr 04 2017

What I want to know is if the materials will cost money. Also if its difficult to build a structure on your own how would u get a group of people working on it.

Yes, materials will cost money. Chronicles of Elyria will have an entirely closed economy. Materials will have to be found in the world, gathered, and transported by players or NPCs (NPCs will not be able to do anything a PC cannot do, and will have needs as well as goals based on their individual personality). Nothing will spawn out of nowhere. Shops will always have a limited supply, and limited money, etc.

We don't know enough about how building will work to say how the building of large structures with large groups of people will be handled.

Oracle - 4 months ago

Elyria is set to be a diverse world. I don't want to go dropping spoilers as I'm not sure which bits have been stated where, so I'll just say that as far as I'm aware, none of the building thoughts they mentioned have been canned. :)

Oracle - 4 months ago

I'm curious how flexible design will be. Looking at games like wurm, I tend to break from boring box-shaped designs. Many buildings I make are irregular in shape. I love using arches to have passages going under extensions, fitting stables to some, designing other parts as courtyards or gazebos etc.

Temijin - 4 months ago

Intrigued about building tree house or on sides of cliffs for protection and concealment for outposts and scouting camps. Can see how different specialties are required to build co ponents but what about assembly? If you have the blue print and all co ponents can you assemble at the sight or would you need so one with a special skill?

LorenzW - 4 months ago

Posted By Temijin at 11:35 PM - Mon Apr 03 2017

Intrigued about building tree house or on sides of cliffs for protection and concealment for outposts and scouting camps. Can see how different specialties are required to build co ponents but what about assembly? If you have the blue print and all co ponents can you assemble at the sight or would you need so one with a special skill?

My recollection of the "plan" was to have treehouses be on platforms attached to the trees; of course, that was several months ago, last year in fact, that I received that impression, so it could be so far in left field the right fielder caught the ball.

However, let's entertain this for a second. Beyond the standard building specialists and labourers, there will likely be a need for some tinkerer to set up pulleys perhaps? Engineering and Tinkering would be especially important to treehouse people, since they would need to be able to get stuff into the trees somehow and carrying huge beams for platforms on their backs.

There's also the idea (or maybe my imagination) that some trees in Elyriab are so large they can actually be hollowed out and lived in?

Just rumours here.... move along...

Qaegan - 5 months ago

I can't believe the scale these developers have achieved with this game. I am extremely excited to play it and find my place within the world.

WrenThunderstride - 6 months ago

I was quoting this line in the initial 2014 post: "We’ll actually be providing a stand-alone version of the architecture tool next Spring so people can get their hands on it early and see what it feels like to design buildings in Chronicles of Elyria."

I'm new to these forums.. so I missed the tabs at the bottom. I will look through those as well.

WrenThunderstride - 6 months ago

Bump!!! Whatever happened to this tool that was to be released last spring?

Xeyska - 6 months ago

Posted By LegionPete at 11:47 AM - Mon Mar 06 2017

Bump!!! Whatever happened to this tool that was to be released last spring?

No tool was suppose to be released in last Spring, the current timeline for it's release is between Alpha 1 and Alpha 2.

Draider - 6 months ago

This kind of minecraft-like construction method is incredible!

I suppose then that as long as you are an architect, you can connect different houses by bridges or tunnels?

Can you make a escape routes that leads outside your parcel?

Bedeude - 7 months ago

I'm hoping we'll be getting the architecture tool soon, too!

Cineas - 7 months ago

What became of the architecture tool? It was announced for Q1 2017 - is the date still valid? When will we get our hands on it?

Oracle - 7 months ago

Awesome work. It's great to see these updates and changes too ;)

Virtual Angel - 9 months ago

Oh my Gosh, Yesss. I signed up for information about this game when it literary was only a concept. Every time I come on here to check whats new. It just becomes more and more like the dream game I've been waiting for my whole life. THANK YOU I cant wait to play this game someday.

Oracle - 9 months ago

Really can't wait :)

This answers a dilemma. Since hearing the risks of farming as a noble, I've had to rethink my profession choices.

Running a tavern had appeal, but the combination of architecture and tinkering have really sparked some interest. Will there be interactions and discovery between the two? Or would that be tinkering and carpentry etc?

Designing locked doors, traps and security within my settlement has pratical value for all.

JohnBaelfyre - 9 months ago

Can one make a personal hold or keep without relying on a count?

karat76 - 11 months ago

So will other players be able to destroy or loot our homes?

Flopex - 1 year ago

This looks amazing! But I have one question: If I don't want to become an architect but still want to design my own house, it is limited to a certain extend, right? So will there be the option to create an advanced blueprint if you cooperate with a skilled architect? If that was unclear: I mean it like what you basically would do in real life - sit together with the architect and discuss and create the final outcome. Would be a great feature, if possible

Tenna - 1 year ago

I am so excited for this! My favorite game of all time was SWG, you got a house plan (Made by a Player) and you found the perfect place in any planet and dropped your house. Decorated it with what ever, you found were ever you found it. It was storage, and I loved it.

I have yet to find SWG again, and if it were to be remade, better graphics but same mechanics, I would be on board in a heart beat. Seems this game will give me what I have been missing for 13 years.

NuclearUniFox - 1 year ago

can a house be built underground?

Flopex - 1 year ago

I think that wont be possible due to the fact that the Kickstarter didn't reach the stretch-goal "Tunneling". But I am not an expert, it's just my assumption ^^ Although you can create cellars and basements

Fergus Redbeard - 1 year ago

Hope it's not overly complicated or difficult to get a building up. Seems like a lot of components that can go wrong.

Need architect/ need builder/ need the right types of materials or else it may rust and decompose, or someone may destroy.

Looking forward to trying not it out and see how it gets fleshed out. Non instanced housing finally!

Hopefully - rejuvenation and healing is escalated in your home since that is where you sleep Nd rest.

Looks cool

Abuncha_nada - 1 year ago

MMO-construction-company-RPG confirmed. I am extremely hyped about this.

Crosshair - 1 year ago

hey Jeremy is there any way that architecture demo could be released this August or earlier

Wolfguarde - 1 year ago

This looks like it will be incredibly interesting to play with. The first thing that comes to mind, though - as a player of survival games, in which griefers are usually a somewhat unpleasant staple - is this: Will other players be able to deconstruct our structures? If so, what skillsets and timeframe would they require to do so? I'm assuming by the pace and context of the game that developing even a small structure such as a house will require time and effort, but in real life, it's much easier to destroy structures than it is to create them. Will the same apply to buildings in CoE?

I'm assuming siege combat will be a central mechanic in warfare, but I'm referring specifically to individuals/groups randomly moving around small settlements and simply demolishing buildings. Someone will think to try it, and I'm curious to know what mechanics are in place to support or challenge it.

Maineiac - 1 year ago

This is very exciting! It looks like you have covered most of what was rattling around in my brain. I am excited about the fact that you can totally upgrade after building. It will be interesting to see how difficult it will be to put it into action, learning or finding the right components or people to create a building. Considering you only have more or less a year to play and then passed down to a family member, if you have a family.

THEamishTRACTOR - 1 year ago

I wonder if they'll let us do the same with ships? That would be awesome! Then we could truly have our own ship.

spraun - 1 year ago

looking forward to seeing what is built. the possibilities sound endless

Belzak - 1 year ago

I have never been this excited for an MMORPG. I cant wait!!

Razimus - 1 year ago

Woah, very very cool. I have a list of things from my favorite MMORPGs, and Non-Instanced Customizable Housing is one of those things, few games make the list, so few I can name them all on one hand, this game is now on that list. Keep up the great work!

Kartysan - 1 year ago

As a person who loves to draw and dream about these sort of stuff, this game is like a huge playground for me! (And a whole new world for my characters~)

When this releases, I'll be jumping at the chance to play! Hopefully, I'll get a good internet by then..

arcollier - 1 year ago

This is literally turning out to be the game of my dreams and is precisely how player housing should be handled meaningfully.

Badger87 - 1 year ago

Will we be able to transform our houses/properties into inns/taverns to generate income?

Aavicci - 1 year ago

I'm signed up for several new titles that are to be released 2016-2017, but Chronicles of Elyria has me the most excited. Each time I read up on it, my excitement grows. You have amazing ideas that greatly appeal to me and I look forward to experiencing them all!

Arzey - 1 year ago

I want to build a huge viking fortress :D

StOnGdUkE - 1 year ago

OMG I can not wait to build my house! I am going to be the best architect of the land!

arcollier - 1 year ago

Holy hell, this looks gorgeous.

Blackcobalt - 1 year ago

Can you create hidden rooms or tunnels.

Jedzea - 1 year ago

Can you create hidden rooms or tunnels.

Yes you can. Read the DJ(Design Journal) on Player Design Dungeons -- next one up. I think it is dated Dec 3, 2015

thedogs - 1 year ago

This is going to be so cool!

DKQ - 1 year ago

this... THIS IS WHAT I CALL ... cries I love you

Jedzea - 1 year ago

Based off of this information too -- my curiosity is that is this based on the family that you are born into? Or a guild built housing structure?

Jedzea - 1 year ago

So I understand that the size of the family depends on the number of rooms. My dream has been to run the local Inn. This doesn't address that question - I don't want 12 kids but I want the space for 10 travelers. Drooling over all of the ideas and concepts and VERY excited about this.

NovemberRaider - 1 year ago

This is my dream mmo.

Lazarus Hawthorn - 1 year ago

this looks so awesome! i'm so excited to learn about being able to build a dwarven kingdom beneath the ground!

Ivorax - 1 year ago

Shut up and take my money!

TheBeliarus - 1 year ago

I can't wait more!

Garris_Brokqal - 1 year ago

figures 5 and 6 give a perfect example of how building will work

Shadukar - 1 year ago

I'll second and third and fourth Cordain's comment. I haven't been this excited about a MMO since Horizons.

LeoChiavarone - 1 year ago

I don't know if this already going to be added but why not allow us to make secret doors use Technology & Research and create a device for secret doors and stuff like that.

Caspian - 1 year ago

Don't worry. There's already plenty of secret doors. Stay tuned for Monday's design journal on basements, dungeons, etc...

LeoChiavarone - 1 year ago

Oh damn, now I am very very hyped.

Tarik Thunderstorm - 1 year ago

Wow, I can finally design my dungeon of hell! When I read Warlock of Firetop Mountain at the wee age of 11, I loved it so much that I actually "drew" the map of the entire book, that is, I was able to draw a map using the book's descriptions depending on which path you chose to actually make it out how it looked, where were the dead-ends, the traps, the monsters, etc. I would love to actually implement that map in this game... the possibilities are just endless, Caspian, you have a solid winner here mate!!!!

CUFreeze - 1 year ago

Are the interiors instanced?

Caspian - 1 year ago

Nope. Open the door (or climb through a window) and walk in.

Cordain - 1 year ago

Looking great! Haven't been this excited about a MMO in years.