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I figured I would get this off the ground, I think the game will have a lot more players in due time :D

My name is Sin, or Sinstrite if you dig in the right places.  I have been playing MMOs and MMORPGs for 20 years now.  I found this game through Reddit, although the web traffic is spreading to game-specific websites.

I'm not sure what it is I want to do or achieve in the game yet, but I usually prefer playing stealth or DoT classes.  I like crafting and exploration, and I am a big fan of anything procedural.

I don't know how the social aspects will work in the game yet, but I hope to found a guild or find one to join and bring my friends in with me.  I love having a group to do questing with, or just sit around and talk and have fun.

Depending on how the game is once I play it, I may make some Youtube videos of it and stream on Twitch.  I look forward to playing! 

7/27/2015 6:46:42 PM #1

Greetings! ~

I'm Tom, or, as you may have seen in some of the other threads, I also use the name 'Syntheres'. Unlike many people who have been diving into the MMORPG genre for decades, I myself have not. Alas, I'm only 16, thus missed out on many of the opportunites to play what many consider the origin of the genre in their prime. However, through the use of various freeshards and emulators, I have played what most consider the greatest sandbox MMORPGs of recent times, and I hope to bring back that genre so that a new era of people, like my self, can experience the joy, rather than the bland, boring and socially lacking theme park games that dominate the market. I also found this through reddit, or more accurately, throught the article that was posted, and everything about the game's description leaves me hopeful for a living world that I hope to be a part of. 

What I want to achieve? Well, my main objective is to travel the world, meet new people, and form a guild that reigns supreme. My goal, above all else, is to be known as a legend, who even after is death is spoke about in folklore for the years to come. 

I also hope to be a part of a strong roleplaying community, and I feel that the game thus far seems like it would be an ideal place to set up that community. The diverse and immersive world is the perfect realm in which we can become heroes! I honestly cannot wait for this game, and truly wish that it meets everyone's expectations.

7/27/2015 7:34:09 PM #2

Hiyas Sin - Ifada here.  Heavy crafter, light roleplayer, always have a combat alt.

Played most major releases in the MMO universe starting back with SWG.  Looking forward to learning more about the lore of the game and writing some fan fic!

7/27/2015 7:55:14 PM #3

Hello! My screen name is "lenkek", I don't play much MMORPGs, but I do play a lot of games on Steam such as CS:GO. I plan to stick around this game for a long time, I think this game will bring me a new look to MMORPGs once its fully released.

7/27/2015 9:32:07 PM #4

Well met everyone!

I'm Xanz and I just found out about this game. It sounds fantastic! I've been playing mmorpgs since muds way back in the day. I love pretty much all aspects of gameplay except roleplaying, never really got into it. I enjoy crafting, combat, guilds, seiges, dungeons, exploring, pvp...everything. Currently I'm in a gaming community called Order of the Silver Dragons (OSD). I've been with them through many games for over 4 years now. We play anything we can get our hands on (anything tabletop too) and if things go as planned, we'll have a division for CoE. Nice to meet everyone!

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My name is Mark. I'm a 65 year-old retired civil servant living in Seattle. I have played most single and multi-player rpgs since the dawn of PCs. I am currently replaying Fallout New Vegas with the J. E. Sawyer mod in anticipation of Fallout 4, and have active characters in Guild Wars 2, Star Wars The Old Republic, Lord of the Rings Online and Witcher 3.

The design concept for Chronicles of Elyria reads like a wish-list of all the things I have wanted from all my years of playing rpgs, so needless to say I am very excited and hopeful Soulbound Studios can pull this off.

I love crafting and exploring. I have always tended to be a lone wolf, partly because of circumstance and logistics, partly by natural inclination, but I have met many wonderful people over the years. The family dynamic is incredibly appealing to me as I tend to play many alts and enjoy trying things from different points of view and different skill sets. I look forward to seeing all y'all in game in the not-to-distant future!

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Grettings All 

I'm Chuck, in most games, my main character is Haga.  I have been an avid gamer for many years. I am 46 and started Dungeons and Dragons (yes good old pencil/paper/dice) started my facination with gaming and imagination. For a short time, I even owned a hobby/gaming store and even once, entertained a man that is truely a legend, Gary Gygax.  

As Mark has posted of himself, I am by nature a loner when I play, though I do like the social aspects of some mmorpg's.  I tend to play mostly as a crafter and explorer but will occassionaly throw myself into a good PvP scuffle.  I played WOW from early 2008 to 2014.  I have played Guild Wars and GW2.  I am currently into Elder Scrolls Online.  I guess I am looking for something that is more of a true sandbox.  Even ESO is fairly linear, especially in questing and level grinding.  

I like the classless idea and the idea of your character needing to learn before he/she can perform, even if that learning is by trying and failing and continue to try.  I really like the ideas and concepts that I have read so far and look forward to seeing this adventure come to life.

7/28/2015 2:03:13 AM #7

Hmmm.. I think I have gamed with you before Sinstrite (early days of an Indie game (Ascent: The Space Game))

In most games, I name myself Daryen (if last names are allowed I add the surname Greye)

I enjoy the crafting aspect of MMOs more than the combat but in most cases, you cannot be simply a crafter/farmer without also having an adventuring class. I tend to play healers as I am not typically combative by nature.

It would be nice if farmers/crafters/brewers/cooks/blacksmiths/armorers could be exclusive of an adventuring career. 

We shall see what path the devs take.



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I'm DerryFH, a 40 y/o software tester from Australia.

I've been playing Pen&Paper RPG's and cRPG's since I was 14 y/o or so.

I am a dedicated MMORPG player, having touched a vast part of major releases in last 12-14 years. Unfortunately, maybe because I'm not getting younger, maybe because of the trend that games seem to follow now, I find most of them boring, less and less enjoyable. Instant gratification, effortless rewards, and extreme casualty of recent games made me sick. And it shocked me. Few years ago, I would return from work, had some family time and then in the evening I would have some nice time online with or without friends. Now.. it is either constant grind without any reasonable purpose, or boredom after 15 minutes of gameplay.

I have recently returned to offline games, with single player campaigns set to hard or even higher difficulty and finally discovered what I am missing in recent MMORPG releases.

They are simply too casual and easy going. Come on, if my 3 y/o daughter is able to press few buttons and kill some creatures for the quest, nah.. it is not a game that I want to play anymore.

Only today I have found about CoE - reading mmorpg digest.

I have absorbed all the information on CoE webpage and with pleasure, I have to admit that I have goose bumps when I think of the joy that this game will bring to MMORPG community.

Fingers crossed for successful release, and that crowdfunding would not destroy the awesome idea behind this project.


Have a great day,




It's dead, Jim.

7/28/2015 5:36:18 AM #9


I've been playing MMOs since OU. My favorite of all time is SWG although I'm not a Star Wars fan but I really liked that game. I've played EVE Online for 10 years (not playing anymore). Also played WoW hardcore (hopped around world top 10 guilds a few times). 

I love roleplaying and tabletops, although I am not into it anymore (the old crew all got children and they can't breathe anymore). 

I don't like themepark MMOs, only played WoW because I was into its role and got really competitive in raids and doing world firsts. Still looking for the ultimate sandbox which I can immerse myself into it. 

I've read all about CoE today and loved the concept, well at least on paper. I'm obviously cynical, but I'm gonna stick around to see what will happen here. Worst case scenario I'll be meeting some new people with similar interests and hopes and disappointments ;)

- Alkahest

7/28/2015 6:28:27 AM #10

Greetings to all,

Honestly I haven't played a ton of MMORPGs either, but from what I've heard this may have what I found lacking in the one-click style game play I encountered in other games. I hope like hell they pull it off and I would love to get involved with another online community. 

I don't know what my play style will be like yet, but I agree with Daryen and hope that I can make a interesting life out of creating and providing for others. In any case I will be happy to go where the game mechanics take me and I look forward to seeing y'all out there.

Also, found you on YouTube Sin, I look forward to anything you put out on this game.

7/28/2015 11:46:04 AM #11

Hey guys and gals.

Micke here, aka Grogero. 42 year young longtime mmo player, 60 % Pve:er, 40% Pvp:er.

Found this gem on mmorpg yesterday and got hooked. I havent seen any promising games for a long time now until this showed up.

Havent got a clue about my playstyle for this game yet. Hoping for some kind of healing class or such. Im a sucker for healing !!! Dissing all games that lack healing ( Mening direct healing in some form, i dont support potion, self healing. Thats just plain boring )

Ill tagg along here for a while. Hoping like everyone else that this will be THE mmo we all long for ;)

-Micke aka Grogero aka Aria Windborn aka Holyelmo etc etc etc

7/28/2015 3:44:51 PM #12

Greetings One and All;

My gamer tag is Sabbicat. I have been in the MMO's for multiple generations. I am truely excited to see the concepts as expressed so far in this game.

I am a dedicated crafter and look forward to see how this aspect of the game unfolds. I also enjoy the thought of exploaring and delving around to find and see things no one else has seen yet. I hope this becomes something valued in the game as well.

Over the years I have also had the pleasure of Alpha and Beta testing many of the games that have come out. Given the chance to find those annoying pesky bugs and report them to allow the developers time to fix things before going live.

I look forward to getting the know the rest of the community as it grows.

7/30/2015 3:20:14 AM #13

Love to see all of these posts guys.  Keep them coming!

My name is Lindsey, and I'm part of the Soulbound Studios team.  

I started in with MMOs with WoW back in the days before expansions.  I liked the commraderie of a guild, but found grinding to be boring and didn't like the pressure (or late nights) of end-game raids.  

My all-time favorite game (though not an MMO) is Neverwinter Nights.  I loved the story-telling, the relatable characters, and how you were drawn along through the different areas so seamlessly.  Also, NWN had a great rogue character, which is my favorite.  

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know the community as it grows!

7/30/2015 6:42:40 AM #14

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Silv and I’m from England.  I have been playing MMORPG’s on and off for many many years.

My introduction to this genre came in the form of Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast back in 2001.  I picked this little gem of a game up from a second hand bin at my local game store; little did I know that game was to serve as the catalyst for my addiction today.  Other games came and went, but PSO stuck with me over the years and I continued to play right on through the GameCube era and onto PSOBB on PC.

After PSOBB though, things started to go downhill.  F2P cash shop run games were on the rise and I found myself hopping from one game to another trying to recapture the fun and experience I had in PSO, but it wasn’t to be.

I ended up taking a break from MMORPG’s and retreated to the safety of the Pokemon series (because who didn’t like Pokemon, seriously) and various other offline games such as Skies of Arcadia and Skyrim.

It was only until mid 2011 I heard of a game called Black Desert which peaked my curiosity and so I began following the development with the hope it would provide me with the experience I was looking for.  However with the current state of affairs in the KR and JP versions my anticipation for BD has somewhat waned.

And so now I have arrived on your doorstep; cup of tea in hand and brimming with anticipation and excitement sparked by the plethora of truly great concepts and ideas CoE brings to the table.

If Soulbound Studios can deliver, Chronicles of Elyria will be one for the ages and I’m very much looking forward to making the journey with all of you though development, testing and on into release!

- Silv

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Howdy people,

Been lazy to actually post here lol.

Name's Carlos, 25yo, gaming from Portugal. Been around the gaming industry since the early 2000s. Started MMOing with Runescape and since then have played about most of the titles out there.

Been in a few launches, beta's, alphas, but this is the first MMO to actually grab my eye so early in development. Unfortunately, becoming of age and working doesn't let as much time to game as before (oh the nights spent raiding...), but still enjoy my if-possible-daily gaming time hehe.

Although i don't understand at all anything about programming and stuff, am here to help with whatever i can bring to the table, whether it is rambling ideas, mad questions or just plain old companionship once the game goes alpha/beta (depending on the prices staked by then of course lol... life's hard these days :P).

I guess that's pretty much about it. ^^

Plus: liking the interactivity from the gaming company staff in the forums so far. Hope it actually translates to a good "feedback-usefulness" on our part :)

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