Leaders' approach to different religions?

If you're a leader what will your approach be - assuming you've responsibility for an area where there are mixed Faiths? Do you leave them to sort out their issues individually? If so, what rewards or sanctions will you have for martyrs (?) say, or those causing religious warfare? Or you 'Have a plan?' - eg there will be some sort of 'Minister of Faiths' (plural) with responsibilities of some defined sort? Do you aim for unity? Acknowledged Difference? Wot?

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That's a question I'm asking myself, but I it all depends on the impact on the gameplay.

Do multiple religions provide cumulative bonuses or are they conflicting with each other, lowering the happiness of my people ? How quickly can I spread a new Cult, and for what benefits ? Can I use religion to create casus belli and acquire new lands... ?

Roleplay will follow...

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Piggybacking on you role playing theme...

I don't think the time and effort was put into giving each tribe a varied and unique religious viewpoint was just for window dressing.

Depending on how lore-wise the ruler wishes to be may be a major factor in the views of mixed/minority religions in any given area.

The most obvious culture for conflict would be The Waerd, as they are essentially a theocracy, but Casp has hinted on a few occasions that the Hrothi take their role as "The Shields of The Faith" very seriously and that this belief may play a very significant role in the underlying world story.

I think it is there for us to take and do with it what we will.

I really do hope that some leaders are going to be proactive and really step into this issue fully, as it has proven to be a great "story driver" for our own planet, and has great promise to do the same for Elyria.

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I'll most likely have a backed religion with its own duchy representative in my court, but other religions are free to be practiced if they don't harm the duchy.

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I'll be using the majority of my EP to build a great cathedral to Daemon, who heats our forges, warms our homes, burns our foes and cauterises our wounds. My stance on other religions will reflect that of my Duke.

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