26 August

Design Journal #4 – Incapacitation, Spirit Walking, and Permadeath

By Caspian

In most MMO's today killing is the de facto way to handle problems ranging from the magnificent to the mundane. Ancient evil taking over the world? Kill it. A band of highway robbers stealing precious items from travelers? Go slaughter them. The local blacksmith has been shaving gold ingots and keeping the extra gold for himself? Go rip out his entrails.

People are encouraged to use capital punishment for everything. This type of behavior inherently leads to a sense of lawlessness and encourages griefing and other anti-social behaviors. PvP becomes less about achieving objectives and more of an automatic reaction to seeing other characters in the wild. In a world where every quest involves killing someone and all characters neatly respawn without consequence, what other conclusion can players draw than killing (even repeatedly) is acceptable? As usual, Chronicles of Elyria is different. In this week’s design journal we’re going to talk about how CoE discourages actual killing, the different meanings of the word “death,” and the different loot rules associated with unconscious or dead characters.

Figure 1 - Concept Art of the Astral Plane

Versions of Death: Incapacitation, Spirit Walking, and Permadeath

In most games death is what happens when your health reaches zero. Generally once dead you are teleported to some nearby recall point and have the opportunity to live again, usually without consequences, so you can continue your quest. In Chronicles of Elyria, there are actually three different things which most games would classify as "dying." Each of them comes with varying degrees of consequences for all players involved.


Incapacitation in CoE is the most common form of what other games would call “killing.” Incapacitation happens during any combat or event in which a person’s health is dropped to zero. This renders the character unconscious for a short period of time. While unconscious, the incapacitated person's screen goes black and they'll see a little timer telling them how much longer before they regain consciousness. Note that while they can't see anything, they can still hear what's going on around them. There's no reason for this, we just felt it was a nice touch, as it's often believed those who are unconscious or in a coma can still hear/sense those around them.

It’s also important to note that incapacitating someone, unless legally done, is still a crime and typically comes with a small amount of jail time if arrested. We’ll talk more about the legal forms of incapacitating someone in a later journal.

While you're unconscious other players can do things such as "Quick Loot" your person, bind you for capture, or tow your body around a short distance. One of the things I want to call out here is that while being incapacitated leaves you unconscious, it doesn't actually result in any long-term penalties. There's no loss of Spirit for being incapacitated and it doesn't reduce your total life span.

Coup De Grace & Spirit Walking

The second form of "death" which we'll talk about during this article is Spirit Walking. Spirit Walking is what happens when someone takes the initiative to first incapacitate you, and then while you're unconscious, performs a coup de grace. A coup de grace is a killing stroke which results in your soul being forced out of your body in a process we call Spirit Walking. It’s also highly illegal and comes with severe punishment. In general, most beasts and NPCs will simply incapacitate you, however especially evil humans or creatures may aim to kill.

When someone performs a coup de grace you'll hear your unconscious self scream, and then your screen will transition from black to a vision of another world known as the Astral Plane. (See Figure 1.) This is the plane of existence between the mortal world and the world of the gods. When you enter the astral plane you'll see a small silver cord which goes from your soul, travelling some distance, to a highly saturated version of your mortal body that has manifested on the Astral Plane. This is your connection to the physical world.

As time passes, and your soul is separated from your body, your connection to the physical world grows weaker and weaker. If enough time passes and you cannot return to your mortal body, your body will become uninhabitable and your soul will be forced to make its way back to the Akashic Records. This is permadeath and is the subject of next week’s design journal.

Making it back

How easy it is to make it back to your body is a function of two things: Spirit & character age. First, the strength and visibility of the silver cord, as well as how close you spawn to your body in the Astral Plane, is determined by how much Spirit you have. If you've got a lot of Spirit you may spawn within sight of your body and with a clearly visible cord. If the bond between your body and soul is weak (you have a lower Spirit score) you may find yourself having to travel huge distance in order to re-enter the mortal world. Also, without a clearly visible cord you could potentially become lost in the Astral Plane, unable to find your body.

Second, how long you have to return to your body before it becomes uninhabitable is determined by your character’s age. The older your character gets, the less time you have to make it back to your body before it begins to decompose.

This combination of Spirit and character age means that you’ll initially have no trouble finding your way back to your body. But, as you continue to play, and your body and spirit succumb to the passage of time, there will eventually come a point in which you’re soul isn’t strong enough to make the return trip.

While being incapacitated comes with no long-term penalties, Spirit Walking does. Each time your soul is separated from your body you lose a fixed amount of Spirit. This reduction in Spirit makes it that much harder the next time you’re forced to Spirit Walk. In addition, when you finally return to the physical plane you’ll find your body now has a permanent scar, a constant reminder of the weakening bond between your body and soul.

Spirit Loss

One of the main reasons for permadeath in this world is to create a fluid, believable story. In most books or other media when a secondary actor dies you may not even notice it. But when a main character dies, or someone otherwise important to the story, it’s noticeable. Chronicles of Elyria follows the same principle. If you’re a lowly peasant, a town blacksmith, or otherwise insignificant, Spirit Walking will likely come with very little Spirit loss. This is also true if you’re killed by an NPC or die in such a way that nobody knows about it.

In contrast, if you’re a well-known character with a large amount of Fame, you become an integral part of the story. As a result, Spirit Walking as someone who’s established themselves in the story comes with an extremely high Spirit cost, potentially enough to prevent you from making it back to your body. As a general guideline, the more famous or well established you are, the more likely you are to encounter permadeath. For example, a King is really famous. If the King is killed, “Long live the Queen!”

Figure 2 - Thandrus, The Bearded King


The final form of death in Chronicles of Elyria is permadeath. This is what happens when you Spirit Walk and are unable to make it back to your body. We’ll talk about this form of death exclusively next week.

Spirit Bonuses & Talents

Spirit Walking can be a scary experience. You’ve spent the last 8-10 months developing your character and now, for one reason or another, you find yourself wandering the Astral Plane. You know that your ability to continue playing this character is predicated on your ability to find your body, and to do so quickly. Fortunately, there’s a few things you can do to help guarantee your success.

While it doesn't shorten the distance you have to travel to your body, having your family around you gives you a reason to live and strengthens your bond to the mortal world. From a game mechanic standpoint having family within close proximity of your body while you Spirit Walk provides a small boost in the amount of time you have to make it back to your body and increases the visibility of the silver cord, making it easier to find your way back.

Also, as mentioned in a previous design journal, having your soul mate close by creates a permanent connection between you and your body, as your soul mate still resides within the mortal world. While it doesn't increase the amount of time allowed to get back to your body, it does make it so your connection remains strong and the cord will remain extremely visible. So long is your body is strong enough and you have sufficient time to return to your body, there's little risk of your soul getting lost in the ether.

In addition to the spirit bonuses that make it easier to find your way back to your body, there are also those that can provide additional aid through the use of a couple Talents. First, Mediums can talk to you through the process of Spirit Walking. If a Medium is brought to your body within a reasonable amount of time they can make a remote connection to your soul, strengthening the cord that connects you to the world and helping you find your way.

Finally, there are Planes Walkers. Planes Walking is an extremely rare Talent and hasn't been seen in several hundred years. Those with this Talent have the ability to transport themselves into the Astral Plane when near someone who is Spirit Walking. While in the Astral Plane they can guide you and aid you in any obstacles you may encounter.


A question people often have about being incapacitated or Spirit Walking is how that affects other players looting their body. There are three different types of looting in Chronicles of Elyria, each corresponding to a different type of death. The first, Quick Looting, is what you can do if someone is simply incapacitated. The second form of looting, called Inventory Looting, becomes available whenever someone is the victim of a coup de grace. The final form of looting, Corpse Looting, becomes possible any time the soul is unable to return to their host and the body becomes a corpse (permadeath).

It should be noted that looting a body, whether alive or dead, is a crime. If caught and arrested you’ll face charges for your actions. For your typical mundane items it may prove difficult to prove someone stole something from you, but more rare/valuable items or family heirlooms often have a sigil or mark on them identifying who the real owner is.

Quick Loot

In the short period of time while someone is unconscious you have only enough time to grab a few quick things. In specific, you can cut the unconscious person’s purse and take any money they had, or you can take any items which they might have been carrying in their hands. This includes any animals they may have been guiding by the reins or riding (including pack animals).

What you won’t have time to do is unbuckle anything (this includes the belt & scabbard), remove any armor, rummage through their backpack, or otherwise search the body. Anything not in the coin purse, or held in their hands remains the property of the owner.

Inventory Loot

When someone is Spirit Walking you have a bit more time to grab items off their person. In addition to anything you could take while Quick Looting, you can unbuckle their belt to take their sword and scabbard, remove any rings or other jewelry they may be wearing, or take or rummage through their backpack to see if there’s anything of value.

Corpse Loot

The final form of looting is called Corpse Looting. Whenever you come across a corpse, you can take all items from the corpse. This isn’t just limited to items the corpse is wearing.

What’s next

In next week’s design journal we’ll continue where this one left off by taking a look at permadeath. In specific, we’ll talk about why permadeath is essential in Chronicles of Elyria, the situations that can result in permadeath, and what happens to your stuff after you return to the Akashic Records.


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Terham - 9 months ago

You should read this thread again, you can be "killed" in several ways, and that does not always imply a spirit loss (which determines if you can keep playing with your soul or not).

If I remember well, the only ways to lose 30/40$ in a row is to die in an ocean, in a volcano, to be afk for too long when you're supposed to get back to your body in the spirit world, or to be repetitively "coup de grace" (KO + specific interaction to kill you), which would deplete your amount of spirit.

In theory, if you don't take too much risks, you'll be able to play for 1 year with only 1 soul spark. PS : then if you have a family and enough Story points to reincarnate with one of your children with no extra real money to spend.

Pallid_Emperor - 9 months ago

So is it confirmed that a soul spark costs $40? I am just asking, I am definitely going to buy the game, it's just a bummer having to spend $40 every time I die (even though from what I understand, dying doesn't happen too often during the year of gameplay) it just seems like an unreasonable price to pay. Other mmo's make you spend like maximum $10 for a certain amount of crystals in those cases, with $40 I could buy myself an entirely new console game. Again, I am not complaining, I am definitely buying it, it just seems like alot of money for 9 months of gameplay if I am lucky not to die in the first month.

Grayshade - 3 years ago

No you don't lose anything at all. Developer Journals are severly outdated and I don't see anything getting updated.

Krezen - 3 years ago

So if you die in the astral plane (A.K.A not finding your body), Do you lose your spark of life or not? Cause if you lose it... it means you lose 40$... right?

P.S : I am a lazy person so dont write too much :D (Thanks!)

VictoriaRachel - 3 years ago

Posted By Krezen at 3:32 PM - Sun Dec 11 2016

So if you die in the astral plane (A.K.A not finding your body), Do you lose your spark of life or not? Cause if you lose it... it means you lose 40$... right?

That is correct yes. If you do not make it back to your body then you do perma-die and have to purchase a new spark of life.

However, the chances of that are low until old age. We do not know exactly how much time you start out with to reach your body but it has been stated to be plenty of time when you are young. It is only as your characters overall spirit decreases, either through age or through visiting the astral plane too often, that the time will also decrease.

So yes if you just stand around like a lemon waiting for the timer to count you out you will die. However, if you log off the timer stops and if you actually make an effort to get back that should not be an issue until later life.

Edit: Just popping in some sources to show the idea of a time limit in the Astral Plane is still current as of September this year.

Choosing to remain in the Astral Plane indefinitely always results in death, no matter how you go about doing it. ... Can you suicide to start over sooner? Yes.


The_White_Mask - 3 years ago

Is there something in the game that prevents turning players or NPC's into slaves?

If someone is removed from a town they can be stripped of their belongings, held against their will, and ordered to do tasks unless they want to suffer spirit loss (through death) ever 3 hours until they cooperate or risk reaching perma death. From what I understand, you walk back to your body after suffering a coup de grace. If the whole town is holding you captive, and you don't have any tools to be able to run into the woods and survive on your own, you are now effectively a slave. They could also just force you to earn food through completing contracts without having to kill you. How is this preventable?

Threonine - 3 years ago

Everything in here is very realistic! The death, cord of life, and soul are very amusing. Can't wait to finally play this game.

Funpire - 3 years ago

What's to stop someone from waiting until they spawn back into their corpse and killing them again and again and again and again... Outside of calling for help from other players. What if I have an entire raid sitting on a corpse and no one can help them, period. What happens then?

Them logging out and coming back in a few days is not a reasonable option I would think. Sounds like it would be a haven for griefing.

phattdippa - 3 years ago

Posted By Funpire at 0:44 AM - Thu Aug 25 2016

What's to stop someone from waiting until they spawn back into their corpse and killing them again and again and again and again... Outside of calling for help from other players. What if I have an entire raid sitting on a corpse and no one can help them, period. What happens then?

Them logging out and coming back in a few days is not a reasonable option I would think. Sounds like it would be a haven for griefing.

When somebody respawns, they respawn a moderate distance from where their body was so they might have some chance to escape. Even if a raid was really spread out and waiting for somebody to spawn, there wouldn't be much of a point in it. This is because after someone dies, they stop taking Spirit penalties for 1 hour, so it would be virtually pointless to continuously camp someone.

Tierless - 3 years ago

Not much to say, sounds perfect.

Talmanes - 3 years ago

Really curious on the spirit walk ticker, if you have a power outage and someone kills you then you could be in spirit walker state until you log back in... Let's say a few days? What if you go down and don't come back for a month? You are still ok in spirit walking form to get to your body? And they are still at only second phase looting? This is interesting cause you won't have full loot as an option really... you don't have to worry about your armor at all from what it sounds like and the hidden compartments should be safe as well.

Shannon_Rythcorm - 3 years ago

Can your OPC self be killed? if so when does spirit walking begin, instantly or when you log back in? if not than is your OPC self going to stand there selling fruity drinks with umbrellas while the town is burnt to the ground around them?

The only work around I can see to these problems is stasis, your body enters the Astral Plane there (after 5? minutes real time) until you login. Once you login the server runs a age and spirit check and starts or restarts your walk with your body falling out of the Astral Plane back to where you died.

Fergus Redbeard - 3 years ago

A solution to crimes: whenever someone commits a crime against your body (murder, theft etc) you receive a "notice" or token that says "Bob killed you" in which you can turn that token into the law as proof that so and so and killed you. Maybe even theft while unconscious too.

Fergus Redbeard - 3 years ago

Two questions/concerns I have are:

1) I'm doing a spirit walk and boom power goes out here in the real world. How will my OPC handle returning to my body or does my soul just start picking it's ethereal nose while I'm scrambling frantically in real life trying to find the circuit box using all kinds of colorful metaphors imagining $40 fading into nothingness and being greeted by the glorious Askashic Records room when I am finally able to log back on. Power outages and interruption in internet service are real life issues....

2) Laws and crimes: when some punk commits indecent acts of savagery against my corpse or steals my burro or my burrito or whatever other crime they commit against my unconscious self (if you kill me - I will find you), are they marked somehow? Does the guards of every town know this person is a murderer? How is crime reduced if a crime goes unobserved and I don't happen to have friends nearby to protect me? Unfortunately we all know their are those who live to grief others, not what are the consequences (prison atrophy etc) but how are they marked to be caught? Are they marked in all kingdoms? Just the one I am from?

Please provide some solace to give me a reason to come out of my forge eever once in awhile.

Edit: just read about the toll caps to prevent being murdered over and over relentlessly until you run out of life. Sounds good!

SidLewis81 - 3 years ago

Just a thought. If someone kills you and sends you to the astral plains and steals some of your identifiable family heirlooms, but then sells them or gives them to an innocent party, who receives the punishment?

Kartysan - 3 years ago

Astral Plane looks nice and sounds evil, hahaha.

Makes a reason for businessmen-type characters to actually hire bodyguards or something. And on the more famous you are, the more unlikely you are to be alive again..

That's just.. wow. If I ever make a sage character, I can almost imagine everyone rejoicing at the fact that "Blabla the Eccentric" has passed and no one has to deal with weird advices anymore xD

I truly fear that I'm already shaking in my boots, and shivering in anticipation as--- Haha, okay, done with poetic nonsense. I'm excited, more than ever!~

OniDaimyo - 3 years ago

I think it will somehow be abused. It sounds like it will just make PVP need a group to really finish someone off vs one on one. You will need to kill his family off and make sure no mediums or anyone else gets to him. Its creative but come on guys, you are FOOLING yourselves so much if you think players won't figure out the system and learn to abuse it or at least overcome it. No, there will still be plenty of PvPers. And if your system is too hard? Your game will fail. People like to PvP enough that if you are making PvP virtually impossible to do your subscription numbers will suffer.

spacewolfcub - 3 years ago

I hold the opposing view. This makes it too easy for anyone to incapacitate you and steal horses or whatever, specially people who pay real life money for a rank just to have their stuff stolen by better established players who have chosen a life of crime.

With this system it is unlikely that I would ever: -Pay for a rank -Leave town -Explore anything, even if I could manage to gather a few friends together for protection

Renegade Otter - 3 years ago

"This isn’t just limited to items the corpse is wearing."

I sense a few "bring me his head!" quests coming.

Or maybe bone necklaces..

Options, options..

Sir Poprivet - 3 years ago


Jbas911 - 4 years ago

It's interesting that having your family nearby and your twin can make it easier to get back. Sounds extremely realistic! I also think, and this is a total guess, that one of the "triggers" talked about in a previous journal could be someone dying near you and you finding you have the "planes walker" ability. But I could just be reading into that to much.

Foxxley - 4 years ago

Ugh, I'm really worried about this "with every Coup de gras, your soul becomes weaker" thing.. I mean come on, we have to pay probably like 40 bucks for a "spark of life," that just seems like a really bad marketing strategy to me :/ I really hope characters don't perma-die soon off. If it lasts more than a month, I'll be satisfied, but maybe not for 40 bucks.

Caspian - 4 years ago

Typical play will cause you to live for 8-12 months, even with fairly regular coup de grace.

Chunky Skylord - 4 years ago

I hope that the Astral Plane proves to be an interesting place. Perhaps literally scary as well? (;

SapphireKyrie - 4 years ago

This sounds amazing, I really want to play this game. It does leave me wondering what happens after you find your way back to your body in the case of being coup de grace'd by a player. If you were to wake up sputtering up blood with your murderer standing over you with all your stuff he might just take advantage of your on-the-edge-of-death state and send you straight back for another spirit walk. Brings corpse camping to a whole new level. Kill a guy, wait for his body to come back to life, repeat until he's having tea with Akasha. I'm sure this problem has been addressed though and I'm just ignorant.

SgtRedBeard - 4 years ago

this is interesting indeed, and i look forward to seeing how it all plays out in the game..if there was a game that deserves a hype train this is it. follow the silver line...