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Something I'm really interested to see progress is the concept of religious organizations within the game. I'd really love to base an order around a relic, like the Sunstone. I know a while ago it was mentioned, in the estimated EP guides that Capsian posted, that one would be able to upgrade an item to "mystical" level for a ton of EP. Theoretically, I wonder if we could upgrade an armor piece to mystical level and then base the entire organization around it.

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Hmm, that isn't exactly how the EP upgrading would work.


You can buy higher quality things for more EP, but it is based on availability. Theoretically you can happen upon a mystical armor piece and get lucky enough to be the one to snag it (assuming you can afford it) but you can't just shell out more EP and make something better.

Also I like your cult idea in general. Something our duchy tried to do was create one centered around the sunstone as you mentioned (link) but since we weren't lucky enough to win it we had to re-purpose our cult into a more general one instead of worshiping the object itself.

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Gotcha, that sounds a lot fairer and makes way more sense haha.

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The subject of cults has been brought up before. In order for NPCs to be attracted to them, they have to be based on one of the established religions. There will probably be ready-made associations between established religions and some legendary places or things. It should be fairly easy to invent some plausible claptrap upon which to base a cultic digression from standard belief or practice. Being a priest or theologian of a religion should help, but charismatic characters with no formal training have been known to successfully form cults IRL.

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I'll bring the flavor aid!

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The cult i am making is going to worship animals with the pig being the center if available. If pigs don't exist in this game, then theh will be a mystical non existant animal that will still be worshipped with other animals surrounding them. My pitch will be things such as the pig god wants you to have this and the pig god wants you to be happy for you are his child.

The nicest pig in the world and a little cute.

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I'm interested in starting a cult about emperor worship, in the same style as the ancient Roman cult.

Anyone know if cults can be established from the faithless "religion"?

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on Selene there will be a cult named Flame of Hope. And the Order of the Flame of Hope will nutrate this simbolic flame, as every member is regarded as a bearer of a spark, so in meetings they can combine their sparks to a fire. The Order plans to found two settlements on three-border-points between different kingdoms, with holy temples of every religion in Elyria. They shall attract pilgrims from all over the elyrian world and cause understanding for different religions, friendship and peace.

The Library of the North with the orders headquaters will be at Shamrock in Krytan, The Library of the South in Nia in the kingdom that could have been Nirath.

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Lich Cult!

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I think you will need to work within the existing religious systems. With that limitation in mind, I recommend the following:

  1. Find Kypiqs.
  2. Make a ventriloquist's dummy out of a woodland shubbery.
  3. Profit (both spellings).

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Sign me up honestly aha

ayy lmao

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no lich cult... with every fast death a soul forgets skills. But we seek wisdom and mastery.

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