3 May

Adventure Completion: Sense of Identity

By Vye

Hail and well met, Elyrians!

We've completed our latest adventure and are heading back into town to regroup and plan our next one. Let me show you the rewards we got for completing our quests!

The first iteration of the inventory UI is in and functioning! While this is not the final UI (anyone who has ever followed an MMO prior to launch knows that UI gets iterated a few times along the way, and we're no different) it satisfies our current needs. Namely, to test and evaluate our inventory management system. This includes:

  • Limits to container weight and volume
  • Distributing items between multiple bags or containers
  • Visualization of available capacity
  • Representation of individual items in inventory

Being able to swap equipment was another key element to this quest, so we've got a variety of gear that characters can don and doff to customize their look. Different pieces are on different layers, so to don or doff an item can sometimes mean removing multiple other pieces of equipment in order to get at it. As you can see, all our functionality is in and Scarlet made sure it was not just programmer art! Thank goodness! Some of the animations haven't been smoothed out yet so, if you noticed a couple jerky animations, that's just because they're still a work-in-progress, not a frame rate issue.

There was also the matter of the basic character attributes. We'll rework this screen as needed, and include HUD elements where it makes sense (a little indicator that comes up when you're starving, for example) but this is the stage where we are focusing on making it work - and it does!

If you watch closely, you can see this character becoming hungrier and thirstier.

There is continued work in generating the world maps. In service of that, another biome terrarium has come together. Behold, the Freshwater Wetlands!

What's Next?

Release 0.3.0 is up next and we have some very important quests lined up for that adventure. Details on that will be posted Soon™.

Pledged to Your Continued Adventures in Life, Both Actual and Fantasy,