[NA-E] The Draugr Fleet

Origin Story

It is said that after Blackbeard slew a man for taking a nip of his grog, he saw how well the scurvy dog's body floated out to sea. This set an idea afloat in his besotted brain that kicked off Blackbeard's naval beginnings.

Blackbeard and his menn and womenn searched about for corpses the only way they had the means to... by making them. They hatched deals with executioners to supply them with their dead, and made quick work of any bilge who stood against them. Corpses were added to the pile. Blackbeard and his crew quickly had the “material” to make the first ship, “Deadmann’s Purpose”. Binding the swollen, decomposing corpses was sick work, but much easier to do while grog-snarfing... They took to the sea in their craft, leaving a disgusting trail wherever they went. They raided coasts under no flag but their own, free of the burden of lands and their pox-faced, lily-livered lords. They added more corpses to their ship and were able to go further and further out to sea, reaching some of the further islands and plundering them all for their booty. It was not long before more corpse ships came under Blackbeard’s command. Soon they were a fleet, a force to be reckoned with as the landlubbers had no way of pursuing them and didn’t have the stomach for the sea.

One fateful night after plundering yet another island that wasn’t worth its salt, a storm struck and tossed their rotting ships about like being hoisted over the yardarm like a parrot-strangling milkmaid. Blackbeard's fleet was completely destroyed, and many of his crew drowned. Those that did survive washed up onto the shores of the Kingdom of Vornair along with the corpses of their boats and their crew. There were so many bodies, drowned, mutilated, half-decomposed, that the Heathen Army who greeted them had no idea what to make of the scene. Blackbeard, the scabby sea bass, who miraculously survived, saw what few of his crew remained breathing, in no shape to fight. Judging the force that faced them, Blackbeard quickly surrendered to the army.

The tale of the drowned men and corpses, these Draugr, came to life on the shores of Vornair. Whispers had reached the King from faraway lands of similar stories all centered around one Blackbearded corpse itself. Expecting a swift death, instead, Blackbeard was taken before King Evelake Rhyne. Upon arrival, Evelake offered the visitor some mead, and a chance to build a new fleet to reach even further into the sea and dominate the water ways. Thus the Draugr Fleet was born.

About Us

The Draugr Fleet is a salty group of liquid courageous sailors, drunk master crafters, and tactically brilliant inebriated pirates. In real life the majority of us are a group of salty sailors looking to mix our real life experience with our PvP game experience. Ocean exploration and domination of the waterways is our main goal. There will not be a more feared group on the high seas nor a more secure way to travel on the water than with our fleet. We are an extremely weathered group and will be located in the Kingdom of Vornair on the NA-East server. Serving under the King himself.


Inebriated Carpenters - Expected to know enough to make minor and major repairs to the ship while at sea. Each will have their specialty.

Tanked Tailors - Expected to make repairs to Draugr sailors clothing, along with making repairs to the sails if they were to be damaged.

Sozzled-Smiths - Expected to maintain weapons, and other metalworking needs while the ship is at sea.

Cockeyed Combatants – Combat training will be required by all units with the exception of medics. Combat training will include ship boarding, coastal raiding, and ultimately ballistic training.

Pie-Eyed Medics – A medical unit who'll stay clear of combat, if ye knows whats for for ye. Any medical needs will be provided by medics. Medical training will be provided by the land-lubber, Doc Glocke. School of Medicine

Pickled Cooks – A select few will train in the culinary arts to provide a ship’s crew with food that will assist in curing the hangovers.

Plastered Navigators and Cartographers – This role will be expected for Naval Officers. As the Fleet explorers the unknown oceans, they will all be expected to draw out significant landmarks. They will also use these skills to navigate the ship.



Swab – A know nothing recruit. Will be required to learn the trades of the sea.

Scallywag – These men and woman will be the main hands of the ship. They will master their trade and combat

Cutthroat – This is an expert in their trade, and will be given leadership responsibilities over Scallywags and Swabs. They will help focus a Scallywag’s specialty along with learning a secondary trade.

Sea Dog – Will be the systems’ matters expert for their trade and will be required to further the growth of new Draugr sailors. The Sea Dog will update the Cap'n of the ship of any quarrels of the enlisted.

Buccaneer – Will work along with the Dread Pirate, keep the mead cold, and to update the Dread Pirate of any serious issues with the enlisted. Master Bosun is a position for one person.


Privy –Young sea-pup with no set of skills useful to the crew yet. Works under the Cap'n as they're needed.

Cap'n – A Cap'n will be an expert of their specific ship, and be in charge of their crew and their supply of mead. A Cap'n will designate the personnel on his or her ship.

Old Salt – Old Salt will be in charge of a Squadron. This sea urchin will require demanding leadership attributes. The Old will assist the Cap'ns with bringing in more seaworthy souls.

Drowned Pirate - Drowned Pirates will be in charge of a Fleet. This bloated bilge will require all of the charisma, fortitude, and sturdy liver they can muster to keep their Squadrons in line and on track. They will work with their Old Salts to ensure their menn and womenn are properly trained, recruited, and set to task.

Dread Pirate – The highest ranking position within the Fleet. This scourge of the Elyrian seas commands all his cutthroat men and women to battle. Answering to the Hersir. Position held by: Elensar Blackbeard

Fleet Make-up

There will be 3 total fleets within the Draugr Fleet each able to support a full on PvP group if need be. Each fleet is expected to have the make up needed to capture and hold 3 separate beachheads simultaneously, conduct ship to ship combat, scout and recon, and transport large groups of players.

Exploration Squadron

Consists of one large ship that will survey and scout the oceans of Elyria.

They will also assist with transportation of troops up the coast line or to foreign lands.

New land will be reported up the Chain of Command to the King.

This squadron can be ran by a Cap'n and above.

Battle Group

Will consist of 3 to 5 ships, pending size, which will be called to action in the need for naval combat.

Each ship will have specific traits that will assist the battle group and details of these traits will be updated as more knowledge of the technology of ships is known.

A Battle Group will escort the Exploration Squadron on transportation trips.

Drowned Pirates will lead this Group.

Coast Guard

Consists of separate ships patrolling the kingdom’s shore lines, combat any hostile vessels within kingdom territory, and questioning unknown vessels within the kingdom’s territory.

Questionable activity will be reported up the chain.

This division will be ran by an Old Salt.


For extra income the fleet can be hired on for extra security for a Kingdom’s trading vessel. The Escorts will also have a constructed ship designated for any naval travels of a royal dignitary. (Less corpse-more wood) This division can be ran by Cap'n and above.


During down times, all personnel will be expected to practice, train, and perfect their crafts. Draugr sailors will be able to pursue personal careers while employed through the Fleet. They all must know that when the time comes to set sail, all priorities become secondary to the Fleet. With more experience, a Draugr sailor will be able to reach their potential and gain the skills to command the seas.

Vacation days will also be awarded to Draugr sailors when in foreign ports, to allow members of a crew to become liaisons for the kingdom in allied Kingdoms. Vacation days are also awarded to these sailors as they plunder and pillage through enemy territories.

Many sailors are recommended to take part in Shipwright careers through our contractors in their downtime. This will assist you scurvy dogs in repairing your ship.


Specific numbers will manifest once we have established the Fleet in game. Basic needs will be provided to sailors while at sea. Armor, tools, and weapons will be provided to Draugr sailors, along with training. Equipment issued will be returned to the Fleet, unless he or she has completed 20 years of service (80 actual days). Land and booty acquired through war will be distributed throughout the active raiding party.


Enjoy scrapping a land-lubber from your boots? Enjoy Exploring unexplored waters to acquire bountiful booty? Of course ye do. The Draugr Fleet is only for the courageous, those who are willing to go to battle knowing they may meet Davy Jones.

We are looking for people who wish to perfect their trade of drinking. This offer extends out to other groups who are looking for a chance at PvP at sea. Groups will be able to retain their chain of command, and allowed to run their portion of the Draugr Fleet under guidelines of the Dread Pirate.


If you have further questions about the Draugr Fleet or wish to join, please reach out to us in discord. Request to speak to one of the following people: Elensar Blackbeard Dread Pirate, Cap'n Versne, Hersir Blackstone, High Queen Asami Verdonne Rhyneor or High King Evelake. Respectively.

10/12/2016 12:18:56 AM #1

This is awesome!

10/12/2016 2:48:13 PM #2

It sure is.

10/12/2016 7:35:50 PM #3

"I've spotted an enemy ship! Cap'n!"

"And the crew?"

"Enough bodies for another vessel!"

"You go, we go."

10/12/2016 8:57:39 PM #4

Well done my friends! Well done!

10/14/2016 8:09:04 PM #5

Thanks! A lot of work went into this.

10/14/2016 9:57:53 PM #6

It remind me of the pirate in arche-age ! I hope you will have more luck than them haha !

10/15/2016 1:16:45 AM #7

Are you guys going to be based in the Duchy Oceanus with Duke Kellix?

10/15/2016 3:24:13 AM #8

I see no way that using human corpses for a ship could go wrong... Fool proof... Completely safe and efficient in every way...

10/17/2016 12:03:20 PM #9

Posted By Selique at 9:16 PM - Fri Oct 14 2016

Are you guys going to be based in the Duchy Oceanus with Duke Kellix?

Eventually. At the moment, we do not have any concrete plans for where we are going to housed. We aren't 100% on if every duchy will have access to the ocean or large river. This will happen in Expo.

10/28/2016 4:39:44 AM #10

Posted By Squeeness at 07:03 AM - Mon Oct 17 2016

Posted By Selique at 9:16 PM - Fri Oct 14 2016

Are you guys going to be based in the Duchy Oceanus with Duke Kellix?

Eventually. At the moment, we do not have any concrete plans for where we are going to housed. We aren't 100% on if every duchy will have access to the ocean or large river. This will happen in Expo.

That's why we all have faith in our King to win the IP race to get first selection of the kingdom ;)

10/28/2016 6:32:13 AM #11

If not completely housed in my duchy, the draugr fleet will have a large presence and port available. We will also be working closely to see how we can combine their "building methods" with the traditional. I'm thinking corpse cannons..

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Please move to Luna Organization

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The Kairos navy looks forward to some friendly competition. May the most salty man build the best ship!

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Yar,.. Ahoy! ~ permission to come a-board.. aye.. thx ye. in me boys fight for ~Glory!!..

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