[NA] Clan Argaryen of the Kingdom of Vornair

Clan Argaryen of the Estran Shores


The Estran Shores, a county within the Duchy or Erzhalden and nestled near the ends of the Kingdom of Vornair. Focused on a balance between crafting, and enjoying the company of others, Estran holds true to the values of Erzhalden. The premier shipwright in all of Vornair, along with the various other uses with carpentry Estran climbs the ever expanding peak in which is lays its foundation. Sitting within the heart of Estran lays the capital city of Ulfir where the head of the house currently resides. Acidic Argaryen, wanting both players against the environment who are interested in crafting the finest of boats, as well as those to use them in player versus player situation, Estran opens up its city to the best of craftsmen, and its shores to the best of leaders. Estran strives to achieve a higher standard in craftsmanship, as well as loyalty and companionship within its borders. We now have 2 count titles, the county will be twice the size with twice the space to mayor/baron titles.


House Argaryn, the wolves of the Estran shores have always had a paw on the forest, and a step within the shores.Years ago, the when the house of Argaryn was new and budding, the young head of the family, Gregor was wandering across his woods near the shore, out of nowhere a strange fog-like mist came through and Gregor was lost. Turning every which way, the young head couldn’t understand where he was, and then he saw the edge of the mountains leading up to this monstrosity of a hill, one he knew immediately was the mountain Bär Berg. Aware of the troubles that lurked here, he quickly turned around, and froze in the sight of a giant bear. Now the Argaryn’s had a way with wolves, but not bears, they even had some tamed ones (as much can tame a wolf), but Gregor knew that he was no match for this gigantic beast. Stories had told him to not run from bears, but to be still and quiet, though if they stand, run as fast as you can. So Gregor slid his arms to his sides, and remained still hopeful that the bear would simply wander off. The bear paced back and forth, wandering throughout but keeping a close eye on Gregor. Then all of a sudden, the bear stood, and as Gregor turned to run he tripped and fell, knocking his head. All he saw was the sight of a large man dressed in bear furs and skins running up to him, and staring down the large beast. Gregor awoke in a cave of a house, upon awaking he saw the man. Gormund Bälen stood there massive in height and width. The clan of Bears. They spoke brifely as Bälen knew that Gregor should head back to his household, but the Argaryn’s have been ever loyal, a wolf following its new leader, the bear.

Council Roles

The Estran Shore is in the process of building a community of players who work together, the barons/mayors will be in charge of their own cities. But when it comes to the overall community of the County, it is run by merits. Leaderships roles for the county will be decided based on ingame mechanics, and players within the community.

Why Join?

The Estran shores and looking to provide the best base it can for both its citizens and as well as its duchy and kingdom. Wanting to build with carpentry leaders to more opportunities than simply boats. Autonomy is given to the Baron(ess) and Mayors towards their settlements and it simply seeks players who enjoy working together to better the whole county, and duchy, and last but certainly not least kingdom.

We are pledge to Duke Balen of The Grand Duchy of Erzhalden Contact Acidic within the forums or join or the county discord for more information Clan Argaryen Discord

Friend Code: 35B647 Feel free to help out

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Great post mate!

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Best chief NA!

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Wolves and bears ❤️

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Reading through this lore sent shivers down my back. 10/10 man gj

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Bump. Still looking to fill slots for mayor and baron titles. All professions welcome as well as fighters, adventurers, guilds, and business owners.

Friend Code: 35B647 Feel free to help out

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Friend Code: 35B647 Feel free to help out