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Barony of Kern’s gate

Theme of the city

Kern’s Gate is a barony with atypical governance. While the ducal army stationed here is under the direct orders of the baron, the civil part of the city is administered by the Temple; a grouping of scholars, warriors and religious people who can be joined after completing a personalized quest.

Their thirst for knowledge leads them to explore the limits of the spiritual worlds. They launch expeditions, seeking for rare resources or forgotten science. In addition, they conduct military research and participate in the training of the warriors of Kern.

This fortress also benefits from the mountains which surrounds it; rich in various minerals. In addition to the proximity of several biomes, it makes forging, taming and animal husbandry its natural economic focuses.

Our objectives

Political implication

Our location implies that we’ll play a role in the political chessboard of Elyria. We’re on the border of a duchy initially claimed by Arkadia in Nirath, making it a place where tensions are more likely than elsewhere to crystallize. To play our role, we’ll have to find our place in the geopolitical environment of our county by creating meaningful partnerships with our neighbors, by proactively bringing our support to the count and by collaborating with our duchy as a whole.

Military strength

Expect an active and well-trained army. Our main mission will be to protect several cities in the northeast of Skuldheim, including the county capital. In addition, we’ll focus on troop training, research, raids on enemy territory by land or river. Mobility is crucial and the proximity of several biomes offers us a large range of beasts and mounts that will bring us interesting tactics to explore.

Economic development

Most of our economy will be related to the military field. Our mountains are rich in minerals and many animals can be tamed then breed. We also own a river and a few farms. Besides, the close proximity to the county’s capital as well as two major rivers give us interesting trading opportunities.

Cultural identity

We want to develop a strong visual and cultural identity, which will make us a beacon for those who need our services. It will come from our architectural style, our traditions, but also from the democratic administration of the city, based on the values of the Temple. The Temple is a place of tolerance and knowledge where religions are practiced and studied through a pragmatic approach.


Our city is strongly organized, but we value flexibility. Instead of static roles, we’ll often create “quests” available to any competent person in the targeted field. It’ll become easy to explore new aspects of the game and this way we make sure no important gap in our structure is left unfilled. Know your responsibilities, but above all, have fun!

Background summary

People believe the land on which Kern’s gate now stands was once cursed. Evil spirits tormented the livings, losing them into the depth of the forest, provoking fires and flooding. The curse was sealed by a mysterious group of shaman coming from the four corners of the world. They established their temple on the source of evil, thus closing the gate between our two worlds, and laying the foundation of this city.

We are recruiting!

  • Fighters for PVP & PVE. Especially Neran and Janoa. You have a strong body and martial skills but can’t stand the heat of our neighbors? It doesn’t matter. We need your DNA!
  • Engineers and miners, who will find valuable deposits in the mountains, then build underground infrastructures
  • Free minds to explore the unknown and willing to get involved in the democratic management of the city (not mandatory)
  • Ambitious craftsmen who seek the proximity of research centers

Join our discord for more information.

This list is not exhaustive, and we’ll be glad to support individual projects.

Kern’s gate

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Barony of Kern’s gate

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The temple

At the top of our city lays a series of gardens and buildings interconnected with many paths and common rooms. This is the heart of Kern’s Gate. Halls, temples, research centers and training fields are built around the stele of Telara, on which are carved the names of the eight guardians who once sacrificed themselves to save the city. These buildings are referred to as the Temple, as the citizens access their services as a whole.

Core values


Support and respect your neighbours, think about the common good before your own interests


Respect your engagements, don’t betray us, nor the Kingdom of Arkadia


For citizens, being an active member is a duty; participate in the missions, give your feedback, stay aware and vote for the projects of the city

Kern’s gate is a place of tradition and science. The Temple, initially led by shamans, evolved to become a school of thoughts, where no truth is cast in stone. Their main concerns are now to administer the city in the most efficient way possible and to expand their knowledge of Elyria. For that purpose, they explore both science and religion with boldness and pragmatism.
Their ambivalent culture promotes on one hand the respect of all life and the involvement of the community in the decisions which concerns its own fate. They believe one cannot pretend to understand the laws of the world if he cannot rule his own home, where lies the secret of one’s spiritual wealth. On the other hand, they revere ferocity. They acknowledge conflicts as being a fundamental part of our lives, one that motivates individuals to learn and to thrive in the world. It is not rare to see scholars in the temple being also warriors or explorers.

Roles of the Temple


The member of the Temple are all citizens, and all citizens are automatically members of the Temple. This status gives them the right to participate in the administrative tasks of the city. In addition, they have the duty to vote the texts written in the town council and to supervise the quest for citizenship of the new candidates.

Religion & research

One or several religions will be practised. The priests will offer their guidance and make the county benefit from their unique rituals.
Theology and occult studies: They will, however, actively seek to expand their knowledge of the mystical world through expeditions and experiences.
Technological research: scholars often specialize in a limited range of skills. By facilitating the collaboration between several disciplines, we increase their chances to innovate. The targeted fields are currently mostly related to the army.
Teaching: priests and scholars can teach writing and speaking several languages. They can also share their knowledge of medicine, alchemy, cartography and so on. They will educate their fellow citizens and offer their services to the visitors.

Barony of Kern’s gate

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Civil organization

Once a week, in the light of torches, the inhabitants climb the steps of the city up to the Temple. The atmosphere is vivid. Children run, people laugh. They sit together in the hall, then a few take the floor, sharing their plans or their concerns. This night, the city quickly needs a new storage, but the funds have already been spent on other projects... People vote for an exceptional tax, which will last for a few weeks, unless donors speed up the fund gathering.


We value the horizontality of political structures, and we will ensure that a maximum a direct democracy applies to our administration of Kern’s gate.

This city is a place where people from various cultures can meet and thrive. Everybody will be able to voice their ideas and will have opportunities to play a concrete role in our community. We want for it to be dynamic, adaptative, to respond to the projects of the people while ensuring that our culture and duties toward the Kingdom are respected.

To support these ambitions, our organization will initially be structured as follows:

The Gate Keeper:
  • The mayor or baron of the city. Traditionally master of the Temple.
  • He rules the city, oversee its taxes and laws in collaboration with the council. He manages the day to day life and expansion of the city
  • He’s elected for life by the council and can only be dismissed by its unanimous vote
  • He represents the city in the circles of nobility, and is responsible for the respect of the Kingdom’s laws and values at Kern’s gate
  • As a baron, he acquires two privileges:
  • a right of veto, which makes it possible to block projects deems prejudicial to the interests of the duchy
  • a right of military decree, which impose laws or are used to requisition resources justified by a military strategic interest. This decree will not be recognized by the Temple if it does not resort to this domain
The Council:
  • A group composed of voluntary or elected citizens
  • They debate in public meetings about any aspect of the community. They can write laws, propose the key projects of the city, define the taxes then on which projects the funds are allocated. They can vote for technical issues, but the main projects will systematically have to be voted by all the citizens
The advisors:
  • Chosen by the Gate Keeper, they are counselors who support the expansion of our key sectors. They also represent their interests in the Council. Technically, the Head of the militia is one of them
  • They can also be given special assignments, like negotiations with another city
Citizenship and honorary members
  • Buying a property will automatically give anybody the right to work and live in our city. These people will become Honorary citizens.
  • However, the access to our full rights and services will be conditioned by a process defined by the Temple. As each citizen can have a large impact on our city, this process will ensure that our community can only benefit from the arrival of the new members.

These rights include:

  • the access to higher ranks in our militia, key sectors and administration
  • the right to vote and to be heard in the council
  • the access to free education, unique expertise and military support

However, as any role in our city, the status of citizens is not eternal. Prolonged inactivity or banishment will make you loose it. Players who want to regain this status must accomplish again the quest for citizenship. This system is meant to reward involvement, as well as making the mandatory vote and acknowledgment of the blank vote sustainable.

We want Kern’s gate to be a city of rich stories and adventures. Legends and traditions are the basis of identity. And identity is the basis of meaningful stories. Thus, we will encourage our players to make our culture live and evolve for it to better reflect what we want to be.

The quest for citizenship

Accessing citizenship is symbolically joining the Temple, thus committing to the common good, to the respect of our values and traditions. But it is not a limit for your beliefs or ambitions.
After a few days among us, our honorary members can go to the Temple and apply for full citizenship. Once their application registered, they will go through our traditional ritual, which literally involves a quest.

This quest is here for 3 purposes:
  • To identify toxic people and deny their access to our group
  • To publicly introduce new members to this community
  • Then, as any ritual, to federate people through a common experience and common values

This ritual is not meant to be an obstacle. Any respectful player will most likely be supported during this process then welcomed with open arms.

The ritual takes place in 5 steps:
  • Each applicant must find a mentor, an acknowledged citizen, that will introduce them to our Temple and accompany them during this whole process
  • A session with the Temple will be planned where applicants will be asked about their motivations, and what roles they would like to hold in the city
  • If the session is successful, the mentor will decide with the Temple of a Quest that fit the skills and ambitions of the applicant
  • The applicants will then have to complete their Quest and come back with a proof of their success
  • If the Temple accepts their proof, the applicants will be rewarded with full citizenship. They must then publicly pledge their loyalty to the city, and declare who are their two spiritual guardians; two friendly spirits from our legends that will accompany their soul on this land

Barony of Kern’s gate

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Military organization

“It is told that if you spill a drop of blood on the Kern’s gate land, even in death you will always see its light. Whatever is the place where you die, your spirit will always be able to come back here and reincarnate in an animal as fierce as you were in battle.” Foundation of Kern’s Gate

A. Garrison

They are the troops of the Arkadian army stationed in our barony. Therefore, they may relocate to other places when requested by the Duke. During their time at Kern’s gate, they will benefit from our services, including the training grounds, and will follow the orders of the Baron in an independent structure. In time of peace, they will support the missions of the militia.

As long as the soldiers do not buy any properties in the city, they have no right to participate in its administration.

See more about the Arkadian army.

B. Militia

They are the soldiers whose main mission is to secure the territory of Kern’s gate, and protect the city in case of assault. Mostly composed of citizens or honorary citizens, they are not part of the Arkadian army, but may be asked to answer the call-to-arm. Besides this duty, they can specialize in two types of activities: Expeditionary forces or Guard temple.

1. Head of the militia
  • Usually the Baron or his second in command, he supervises the militia and represents it in the Council
  • He is traditionally assisted by a military officer and a specialist of law enforcement, when he is not occupying himself one of these two roles
  • If the city is attacked, he takes command of the Expeditionary forces and Guard temple, then supervises the defence of the city
2. Expeditionary forces

Fighters and explorers, they are trained to fight as an organized group and to survive in the wild. They can be part of different types of units: cavalry, infantry, archers, skirmishers... Some of them are said to control the most dreadful beasts of the region.

3. Guard temple

They are the law enforcement officers of the city. They are acknowledged for their sense of justice, their social skills and their ability to protect others when needed.

Barony of Kern’s gate

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Economic plans & research

“The old man slowly follows them in the city, with a hint of apprehension. [...] But what he discovers behind these walls is a hectic atmosphere full of travelers, craftsmen and tamers of creatures of all sizes. In these narrow and warm streets, architectural styles blend harmoniously with each other, echoing the diversity of the tribes who took refuge here generations ago.” Legend of The old soul

Strategic opportunities

Most of our economy will focus on war. This focus will be supported by research centers, blacksmiths, miners, tamers and breeders. Other professions will have to make the best use of our local resources.

  • Being located near the border of the Kingdom, we hold a critical position. This ensures us the financial support of our Duke on a military plan. Includes troops, defences and military research.
  • Our main neighbour is the capital of Nascombe, controlled by the count. This city is our natural trading partner and will need our strength to secure its roads. In exchange, we expect their investments in the fields of research and religion.
  • We’re close to two important rivers flowing through all the steppes to the capital of Skuldheim.
  • Our mountains are rich in minerals, which is the ideal to make a barony grow. Finding more precious deposits will be an important task for our explorers, and we will build various underground structures.
  • We’ll have a quick access to 3 different biomes: the tidal marsh, the steppes and the desert. The unique variety of fauna and flora make the taming and exploration naturals assets of our city.

Supporting Key sectors & ambitious projects

We are committed to support our Key sectors with the following methods:

Financial investments, situational tax or tax reduction
They will have a voice in the city council through the role of expert advisors
Free assistance of the Expeditionary forces when requested by citizens, for instance to capture creatures or gather herbs in dangerous areas

Free enterprise is, however, the rule. Honorary members can still start their own business without our support, and any promising project will be supported to the extent of our ability.

Barony of Kern’s gate

10/16/2019 6:45:32 PM #5

Legends of Kern’s Gate

Foundation of Kern’s Gate

The old soul

Extract from the Foundation of Kern's Gate:

Many times has the city of Kern died and many times it has reborn… One foot in the world of the dead, one in the world of the livings. At least, that’s what people believe it was for centuries, until the curse of these lands, an ever opened wound embodied in the tragic destiny of a poor child, finally came into the light of those who could see its nature, and by this knowledge, heal it.

In a few words, impaired by a language that is not mine, I will try to tell you about this curse and how the pain of many then the sacrifice of a few allowed us to build the gate that saved us from this cycle of despair. Now the roads are enlightened by a house that won’t collapse as long as you remember this story. So remember. The road is safe. Nobody can get lost near the light of the Kern’s gate…

The curse

A long time ago, the village of Kern was in the middle of dark and mysterious forest. A group of refugees, fleeing war, settled in these enchanting ruins. Life was harsh, but people had hope. They had among them enough skills and determination to thrive where others would not. The threats of the forest were not to take lightly, but they were also the shield of the village, and people had time to learn its secrets. For a few years, the curse was kept at bay.

In this village was a young couple. The man, Fergar, was probably the bravest of the hunters, and certainly the most selfish. He had seduced Mojari, the only child of the head of the city where they originally belonged. Source of many plans and maneuvers, their relationship was supposed to make him the heir of the old man. He was therefore frustrated by this situation, hating the forest and every soul that would cross his path. But as a relentless hunter in this period of crisis, where food was scarce, nobody dared blame him for his lack of respect toward the creatures he had killed.

Mojari quickly became pregnant. Hope, happiness, faith in the future. She radiated these emotions even more now that she carried a child. She was the one in the village that helped everyone overcoming their doubts, and strengthening their resolve. But the delivery was difficult. She had been wounded during the war and no shaman competent enough was there to apply the necessary potions and rituals that would have saved her life. She died giving to the little girl that would change the fate of Kern.

Without Mojari, Fergar had no more chance to reclaim his city. And the smile of a child was not enough to heal the bitterness of his thoughts. He started to look for power. The power of the unknown rituals that were not here to save his wife. He found books, he found rituals and recipes. He explored the deepest and darkest parts of the woods, looking for lost knowledge and for plants that nobody else would be crazy enough to use in experiments.

Despite his ruthlessness, Fergar had this beautiful belief that each spirit holds one truth about the rules that shape this world. So if he could find a way to hear them, he would become one of it’s wisest, thus most powerful living creature.

It took him seven years. [...]

Special thanks for a few generous souls who help me build this project through their contributions or the opportunities they offered:

  • Emma Goldenfield, who gave me a whole mayor package after a contest of her own!
  • TIFA70 who made the emblem of the city (the blue tree)
  • and others, this will be updated after their approval

Barony of Kern’s gate

10/16/2019 6:45:37 PM #6

Barony of Kern’s gate

10/16/2019 8:17:56 PM #7

Great concept and write-up! Love the images!! <3

I wish you all the best with your Barony and maybe I'll be able to visit one day... :-)


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