Map size and exploration

48 hours... That is an estimated time of real life walking you would need to do to cross the world map. That is walking in a straight line with nothing in the way. So while walking through the desert or a rain forest or a marsh it would be slowed greatly. Now, every server has a different map and they are procedurally generated. This means they wont all be the exact same size, and they wont have the same ratio of land to water. So some maps may take even longer to cross, while others may be quicker. This is a HUGE world map. This could, literally, take multiple years to explore every corner. That is, one player exploring of course. I am extremely excited for the world size. I always loved just walking into the wilderness and seeing what I find.

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Also, the maps will not be generated at the moment the server is created. As players discover previously unexplored land the engine actually generates the area on its own. This means the devs themselves wont know how each world turns out. Some dungeons might only exist on certain servers as well as unique artifacts and ancient structures, but that part is speculation on my own accord.

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I think the general size of the land masses will be known, the only thing that it will generated when a player first put a feet on would be the type of terrain. At least that is what I think. Otherwise they will not be able to show the map of the world in the family selection screen.

Also, they said that for those structures (dungeons, ruins, whatever) that are designed by the team will appear in every server but in different places of the world.

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No you are correct. That is what I meant haha sorry for the confusion!

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So, how is it after all? The terrain follows the map we saw in family selection screenshot and only the points of interest are random? If it's like that, then different map size and different land/water ratio on every server isn't accurate info, you should edit your post before anyone else reads it.

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I think it is too small IMHO, imagine it you could march a army across a continent in two days, it should be a week for a continent IMHO.

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My info came right from Caspian. Because each server is generated separately they will not be the same. And the parameters of the generation are not exact. So, each server will be its own unique world. They may share some things in common, a capital city or mountain, but they wont be located in the same place. The terrain does NOT follow the map we see in the family section. That is just the test world they are using right now.

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Its 48 hours. That is 6 months in game time. Try marching an army non-stop for 6 months. It wont end well.

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This. We expect an invading country to spend several hours... 4, 8, 12, etc... mobilizing their forces to prepare an invasion. Furthermore, we expect them to want to time their invasion for a season that's in their favor.

Then, we expect them to spend a similar amount of time crossing into the country and sacking lands, etc...

This will also give kingdoms time to mobilize their own levies and mount a defense.

All the while the armies are out "in the wilds" and will need mobile food and water supplies via supply wagons, etc...

But when the armies meet... it'll be epic.

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You do understand most gamers would just leave the army due to bordem if it took a whole week irl just to make it to the battle.

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Fortunately, it doesn't.

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Did'nt saw that info about the map size. Sounds nice and actually encourage the "be a adventurer" type of game since the scale is big and you can actually discover new things in the world.

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I know! :P just replying to zultra's idea of it lasting a week.

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Sounds awesome to me.

I really want to know the mechanics of combat now to see if it will favor formation fighting.

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Also how would you make it so that is doable for a army to move cohesively I could see it everyone writes the path to destination as a OPC script but that seems soo easy to fail, just takes a couple of people to do it wrong to ruin the whole thing.

Unless you can have a feature of 'following' a set individual automatically both online and offline.

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To put aside War and Exploration, no one has said anything about commerce yet.

I think commerce would be very different in each servers, due to servers having different sizes.

"Now, every server has a different map and they are procedurally generated. This means they wont all be the exact same size, and they wont have the same ratio of land to water. So some maps may take even longer to cross, while others may be quicker."

^mainly revolved phrase in this reply^

The flow of commerce can be different from each server, money can flow differently from location to locations (depending on distance away). Well, depending on where you're going for some money, location will differ. Either it will take 1 in real-life hour to get from A to B to get some good profit, or 10 hours in real-life w/ some OPC assistance to get some mad profit. Or, if you're just a CASUAL, you'll just dedicate 20 minutes of your time getting some money.

Apart from that, I'm really excited on how this world is gonna shape, and how each server is gonna be shaped like.