Lore - The Seer

"Perhaps they all resigned to their fate. Perhaps they've just been hiding, biding their time. Nobody knows for sure. In either case, it's been eons since anyone has seen the ancients - the true Ancients. Sure, there are those who claim to be descendants, but even their blood is diluted by now."

Deep within the inner cloister of the Unseen University an Adept is shelving manuscripts when she is suddenly struck down with a terrible vision. She falls to the floor and her eyes glow with an eerie magic. They move back and forth rapidly as though in a deep sleep, but wide open and pale as a full moon. She mouths as though having a conversation but no words come out.

Moments pass and those around her, her peers, gather around her; watching. Waiting. Suddenly, she awakens. Her eyes clear and she blinks and sits erect.

"Somewhere, someone, has done the unthinkable. An Antepyrovian has been awakened."

-Anara Starsong, Keeper of Chronicles, aka The Seer.

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We need to interrogate her for as much information about The Seer.

9/13/2015 7:37:25 AM #2

Interrogate who?

9/13/2015 7:52:08 AM #3

We need to bring this individual in, is she the adept or is she talking about the Seer? I am confused :/

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No one told them anything. They saw the fire. They remember the legends. They know the drill.

Our long column is formed and we start moving. The way we walk is important to us. Slow pace, firm steps, perfect balance. It's as if every tiny stone is part of us, and we're part of everything that surrounds us. It's strange, cause I don't remember anyone teaching us how to walk like that.

The caves aren't far. From here, we can see the fire raining from the sky in the distance. I imagine those poor souls, hiding behind their thick walls and false gods, hoping for a miracle that never comes... Their fate was sealed long ago, when they forgot the legends, their true history, their forefathers.


Someone made a joke and now they're all laughing. We're still alive. The Mountain will protect our women and children. Since we were kids, we heard stories of great heroes defeating The Ancients. It's time for new stories. We're ready.


(from the remains of a burned journal, unknown author)

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I wonder," how does one go about awakening an Antepyrovian?" I didn't know they were in a state of slumber.

And where is this Unseen University? What does it take to get enrolled?

If this is a passage or recounting from Anara Starsong, Keeper of Chronicles, aka The Seer do any of these places and persons even exist anymore?

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Somehow i think that maybe the guy seen destroying that village in the login screen might be the awoken antepyrovian? To do what that figure is doing one must have and harness a huge amount of power... And if talented people are the diluted version of what was before, then maybe the awoken Antepyrovian IS indeed that destroyer? (would make sense given that the vision seems to refer to the awakening as something terrible)

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Okay. I am ready to jump in to this. I have done a longer more rambling version for the Echo but here it is in the distilled form.

1) I love this stuff it is great getting more insights into the lore and more things for my mind to mull over.

2) Unseen University - Educational institutions would be a great addition to the game. However, this one seems to me like it might be magic focused. Firstly the name has certain magical connotations (Pratchett!). We have an Adept attending which is a rank often associated with magical orders. Finally we have woman being possessed by magic and everyone else just standing waiting for her to be done as if it is no big deal! (Thought that could of course indicate this is not her first vision and they are simply used to her 'seeing'.)

3) Antepyrovians are likely the 'true Ancients' that are mentioned in the first paragraph. However, what is the 'fate' that it speaks of? I had assumed they lived, made their descendent, and died. It looks like I am wrong. They seem to be in some sort of slumber, if they are able to be awoken. Or did they in fact die and she is referring to them being brought back to life, are they undead?

4) Why is an Antepyrovian coming back so darn bad? It really does sound super bad. I can imagine that they were not all good. However, if you are thinking of a particularly dark individual would you not say their name? You say “Voldemort is back” (Or “He who shall not be named has returned” if you are superstitious) you do not just say “A powerful dark wizard is back”. That must mean that any of them returning could be bad news. But why!

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An Antepyrovian awakening isn't so bad. Its once they get there coffee and get down to business, then, its time to find another plane of existence to keep all your shit on.

1/24/2016 4:55:44 AM #9

What if an Antepyrovian is a vampire (soul eater)?

Or their Relic is that makes the "first" vampire.

1/25/2016 7:23:55 AM #10

rabble rabble rabble.... KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!

1/25/2016 7:51:56 AM #11

Like Zultra, said I think questions should be asked of what the adept remembers seeing exactly. Then ask the adept about their past as to figure out as to why she was capable / possibly the only one who had seen this.

1/25/2016 11:28:58 PM #12

You're going to try and kill something with "pyro" in it's name with fire?


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Love it.

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I am going to be honest. This is the first Dev Lore I have found. Is there any more? If so it might be nice to make a Dev Lore Thread. Kind of like the starter pack we have been passing around.

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Bump for the new kids in the community :)