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The Waerd

Brudvir Name Generator

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The Brudvir are one of the most physically impressive tribes. Adapted to life in the boreal forests that lie along the extreme latitudes of Elyria, the Brudvir are tall and muscular due to a meat-rich diet, and sport pronounced, flesh-rending canines. They are known as fearless hunters and master woodworkers.

Dras Name Generator

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The Dras have extremely pale, white skin, black hair, and tall, lanky physiques from adapting to the swamps. Even with their striking violet eyes, their gaunt faces often come off as foreboding and ghoulish to outsiders. Believing that their duty in life is to seek balance, their culture centers around community and charity.

Hrothi Name Generator

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Due to adapting to life in caves and subterranean tunnels, the Hrothi have fair skin and short, stocky builds. Their eyes are typically varying shades of brown, however; a nod to their Proto-Neran ancestry, but a mismatch to their upbringing in the deep caverns of the Mountain Steppe. Dedicated lore-keepers, the Hrothi value knowledge and history.

Janoa Name Generator

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Members of the Janoa tribe are tall and athletic in stature, and have developed a longer and more powerful upper-body than most other tribes. The combination of yellow eyes and camouflage striping on their skin gives the Janoa a wild, feral appearance. Hunting and physical prowess is at the core of their culture.

Kypiq Name Generator

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The Kypiq tribe are unquestionably the most diminutive of the tribes, but are significantly lighter on their feet than the other tribes, enabling them to make their homes in the treetops. Their most striking feature, however, are their eyes which have evolved to provide improved vision, particularly in the thick, forest canopy. The Kypiq value cleverness and practical knowledge most of all.

Neran Name Generator

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The Neran are, out of all the different tribes, the most similar to Humans on Earth. As such, they have no single distinct adaptation. Instead, they are the most flexible of all the tribes, and their ability to survive in different biomes, as well as the rate at which they are able to develop their attributes, is the most neutral.

To'resk Name Generator

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The To'resk have striking facial features: strong brows, angular cheekbones, distinct noses, and pointed, razor-sharp teeth capable of biting through the tough leathers, shells, and scales of the creatures that inhabit the wetlands. Their culture values wealth and they are patient and calculating in all things they do.

The Waerd Name Generator

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The Waerd are relatively androgynous, with males and females looking very similar to one another. This serves their purpose well, and adheres to a core value of their culture: that The Waerd are one. Guided by their singular sense of purpose, The Waerd are famous for their cool determination and steely resolve, but outsiders understand little of their true nature.

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Rules and Things to Note

The surname reservation and name generator tools we've provided are meant for you to creatively express yourself in the world of Elyria. But at the end of the day, we think it would be a poor player experience if vulgar words made it into the surname pool, as well as names that break the sense of immersion. So here are a few rules that are built into the surname reservation tool.

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