[NA-E] Clan Wynaut of the GhostWolf Grove


Clan Wynaut has long dwelled within the grove for Centuries. The Clan, having been so secluded over the years with just wolves as companions, learned the ways of hunting and survival that were required to survive in this harsh world. It was during the War of Many Banners that Clan Wynaut had shown themselves to the outside world as their courage, wit, flexibility, and determination in battle had set them apart from other clans. After the great war had ended the High King Evelake Rhyne I welcomed what was left of Clan Wynaut into one of his Dukes under Duke Copin of Clan Bälen. It was at this time that Count Strid Wynaut started settling into his county and rebuilding his clan.

County Leadership

As Count, I will lead the county roundtable style with the mayor's / barons and their spouses each getting an equal vote on laws and where to spend resources in the county.

Goals for the County

Personally, as your Count, I want to build a place you can call home and feel safe. Where you can be who you want to be and do the roles you choose so you can enjoy every second of your time in our county. I would like to have people who would like to take up the major crafting professions(ex: blacksmith, carpenter, etc). Have a multitude of businesses ranging from running a tavern/brothel to a gladiatorial arena. We will also be looking for people to join/lead the duchy-level guilds. The guilds will host almost every craft and will be funded by the Duke in order to maintain a high level of quality and to keep the edge in technology. For more information, check out the Crafting Guilds of Erzhalden.

Military and Guards

Looking for Elyrians who want to have major roles in the military of the county or the guards of the county capital. Duties of both of these groups will be to train others that join the ranks, guarding the citizens from bandits, rival counties/duchies/kingdoms or even simple ruffians. If combat is your game than The County of Clan Wynaut would be honored to have you call it home. At the time of this post, all county military roles are open.


Religious choices in the will be completely free and free from persecution. Even if it happens to be “Praise the sun!” you are free to praise as you see fit.

How Do I Join?

Please stop in at the county discord HERE if you have questions or just wanna chat.

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Praise the Sun!!

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Praise be to wolf gods!!!!

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Praise the Sun!!


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Praise be to wolf gods!!!!


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Clan Wynaut is a great guy you will have an easy time working with him, if your looking for a place to settle you should give him a chat

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Hopefully we can have wolf mounts

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Good guy, bump bump

Join Freeport County, we like boats. And dogs.

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Praise the wolves!

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Praise the Sun!!

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Praise Wynaut!

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praise be to the WOLF PACK!!!!!!!!! ♥

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hail the ghost wolves!!!

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why not?

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up ^^