Estimated Size of Elyria (Info Packed!)



Planned size of a single Continent:

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Thanks to Arktal for linking this

This post is about the rumored size of the game. I have included meters for our friends across the pond, and freedom units for us cheese burger lovers.

I've been reading A LOT of concern about the mentally-pictured size of the game, "How will we all have land?", "How can the game support over a few hundred counts?", "Will there be enough for us all to explore?"

All I can implore is: Think B I G G E R than you ever have before people

I hope to alleviate some of those concerns with the math here:

Picture something similar to Vermont... turned on its side, and surrounded by water...
Thanks to Subutai for the Vermont mental-picture

That breaks down to:

  • Hard Numbers
    • 32,768 Square Kilometers
    • 12,651 Square Miles
    • 32,768,000,000 Square Meters (32bil)
    • 352,711,968,397 Square Feet (352bil)
    • 8,097,141 Parcels of Land (8mil)

Land/Water Distribution
Land/In-Land Water (Lakes, Rivers, Swamps)

  • 99% Land Mass

    • 32,440 Square Kilometers
    • 12,524 Square Miles
    • 349,184,848,713 Square Feet
    • 8,016,169 Parcels of Land (Acres)
  • 1% Water

    • 327 Square Kilometers
    • 127 Square Miles
    • 3,527,119,683 Square Feet
    • 80,971 Parcels (Acres)

Thanks to Corin for pointing this out

Wanted to add: These figures don't take into account mountains or other natural barriers/unbuildable geographical locales. This is simply game-world landmass.

Population Density and Spread
I cannot even guess how many continents there will be, so lets just assume 100,000 on this one continent for the sake of seeing distribution.

Based on 100,000 Pop. (Full to Brim)
Pop. Fully Spread out over Land (99%):
80 Parcels of Land per Person

A more Natural Spread, like Earth
43% Settlement Coverage of Land
3,446,953 Inhabited Parcels
34 Parcels of Land per Person

Some more interesting data:
1 Parcel (64mx64m)
44,093 Sq Ft
4,069 Sq Meters

34 Parcels Area
1,519,865 Sq Ft
6,184,330,492 Sq Meters

What can you build on 1,519,865 Square Feet?

Well... this one story home is 3,500 Square Feet(325 sq meters)

The 6 floors of the White House come out to 55,000 Square Feet(5,110 sq meters)

Windsor Castle chiming in at 484,00 Square Feet (44,965 sq meters)

Malbork Castle comes in at 1,545,600 Square Feet (143,590 sq meters) Malborkcstl
Citation Link

Even More Interesting Data
Compare the sizes of these games:
GTA: San Andreas: 36km2 ,14mi2
Skyrim: 39km2 ,15mi2
Oblivion: 41km2 ,16mi2
Red Dead Redemption: 41km2 ,16mi2
FarCry 4: 46km2 ,18mi2
FarCry 2: 80km2 ,31mi2
GTA5: 81km2 ,32mi2
Original WoW: 207km2 ,80mi2
Star Wars Galaxies: 518km2 ,200mi2
Just Cause: 1036km2 ,400mi2
Asceron's Call: 1295km2 ,500mi2
Totals: 3420km2 1322 mi2

Then we have this:
Guild Wars Nightfall 38850km2 15000mi2

Older games have proven the size is possible.
Procedural Generation

With newer technology proving the server population limits are possible.
Examples w/ Video-Older massive server populations (Not the best source, but all I could find, SW:TOR failed in their aspirations, but their testing was solid in the beginning)
Server Sharding -And since instancing won't be in CoE, thats a heap of resources that can be put towards the server power.
Fun Game-Size Comparison Images

These are only assumptions and estimates, only to give an idea and comparison on size and possible geography of Chronicles of Elyria, take everything with a grain of salt
I hope you enjoyed!

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Excellent work! Thanks so much for going to the trouble to put this together.

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You, you HAVE to be a cartographer. xD

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Very useful info, thanks!

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Tons of great info. Thanks!

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Thanks for all that juicy data!

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Hey, thanks guys! I enjoyed putting it all together! :)

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Nice job - well done

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Hey Endless Shogun, We know that one continent will be 256x256km, which will consist of about 50% land and 50% water (30-70% if I remember correctly)

So 256x128km land is a safe bet, which is 32768km2 in comparison Witcher 3 Novigrad map (with velen and oxenfurt included) is 72km2. Novigrad is about the size of a city, Oxenfurt about the size of a town, Crows Perc about the size of a village and the small villages are the size of hamlets, well at least according to my calculations, a Capital should be abot the size of the whole map since it is supposedly 4x4km big (which might include farming lands too).

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Good to know! Thank you I dug and dug and dug to find what I could. Extrapolate the above data then to fit a single continent.

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I feel like the map will be more land than water, since we've heard so little on water travel. So even bigger can be inferred.

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@Endless Shogun, Your link: "Examples w/ Video-Older massive server populations"

Refers to a 2011 post about StarWars: The Old Republic. I'm not really sure about the info in that particular post, but I remember playing SW:TOR at launch. In Ilum the open world PvP zone, with only about 200 players fighting, every player would experience terrible lag.

So I'm not sure using that as an example helps to make your point about population limits.

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Very good! But one mistake:

"71% Water"

The measurement was for the starting continent/island, not all land masses and water. So lets recalculate that that with lakes, rivers, and swamps instead of oceans. First off, of the 71% of surface area that reflects blue light (I.E, oceans,) only 0.01398% of that is lakes, rivers, and swamps. Meaning that water takes up 0.99258, or about 1%, of the space on the continent.


40,550.4 Square Kilometers of land

15,655.86 Square Miles of land

436,481,060,891.04 Square Feet of land

10,020,212.73 Parcels of Land.


409.6 Square Kilometers of water.

158.14 Square Miles of water.

4,408,899,604.96 Square Feet of water.

101,214.27 Parcels of water.

Welcome to the show, take a seat, there is plenty of room.

Edit: forgot the commas.

Count Einzbern of Aichhalt.

Kingdom of Ashland.

Duchy of Sanctaphandri.

Seated in Darmindatch.

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This is accurate, thank you. I honestly debated calculating in-land water, I decided against it, simply because I am assuming certain in-land waters (rivers, ponds, small lakes) can be parcels owned by players, but unsure.
Thank you again for the additional info!

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Its difficult to find any sources for server sizing due to it being an expensive commodity honestly, its high tech useful equipment all games need, and it seems no one wants to really talk about it.
Tests have been done in the past showing the ability to house and host massive quantities of players. We all know that SW:TOR turned out to be a flimsy shell, but it did aspire in the beginning, themselves showing hopeful tests of 200,000 bots for stress testing.
I have faith in the newer and newer technology to show 100k to be a definite possibility.