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  1. Voting will be done in two (2) rounds (Map Pool Voting, and Final Map Voting), with the goal of each round being slightly different.
    - The goal of round one (1) is to determine 5 maps for each server to vote on in round two (2). These maps will be drawn from a single pool of twenty (20) maps, and each map may only be added to a single server's round 2 voting options.
    - The goal of round 2 is to determine, from a set of 5 unique maps per server, which map containing the starting continent will be the map for that server.
  2. Oceanus (OCE) does not participate in round 1 as they already have a unique set of 5 archipelago-style maps. As such, the voting option for Oceanus (OCE) will not be a valid selection in round 1.
  3. A participant’s voting power is equal to their total Influence at the end of the voting round.
  4. Participants can cast a number of votes equal to the number of Sparks of Life they possess either from packages or a la carte purchases.
  5. Each vote cast divides a user's influence by the new total number of votes made.
    - A single vote would be equal to 100% of a user's Influence. A second vote would split the first and the second vote into 50% each. A third vote would split each vote into 33% of their total Influence. The more times a person votes, the less each vote is worth. A person can vote on a server more than once in order to distribute their Influence to their liking for example: 2 votes on map A, and 1 vote on map B, would be a 66%-33% split.
  6. Participants may distribute their votes across servers and maps in whatever amounts they wish, from their total number of Sparks of Life.
  7. Users cannot exchange, buy, or sell their votes for money in real life. Any users found in violation will be banned from the community.
  8. Users can campaign for different maps by using the official server forums and a Map Voting channel in the official Discord, but should not post about maps in any other forums on our website or any other channels in our Discord. Misplaced posts will be closed or moved. Misplaced chat messages will be deleted.
  9. Estimated results will be continuously displayed in Round 1 as voting occurs to encourage discussion, with the final tally happening at the end of the Round. Results will be hidden in Round 2...to protect from bias.
  10. Users that cast at least one vote will receive a forum badge once badges are enabled.
  11. All votes are final and cannot be changed in any way. Requests to change them won't be considered.
    - Final calculations will be done at end of each round. Results during the round are estimates due to the nature of IP and the number of used votes per user.


  1. Q: I am logged in and I can see all the maps but I cannot vote.
    This happens in one of three scenarios:
    - Your session has expired and you need to log in again
    - You don't have a pledge package bound to your account
    - You have no votes remaining
  2. Q: I have a pledge package and am logged in, but I can't vote.
    You must have spent all of your available votes. Check your vote total on the Map Voting page.
  3. Q: Does Influence have an impact on the voting process?
    Your votes are weighted by your influence. See the Rules & Guidelines section above for more details.
  4. Q: Why are votes weighted by influence instead of just 1 vote per spark?
    The outcome of this vote heavily impacts the nobility, aristocracy, and gentry, as the results will determine the geopolitical borders and set the stage for potential conflicts. We felt that those impacted most heavily by the outcome should have a louder voice.
  5. Q: During round 1 after I login and visit the Map Voting page, I am unable to select Oceania as my server.
    Oceania (OCE) has a custom pool of maps already and does not need to select from the pool of maps in round 1. In Round 2, the OCE maps will be available to vote on.
  6. Q: I changed my mind on some of my votes, can I take them back and re-vote?
    No, map votes are final and cannot be used to vote differently after they are already cast.
  7. Q: I don't like any of the map choices during round 1, is there any chance to get new ones or to reject any of them for the community?
    No, all maps listed in the Server Map Voting Pool were vetted by Soulbound Studios and approved. They are the maps the community will pick from and they won't be replaced.
  8. Q: The maps I am looking at are very low resolution, is there any way to view them in higher detail?
    View the maps on a computer for the highest resolution. Viewing the maps on a mobile device will use a smaller image size.
  9. Q: Can we campaign for our friends or communities to vote for a particular map?
    Absolutely, we encourage it, but only in the approved places on our site or Discord. Currently, those are the server-specific general fo
    rums, and the #map-voting channel in our official Discord. Discussing or posting about map voting elsewhere on our site or Discord may result in moderation.
  10. Q: I was in the middle of voting on the last day, close to the deadline, and it didn't accept my votes.
    The voting process occurs on a specific timer and, if you are too late, we cannot re-open that voting stage as it is closed forever.
  11. Q: Do I lose Sparks of Life that I use for voting?
    No, the ability to vote once for each Spark of Life that you own does not remove them from your inventory, it simply uses that number to determine the amount of votes you have. You do not spend or "lose" Sparks of Life during this voting process.
  12. Q: I accidentally clicked and voted on the wrong map. Can you fix it?
    No, we cannot. The map you are selecting will be highlighted prior to voting. Make sure the map you wanted is the one highlighted before clicking the "Vote" button below it.
  13. Q: Does voting for a server mean I am locked to playing on that server?
    No, it does not.
  14. Q: Do my votes get reset after round 1?
    Yes, after voting has ended for round one votes will be reset in preparation for voting in round 2.
  15. Q: Can others see my vote(s), or are only the overall cumulative server votes displayed?
    Only Server votes are displayed. Your selections are never revealed to anyone.
  16. Q: Can I buy more votes?
    Yes, Sparks of Life are available on the merchandise store for $25 USD, but remember, each vote divides your influence of which your votes are weighed. E.g.: one vote equals 100% of your influence, 2 votes equals 50% of your influence and so on.
  17. Q: Can I campaign with offers of EP or other giftable packages or items to persuade others to vote for the map and server I desire?
    Soulbound Studios does not support this activity, but it is also not prohibited. Be aware that we will not field any support tickets or inquiries relating to this type of behavior.
  18. Q: I didn’t realize my votes meant less more I vote. Can I remove some of my votes?
    No, all votes are final.
  19. Q. Where can I go to learn more?
    Read the full FAQ on the announcement post. We will add to this post when new questions arise so, if your questions isn't answered there, ask it and it could be added to help others down the road!