16 November

Dev Journal #1: Humble Beginnings

By Caspian

It is said the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So it is true with Chronicles of Elyria.

Fourteen years ago, while playing Ultima Online and other text-based Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs), I had an idea for an online, massively multiplayer game that had not yet come to pass. Over the next decade and a half I revised my idea for the game, evolving it as new technology was made available and as other MMO's were released that redefined my idea of what was fun, possible, and immersive. However, I always lacked the resources - both human and monetary to make the game a reality.

Now, with the successful backing of many online games through Kickstarter and other crowd sourcing initiatives, it is finally possible for a motivated individual with good ideas and a sense of adventure to create something amazing. To that end, I have finally begun implementation of a prototype version of Chronicles of Elyria. This prototype will serve as my pitch, my proposal, and my realization of the world I have envisioned.

What you see on this website is the very humble beginnings of the Chronicles of Elyria. There is no art or color to the website, as I am neither designer nor graphic artist, and it may even be lacking in major functionality. But do not be fooled! There is already signficant work being done behind the scenes to enable members to log in to the server and chat with other registered members. If this feature is not available by the time you read this, it will be available soon.

At the same time, more functionality will come online on the website every couple weeks. Once I am able to procure the necessary funding to do so, I will update the website with the beautiful, riveting artwork that is expected of an immersive MMO game experience.

There is a long, arduous journey ahead of us friends. But with your support, encouragement, enthusiasm and relentless demand for the best game experience possible, I'm sure we will take it in stride. It is indeed a journey of a thousand miles...

Welcome to the first step! 
- Jeromy Walsh


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Odelot - 2 months ago

Almost here!

Tarloch - 2 months ago

2019 and people are still investing in the dream, march on...march on!

OmniscientFox - 3 months ago

I've been following this game for a long time, backed very early on because the idea of the game spoke to me on levels I didn't think I was going to see until after the full development of VR. I've made a few posts but otherwise have remained mostly a lurker (although I've hyped it up to my gaming community a lot). Now that my job is in a position where I can really put some time towards this I'm planning on going through every single dev journal discussion to offer ideas where they might be needed. I look forward to learning more in-depth about the game than I already know (I read all the journals but never went through the forums in detail) and to possibly contributing to what I believe is going to be the game to change how game design is approached as a whole, as an experience not just a game. So I'd like to thank you Jeromy and the Soulbound Team so much for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your development process.

Jongatown - 2 years ago

Out of curiosity, what MUDs did you play back in the day?

Blackmood - 2 years ago

Hello guys, I just discovered this game. Like everyone in the comments, I'm impressed by the project up till now and I can't wait to see its realization. CoE truly fits the image of my dream mmorpg like no other before. Many thanks to all the soulbound team for letting me dream about rpgs again !

Keep up the good work and stay true to your ideals !

Vdmin - 2 years ago

1 year and 364 days later...feels good to finally arrive

Craft - 2 years ago

I would of loved to donate money now.. But the kickstarter dosen't have the button to donate. I guess I'l have to wait until they bring the store out.

Maulvorn - 2 years ago

Posted By Craft at 8:30 PM - Fri Aug 19 2016

I would of loved to donate money now.. But the kickstarter dosen't have the button to donate. I guess I'l have to wait until they bring the store out.

Paypal phase is soon.

Beggar - 3 years ago

Woaw I Am way to late. Hope I get something the next Kickstarter :(

Wadem92 - 3 years ago

Wow, it's amazing to see how your ideas are becoming a reality and how far it has come. Im glad i found out about this and backed it. I couldnt be more excited!

saladin - 3 years ago

Hello, I'm a new member of the community and I'm so excited and can't wait for the lunch

Spyrre - 3 years ago

I'm coming in sort of late in the game, but I'm with you from here on out! I'm more excited for this game than I have ever been for damn near anything.

mightyfish - 3 years ago

Way back in the very early 2000's, there was a game very similar to this in the vaporware stages of development called "Archaean." I think it died in early 2002. Was this in any way inspired by that game, or is it just a "great minds think alike" thing?

Bozza - 3 years ago

I'm a new member of the community - first post!

Congratulations on getting this project all the way to kickstarter!

COE is the game I've always wanted to play, and the depth of scope, even this far back is really inspiring!

MonkeyMagic - 3 years ago

Just found this on Kickstarter and thought I'd go back to the start and see what my $50 might be buying me?!?!

Reading this post takes me back, 14(ish) years ago someone tried developing a game similar to this called "Dawn". My brother and I got really excited about it but it never really materialised (I think it ended up being a C&C clone).

So, anyway, good luck and look forward to Beta testing :-)

Capadocius - 3 years ago

Just found about this game yesterday. And i must say I'm rather impressed by what i read so far. Go guys that's an awesome project you are working on

LionHeartTheDark - 3 years ago

It is wonderful that you had this vision, and are going through the steps to fully realize it. Thank you so much to you and your team for all of your hard work. This project means so much to me!

Kartysan - 3 years ago

Woah! I'm a latecomer, and I just came from somewhere in Youtube Comments.. but from what I see so far, this thing seriously has lots of potential!

Other games that proposed something like this have failed, so I can't wait to see what will happen! Cheers, I hope this project will become a huge success!~

(speaking of which, I'm kinda embarassed I named myself "Kartysan" the moment I saw other players have epic, roleplay-worthy names xD)

Reptar - 3 years ago

It's cool dude, I'm Reptar.

VexionAEI - 3 years ago

Can't wait. I know i'm late on the band wagon but this game is going to be streamed for my followers to see what we can destory and what can be created. First goal is to dungeon up!

AkechiClan - 3 years ago

I've been looking for a new way to absorb my life :')

GanjaBlazer - 3 years ago

This sounds like the MMO I've been waiting for.

Sir Poprivet - 3 years ago


I just started reading the journals, I like what I see thus far. If you don't mind me asking, and I may find out in later journals, how big is your development team? I have noticed recently that "old school" developers maintain a very small team. I am not playing any MMO games atm, so I am focusing on seeing what Chronicles has to offer. Good luck in your journey, can't wait to read on.

Sir Poprivet

Poseidon Walker - 3 years ago

I played a previous game alongside you and was very intrigued by your idea of this game. Extremely excited to see that you have begun to bring your dream to life!

Look forward to everything Chronicles of Elyria has to offer.

Best of luck to you and your team!

Brynjar - 3 years ago

I am really excited to see how this will turn out. On a side note anyone else have the song "I would walk 500 miles" playing in your head while reading this post?

Kanidae - 3 years ago

This is the type of game I have been looking for ever since I started playing MMO's over 10 years ago. I can't wait to see how this journey will unfold and I am excited to be a part of it.

Claius - 3 years ago

UO and MUDS...ohhh... back in the days...

I hope we'll see something playable soon! Good luck! :)

Cheers, Claius

thedogs - 3 years ago

I can't wait lol

Principe - 3 years ago

The beginning of a legend, thanks Jeromy Walsh!

paco_hojaverde - 3 years ago

I'm sure that once you're ready to elevate this project out of dev, you'll have all of us members giving lots of support both inside and outside of the game. I would keep in mind that everyone currently registered did so despite the game is still in dev. We're all genuinely interested in being a part of this epic bricklaying.

Sabbicat - 3 years ago

Well done Jeromy. In for the journey with you.