[APAC] Forest Wardens

{This is a placeholder guild advert until I get someone way more talented than me in the drawing department to make some pretty, inspirational pictures so I can make a poster. I tried drawing one was...uninspiring.}

Do you Want to be a Ranger? Do you want to protect the natural wonders of Elyria? Do you want to explore and survive on your own skills? JOIN THE FOREST WARDENS!

The Forest Wardens are a collective of survivalists, with the focus of preserving the natural wildlife and it's habitats.

The Wardens are open to associates, with only a few rules; 1- No hunting of animals during spring, giving the animals time to repopulate. 2- For every tree cut down, more must be planted. 3- Respect the Forest and all who inhabit it.

A lot of us Ranger-types are going to want to explore, so the only real skills required to be a Forest Warden/part-timer/associate(whatever level you're wanting to join in at) will be survival, and cartography. High combat skills aren't necessary - it's more important to get back home with the information between your ears, than a trophy(like a string of poachers ears). That said, a lot of us will be training with weapons for hunting and protection.

We are understanding of other commitments - a lot of our members are also members of other groups. If you can do your job as a Forest Warden, whether it be patrols or exploration etc, we don't mind what you do with the rest of your time.

We are fairly apolitical. I mean, long live the king...but what if the Forest Wardens end up with sister-guilds in multiple kingdoms? Who's in charge isn't really our business - we watch over the wilderness, not politics - so respect your local laws and deal fairly with the folks governing your areas.

We want to help provide safe passage for travellers. We'll probably be rescuing lost folks too. If you're not out in the wilds to clearcut forests or mercilessly slaughter woodland critters, we'll try and make sure you get home again.

Depending on how Exposition rolls out, may encourage the hobby of drowning bandits/poachers in a bog - you don't need to go around stabbing baddies if you can make the wilderness your weapon and shield.

9/1/2016 1:48:21 PM #1

10/10 Will burn forests.

Jks, gl frolicking in forests

I identify as a crumpet.

11/6/2016 6:33:02 PM #2

I like this idea, sort of like a free lose ideal community.

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11/6/2016 11:33:20 PM #3

agreed excellent idea.

11/7/2016 11:12:55 AM #4

We've got a base of operations, and ties to a county, but hopefully by the time exposition really gets rolling, we'll be spread out a bit further.

4/30/2018 8:57:04 AM #5

I know this thread hasn't been bumped or added in nearly 2 years. Does anyone know if this group is still active? Or even around anymore? Looking to find more ranger type groups.

9/1/2018 9:14:33 AM #6

I've had a rough year irl. Still here though. Will be working with the Wyrmberg going forward.

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