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The Order of the Grand Flock

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“Descendant of Mann… you’ve been marked as a feather and you’ll complete the flock. Together we’ll seek our cause, repudiate all our fears and keep the peace in these lands.

Like we have united the nomads before, we will keep the unity of our blessed people. Traditions of the heart lights our path, though liberal we remain, for that is how we united these divided lands. When you swear allegiance to the Tulip, we’ll have you with open arms. You will be a protector and be protected. Meet your masters at the Temple to start your training.

Where we can, where we should be, and where there is need for presence, we have been, we are now, and will always be foremost for Al Qaum.

King Usifan.”

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“So who is Usifan if you don’t mean the present heir to the duchy?” Asked the orphan quizzically, his voice crackling in a sign he had eventually embarked on the path to manhood. His lips were lined with soft fuzz, though of course he couldn’t see it. The teacher answered patiently: “Tales say the original Usifan was one of the sons of the banished Qin “Mann”.”

“Who is Mann?” Asked the orphan “Mann is a Qin, son of Luna, Qin of Darkness, and Ao, Qin of life. According to the Qindred, he was banished from Haven. All who inhabit Elyria are said to be his descendants but the sons of the original Usifan are his direct descendants.”

“Why was he banished?” Asked the orphan The teacher sighed softly and said, “We don’t know why he was banished. But after being banished from Haven, he was no longer immortal and eventually perished like all the living in Elyria. Hence we “descendants of Mann” all carry a part of his soul in us and, as such, our souls are valuable.”

“Why do we never talk about the Qin Daemon?” Asked the orphan, his voice quivering in sorrow. The teacher placed a hand on the orphan, pity in his eyes. He said in a voice not much louder than a whisper, “The priests of the Qin Daemon believed that feeding the descendants of the Qin Mann—us—to the fires would somehow summon Daemon and engender his return. It took many years and many a warrior’s life, before we were able to uproot the hidden priesthood, executing many and banishing the practices from the land.”

The boy opened his mouth to ask another question, but the teacher said firmly, “Now stop asking me all these questions and go have lunch before class starts again.”

The boy stood up, his walking stick by his side. The empty pits where eyes should have been stared down at the teacher.

“Master please… one last question….Can I join the Order of the Grand Flock?” Asked the blind orphan, determination etched on his pale features.

The teacher bent forward in sorrow, as he loved the young boy very much and knew that a fine mind lay in that skull. But the child could neither fight nor read, and so had no role within the Order. “No son!” he at last said, “You have to be a chosen one and the Flock will seek you once you have proven your worth to the brave defenders of Usifan. Now, if you could master the art of the sword, perhaps. But I feel there is another path for you and your destiny lies elsewhere.”

The above dialogue is part of the Order lore. Click here to read the full story.

The Order of the Grand Flock

Information given to all prospective warriors:

What’s the Grand Flock?

🌷King Usifan strongest personal armed force.

🌷Commanded by the Grandmaster.

[Member of the Royal council]

The Current Ranks are:

[1] The Grandmaster

[2] Knight Commander of the flock

[3] Knight of the flock

[4] rookie

What are your Obligations as a chosen member?

🌷Adhere to your commander at all times.

🌷Your loyalty is to King Usifan and Al-Khezam foremost and always.

🌷During times of war, the Grand Flock will be surround the King like the feathers on a wing.

🌷The safety of these lands lies in your hand, and the forces that face us are your challenge, with many quests and missions provided.

What’s Special about the Grand Flock?

🌷Members of the Grand Flock will be trained with unique combat skills known only to them.

🌷Training graduates will receive the same benefits as that of the Academy graduates.

🌷Favor and fame is a given with your proven abilities and achievements in the battle field.

Common Questions asked during the first round of interviews:

If I joined the Flock would I also be allowed to go on a journey of discovery alone?

Your foremost responsibility remains within Al'Khezam, however, permission may be granted by the Knight Commander to go abroad if the political situation and the border’s stability permits it.

What is most exciting about the Flock?

🌷There will be commissioned treasure hunting journeys (As a group) to discover faraway lands and return with all the rewards Elyria has to offer. These will also include pirate-like voyages.

🌷You may be a part of under-cover missions serving his Majesty Political and unofficial stances. Secrecy is paramount in all things. Discretion is key to our survival.

🌷You will have the opportunity to participate in the annual Grand Feast Games and prove your worth, securing wealth and fame if you are the champion. Nothing beats a trophy designed by the famous Hall Mark “Terra Magna”.

🌷There will be mystery solving in the form of stories with hidden clues. Solved mysteries will reward handsomely. to those who wish to participate in writing please feel free to PM me on Discord

Where must I live if I wish to be a member of the Flock?

[1] The Grandmaster

will be preferably residing at the Capital City of “Dilmunia”. Or any other neighboring County.

[2] Knight Commander if the flock

May choose to reside anywhere within the Kingdom of Al-Khezam.

[3] Knight of the flock

[4] rookie

Resides in close proximity to his Knight Commander, within the same City/Barony or a neighboring.

May I start my side business as a weapon and/or armor maker?

You will have the opportunity to petition the King for support to startup your own business.

those who pass the interviews and are ready to step into the Hallowed Halls of the Grand Flock’s temple, there remained but one last warning, in the form of a signed document permanently affixed to the mighty iron doors. It read:

🌷Loyal members will be rewarded generously.

🌷Deserters will be hunted down and banished from the land, their property will be confiscated and their personal belongings will be destroyed.

Why should you aspire to be a member of the Grand Flock?

Apart from all the mentioned benefits, and opportunities listed above, you will be a part of a group of friendly, passionate gamers who will certainly improve your gaming experience and boost your enjoyment of the game more than you’d expect.

We are a very active and vibrant part of our established and mighty Kingdom “Al-Khezam”.

Also who wouldn’t want to destroy his/her opponent with the unique combat skills of Al-Qaum or “The sons of Usifan”? These ancient skills are taught to generation after another of only the best, most valiant of warriors.

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Duke Usifan Banner

8/5/2016 7:29:31 PM #1

I'm on mobile but will have a proper read of your fluff when I get home, but that's great that you're upgrading to Chimera/Karate. I know you haven't decided on your style yet but will it be an armed style, like a unique sword/spear style or an unarmed one?

8/5/2016 10:43:14 PM #2

IPosted By Barghest at 10:29 PM - Fri Aug 05 2016

>>I know you haven't decided on your style yet but will it be an armed style, like a unique sword/spear style or an unarmed one?

I would probably like a unique style with a weapon. But again I haven't done my research on available styles. If you have any suggestions then please share.

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8/12/2016 12:47:54 PM #3

Updated to include Saw'ahya's Lore link. One of the Grand Flock.

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8/28/2016 3:38:32 AM #4

A small bump. 🙂

One may pick up a profession and own his business yet still be part of the order.

Remember, as a result of your Academy Graduation, you will have the opportunity to petition the Duke for support to startup your own business.

"And still be part of the order"

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8/28/2016 4:57:28 AM #5

I would love to make my own guild but how do i make my own guild thread? is that even possible just by being a member of this game? If there's any suggestions please let me know. Thank you

eddie myth

3/23/2017 10:31:50 PM #6

Updated the banner!

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3/23/2017 11:55:52 PM #7

Great job with the lore. Reads really well.

4/2/2017 8:16:33 AM #8

Grand Flock Children's Rhyme

Crow of day

Bird of night,

The flock is ready,

for a fight.

Fire come,

Fire contend,

Only darkness

do we mend.

Child of Gods;

Soul of Mann,

Heed the hand,

Of Usifan..

By: Thomas Ashfall

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6/12/2017 10:48:44 AM #9

Requesting a moderator to change the title, and movebthe thread to Selene EU please.

[EU/AlKhezam] The Grand Flock

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8/13/2019 4:28:13 PM #10

hello. I have a question, once the game comes out how could it become part of the order? Or can you be a part from this moment?

Supreme Judge of the Iber County Chamber.

9/21/2019 6:39:45 AM #11

Hello Zorkry, apologies for the late reply. You can join them now already, simply go to the discord of the kingdom of Al'Khezam and ask for Sawahya. Tell them you wish to join the Grand Flock!

Astrid van Mauve