The Wyrmberg (APAC)

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The Wyrmberg

A multinational research driven Crafting Guild on the Oceania Server

Guild Leaders:

Count Valegor

Second in Command


Chapterhouse Leaders:

Nairn Steidhich
Baron Xelkías Eärendíl


Baron Antillar

Check out The Wyrmberg Expectations. This document details what we expect from our members, and what our customers can expect from us.

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The symbology of the Wyrmberg is an inverted snow capped mountain, implying that the skill, dedication and ingenuity required to achieve such a feat is representative of the traits possessed by members of The Wyrmberg.

The primary goal of The Wyrmberg is the Research and Development of new technologies, materials, methods and the improvements of existing items. Both Davheid and Count Valegor will be focusing on metallurgical research - the development of superior alloys and the discovery of their uses. It is acknowledged that this type of research is not self sustaining. To sustain this research, we will be selling our crafts, but not our research! When we discover how to make adamanthril swords, we will gladly sell you the sword - but not the knowledge behind it.

If the idea of researching new things and being ahead of the game excites you, then The Wyrmberg is for you. If you take pride in your work and strive for quality, then we want you whether you're casual or have ambition to acquire Legendary status.

As an added incentive, all members that join before release (up until the end of Exposition) will receive Count Valegor’s Design Experience weapon. Afterwards, only Chapterhouse Leaders will receive it. Beyond that, any member that has contributed greatly to the success of the guild over a period of time, will be rewarded with the blueprint to craft and sell the weapon themselves.

The only other way to acquire this weapon will be to either win a sponsored tournament/competition of some kind or to purchase it for a high, but reasonable price due to it’s rarity. It will be both a symbol of status/wealth/hard work or membership.

As smiths we will supply all things from building materials (nails, hinges, etc…), cookware, trade tools, fittings and decorations, jewellery, weapons and armour. If it’s metal and can be made - we will make it. We will not discriminate or favour those we trade with - King, Nobility, Aristocracy, Gentry, common folk and even enemies, will be traded with equally. The Wyrmberg aims to have at least one smithy (Chapterhouse) in every county, to maximise our coverage of the kingdom. Chapterhouse leaders will be needed!

Each Chapterhouse leader will be responsible for the maintenance and stock of their Chapterhouse smithy, as well as for keeping records... and trade secrets. Each Chapterhouse leader should set aside an undetermined percentage of all profits to pay any dedicated gatherers for their services. Chapterhouse leaders who are found guilty of selling trade (research) secrets will be outlawed, imprisoned and executed.

As well as smiths, we are also looking for dedicated Bowyers, Cobblers, Fletchers, Jewellers, Leather Workers, Tailors and Tinkerers at this time.

We are also seeking Gatherers, as without them the guild cannot function efficiently. In return for helping free up the time of our producers and being a member of the Wyrmberg, you will be able to acquire anything we make for free (for personal use), as well as receive a stipend and on-site housing if you do not have your own.

Basic crafting ability determined by what you wish to make will be required to join the guild. Ideally, public crafting stations will be provided at each guild hall, so that anyone with the desire can learn the necessary skills to join. To join the guild you will need to be able to craft something for your County’s local Guardsman. For instance, a Blacksmith will have to craft at least 1 weapon and 1 armour piece for the County Guard, that is of a certain quality. It is then up to the discretion of the guild Chapterhouse leader if you are accepted into the guild.

Discretion is blind... and for sale.

Discretion for sale
You are an Assassin, looking to purchase a specific illegal assassin’s weapon. Yes, we will make it for you and sell it to you. As you wish this to remain secret, you pay us xxx gold to keep this secret for you. And we will do so, unless...

The Keeper of Law for the County visits the Wyrmberg, wanting to know of any illegal purchases, and offers yyy gold for the information.

If the Assassin has paid more for secrecy than the Law Keeper has paid for information, then the information remains secret. If the Law Keeper has paid more for the information, then they will receive the information.

Discretion is blind
If the Law Keeper has not paid enough for the information, we will not encourage them to pay more, nor will we tell them they haven’t paid enough. We will simply say “We have no information for you”. If the Assassin has not paid enough for secrecy, we will not encourage them to pay more, nor will we tell them they haven’t paid enough. We will simply say “thank you for your custom”

The sale of blind discretion will apply to all Wyrmberg transactions, This Includes any sale made to an enemy faction. This does not mean that a Chapterhouse leader must or will sell to an enemy of the state - this is merely acknowledging that The Wyrmberg may have Chapterhouses in warring states.

We will NOT: Accept payment to refuse to sell to someone. If you don’t want them buying from us, don’t let them in our door.

Multi-Kingdom, apolitical Guild

The Wyrmberg is a Multi-Kingdom guild. This means that we will not take sides in political conflict, and that we are politically neutral. However, members are subject to the laws of their locality. If they fail to adhere to them, The Wyrmberg offers no protection. Members are free to express their own views but they do not represent the views of The Wyrmberg.

The Hand of Guidance

The Wyrmberg is a member of the network named “The Hand of Guidance”. This is a network of Guilds, Businesses and Organisations that offers discounted prices between members to encourage increased trading and revenue for all. It also acts somewhat as a recruiting agency, sending interested individuals in the direction of the closest guild type of their choosing. It offers market information such as current prices, safe trade routes and security options such as guards, as well as protection from Deviant groups that become members.

If you wish to learn more, head over to their forum page or their Discord.

Updated 10th of May, 2017. Content may change depending upon revelation of game mechanics by SBS.


9/13/2016 10:25:40 AM #1

Thumbs up my friend. The Black Cavaliers are going to need your services!

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10/13/2016 9:10:16 AM #2

Enjoyed the read.. Interesting concept :P

10/14/2016 5:46:39 PM #3

Aww man I wish I could join but I'm in NA West

10/14/2016 5:46:45 PM #4

Aww man I wish I could join but I'm in NA West

10/17/2016 10:16:44 PM #5

awesome work.

10/17/2016 10:20:39 PM #6

Great post, looking foward to seeing the Wyrmberg flourish throughout the kingdom.

10/19/2016 3:21:36 AM #7

Your description is really interesting and well thought! I'm glad such ideas has come out from the CoE community. If I were playing on the APAC server, I would be pleased to play with you but my destiny is elsewhere.

I've talked to Countess Raven Cailleach who is very nice and smart. Then I can really only recommend your guild!

11/6/2016 1:26:24 AM #8

Can't wait to see what the forges produce!!

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5/21/2017 8:16:56 AM #9

The Wyrmberg is back in the recruitment business. Our doors have been reopened!

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5/21/2017 12:42:33 PM #10


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5/21/2017 10:26:39 PM #11

Great post guys, anticipating great things from this guild.

5/21/2017 10:28:51 PM #12

Strongly recommend this Guild to any new recruits interested in anything to do with crafting, the Guild leaders have a strong aim and motivation, and you'll definitely be welcomed with open arms! :)

5/22/2017 6:05:05 AM #13

Thanks Remios.

Now we just need a member in the Free Duchies to start things off there.

Legendary Metallurgist. Loyal supporter of King Alerxius Xakorai.

5/22/2017 10:48:54 PM #14

The premier smithing guild on APAC whose leaders bring an industrious fervour to Lor Voskara.

You have my patronage! :)

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6/6/2017 8:06:44 AM #15

Join this ship before it sails!

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