October 12th Live Chat Q & A - Ask Questions Here

Hey Folks!

Tomorrow is our weekly Live Chat on IRC. To join the chat, either download an IRC client if you're savvy enough or navigate your browser to QuakeNet and log in. You should use your CoE alias if you have one, and for "channels" enter #ChroniclesOfElyria. Yes. You need the pound-sign.

Please use this forum topic to post your questions for tomorrow's Live Chat. We may not answer all of them, but we'll do the best we can.


  1. Please limit it to one post per community member
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  3. If you have more than one question, please number them and provide paragraphs in between so we can clearly identify them.
  4. Influence will no longer be awarded for attending the Live Chat, but instead for posting intelligent questions.

See you all at 10am PDT / 5pm GMT (6pm London)!

10/12/2015 6:38:09 AM #1
  1. I know you can place your soul in a container and become a Lich, I guess destroying the container kills the lich. So is it also possible to split your soul and store pieces in different containers, like horcruxes in Harry Potter?

No Answer

  1. If I get the talent for casting magic, will I need a staff/wand? I know it won't be some quick-cast type of magic, but I would love wandless magic. Maybe Gloves for magic tools, gloves are cool.. like bowties.

No Answer

  1. If there are Vampires, what about werewolves and the like? Is there a magic trait to become a animagus, meaning I can turn myself into a specific animal at will?

Answer from Capsian:

So, this all goes down into the Lore, which you'll learn more about later, but for now I'll say, Vampirism can be spread... Werewolves, not so much. It's not a disease like in most horror games. Instead, it's a Talent that allows shapeshifting.

Indeed, we're still trying to decide if we want it to be specific to wolves at all, or just open it up to animals in specific.

So TimboJones the short answer is, there are were-things... but not transferable.

10/12/2015 9:06:44 AM #2
  1. Are there any plans for a morale system where doing things like traveling for several days with little rest might lower it and doing things like going to a bar or resting at your own home might bring it back up?

A1. We have Fatigue, which is a stat controlled by your Stamina attribute. There are two types of Fatigue. Long-term fatigue happens naturally through out the day. Resting, getting some food and water helps to replenish your daily fatigue. Short-term fatigue happens when you sprint, engage in combat and... other stuff. It replenish naturally over a few minutes. But it is capped by long term fatigue. For example, if you have been hiking all day and you get ambushed, you will have less reserve in which to fight them off.

  1. Will we be able to start another soul if we would like to play as character with different attributes or talents then the soul we have at the time? Would a cost be associated with this? Would we lost the original soul?

A2. In CoE you pay for lives and souls. If you get the basic standard edition you will have three souls and one life. If you'd like to play a second character (or 3rd, 4th, etc. currently there are not limitation on the number of characters) simultaneously, you just buy a second Spark of Life. When either dies, you'll need to buy a new life for that soul to continue.

If you don't like any of those 3 souls, or if you run out of souls, you can buy more. They are inexpensive around $9 USD for 3-5 souls.

10/12/2015 9:16:24 AM #3
  1. will more scientific but still somewhat magical skills such as alchemy or perhaps even animal whispering require a talent or will anyone given enough time and dedication be able to learn such skills?

  2. What level of control and automation will leaders have over taxes? will they be able to automatically funnel a certain amount of their tax revenue onto one group or individual, or will this have to be done manually?

10/12/2015 9:59:38 AM #4

Can you put answers to as many questions as you can on this post because every Irc you have I am always in school and it is really irritating

10/12/2015 12:07:55 PM #5

Q 1. Is there a skill cap for the number of skills that can be acquired. Is there a limit to the depth you can take multiple skills? I understand that to get Grandmaster of a skill will take multiple lives but can you become relatively well skilled in several areas over the course of one life. Will it be like "Jack of all skills and master of none" ?

There's no limit to the number of skills you can train. You're limited solely by the length of your life.

Q 2. Is there a skill decay for skills not used over a period of time? If so how quickly would that skill decay be?

We do believe there will be a skill decay. However, we don't know what that rate is yet, or whether we just let the dying mechanic handle that for us. Obviously when you respawn your skills have a ramp to allow them to re-level more quickly, but if someone chooses not to do so, they'll remain lower.

It's actually easier for us not to implement the decay, so for the moment, it isn't there.

Q 3. You mentioned practice equipment to gain basic skills. Does that mean there are Forges, Carpenter Workbenches, Ovens and Taylor workbenches available to learn on? To use them do you have to rent or pay the owner or just ask to apprentice.

Not Answered

10/12/2015 12:18:16 PM #6

1: Will there be magical rods/wands that those with magical talents can store spells in and allow non-magic users to use? Example: Rod of Light allows a non-magical person to use the Light spell.

2: Will it be possible to be completely self-sufficient as a single person or small family? If I take my wife and go into the woods alone, is it possible to build a house, catch/raise/grow food, and gather other supplies to survive without interacting with others?

3: When a building burns down it almost never burns down completely. How will rubble be handled? Can we scavenge any unburned wood, nails, metal strips? Will rubble 'magically disappear' after a few hours? Or stay until a character cleans it up?

10/12/2015 1:34:33 PM #7
  1. Are there going to more social skills? For example: haggling to arrange better prices with NPCs (I know that most of the social skills won't work against PC)

A1. We're working on it. The goal is to not have any skills that can be only used on NPCs/OPCs. It means that they are trying to design a mechanic that woul allow us to use them against other players as well.

For example: Haggling, someone who has an effective Haggling skill might cause someone else's Appraise skill to show the wrong value, so it would "convince" that they are getting a good deal. Re-apprasing a few minutes later would show a different value.

  1. We know that some players will start knowing some skills already. But will there be teachers/books at the start of the game already for each skills or most of the skills at least?

A2. There will be NPC "trainers" initially, as well as public libraries.

10/12/2015 1:39:00 PM #8

Combat question:

Since this is going to be a realistic skill base game, is the combat going to be like in chivalry. So if you hit someone twice in the head, he will be dead/unconscious, depands witch weapon is used. Or is it going to be more like gw2, where u can sidestep to avoid to be hit and it takes alot more hits until you re dead/unconscius.

10/12/2015 1:44:17 PM #9

I would expect that Haggling would be something that is improved via the Bardic skill line.

10/12/2015 2:24:29 PM #10

Why don't you do these talks on steam so people who can't make the time can still watch, or load on YouTube? Edited because I seen the dj8

2 why are you making THiS game?

3 how will grouping and parties work?

10/12/2015 2:26:42 PM #11

Have you read the new Developer Journal over at It is on Character Roles and Skill Advancement.

Author of the Elyria Echo the first, and least up-to-date, CoE fan site.

10/12/2015 3:14:26 PM #12
  1. Is there research in the game or are crafters able to build a list of objects dependent on what the skill level of their profession is? Like will boats be available when someone reaches an acceptable carpenter skill level or do they need to work out a crafting design.

Unoffical Answer:

[12:29] <Silaven> But! If you find an unknown material how do you know how to use it? which is where another question of mine comes in.

[12:29] <Alzuule> very excited

[12:30] <@Caspian> Silaven: Research!

[12:30] <TimboJones> Can the finder name the material?

[12:30] <Silaven> So research does exist?!

  1. How will characters(mainly suppliers) be able to survey and find veins to mine or tell what kind of plant they found? Is that included in the Bardic skill?

Answer: [12:25] <@Caspian> Silaven asked a great question.

[12:25] <@Caspian> Which is entirely relevant to today's DJ.

[12:25] == VicRach_AFK has changed nick to VictoriaRachel

[12:25] <@Caspian> Silaven asked: How will characters(mainly suppliers) be able to survey and find veins to mine or tell what kind of plant they found? Is that included in the Bardic skill?

[12:25] <@Caspian> No!

[12:25] == prime_ [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout]

[12:25] <Souzou_> No?

[12:26] <@Caspian> I'm working on it...

[12:26] <@Caspian> Identification isn't in the Bardic tree.

[12:26] <@Caspian> It's in the Gathering tree.

[12:26] <@Caspian> Which is why we kept going back and forth between calling that branch Lore/Gathering.

[12:26] <@Caspian> In any case, Suppliers, as part of the Gathering tree, will have the ability to identify stuff.

[12:26] <@Caspian> But... that's not the really cool part.

[12:26] <Morphime> what about if you find something new! something never seen before [12:27] <@Caspian> I guess if there was an Easter Egg in this week's DJ this is it.

[12:27] <@Caspian> Explorers!

[12:27] <@Caspian> Explorers can, as part of their adventures catalog new things they find.

[12:27] <@Caspian> This could be an unknown plant, animal, metal, etc...

[12:27] <@Caspian> This is then written to a piece of paper.

[12:28] <@Caspian> The paper can be sold to a supplier.

[12:28] <@Caspian> If the supplier has sufficient knowlege, reading the journal entry will reveal what the type of animal, plant, etc.,.. is.

[12:28] <@Caspian> So they may know, while the Explorer does not.

[12:28] <@Caspian> A smart explorer would then dual specialize in both the Survival tree, as well as the Gathering tree.

[12:28] <Sabbicat> WTG Caspian. Now no one will post to my unofficial Easter Egg thread

[12:29] <@Caspian> Also... an Explorer can also journal where they found something as part of a map.

[12:29] <@Caspian> So if the supplier likes what they see, the explorer can sell them the map to find it.

[12:29] <@Caspian> I hope you guys are excited by that as I am

  1. Will people be able to print/recreate keys using the deviant skill and/or pick locks with the deviant skill?

10/12/2015 3:18:30 PM #13
  1. Will there be titles we can earn in game and/or purchase from NPCs, or even other players. Such as: Baron, Lady, Duke, etc.

  2. If two players meet in game and want to get married, would this be considered a role-play marriage, or would there be in-game mechanics to support this type of player to player relationship? And if there are in-game marriage mechanics, how does inheritance work for the offspring?

  3. Will housing or farm plots be limited or will everyone who plays be able to find and own land?

  4. Will there be ghosts of characters that have died in game?

  5. If a player drops an item on the ground, can other players pick it up, or is the item destroyed upon leaving the player's inventory?

  6. I recently read about how the game engine will limit skill tier progression depending on how many players have reached a skill tier. Will Magic have in-game caps similar to how the skill tier system has caps?

  7. Will there be item decay? If so, which items will be affected?

10/12/2015 3:19:24 PM #14

You are only allowed 3 questions for the Q&A lol

  1. Yes with IP before the game starts

  2. Marriage is known to be important for noble households it is most likely it will be an ingame mechanic.

  3. No instance based housing so land is limited but people can loan lands and etc.

  4. I highly doubt it as immortality is extremely rare (only vampires, lich, and such) unless you mean NPC controlled ghosts...then maybe

  5. an item could remain on the ground for generations. They do not just disappear.

  6. ....(thats a good question to ask :P)

  7. Most likely, yes.

10/12/2015 3:48:27 PM #15
  1. Will there be user created skills when the game progresses.

  2. Will Legendary Tier Swordsmen be able to teach Novice Tiers, up to Legendary Tiers?

And thank you.

Edit and Answer to #2

[10:34] <@Caspian> Lenkek asked: Will Legendary Tier Swordsmen be able to teach Novice Tiers, up to Legendary Tiers?

[10:34] <@Caspian> No.

[10:34] <@Caspian> There's a 1-2 tier deficit for teaching.

[10:34] <@Caspian> So Legendary would be able to teach to at most Master, or maybe Grandmaster.