Fennec Academy [NA]

Fennec Academy

"A world without knowledge is no world at all"

Who are we?

The Fennec Academy was founded in the idea that all can come to learn and teach other the skills they need to survive to enjoy this world to its fullest.

We are a prestigious boarding school whose ranks of Instructors are an elite group of gifted individuals. Included in those ranks are members and leaders of other guilds that we are friendly with, part of the exchange of information, skills, and technology that we hope for our Academy to become most notable for.

Now, you may be asking yourself what you need to get into this school? We do not cater to the rich, intelligent, or artistically gifted. While, some students may have that going for them as well, they will not start off any better than the daughter of a farmer, or simple village craftsman looking to further themselves. We are a school for those who wish to develop and expand their understanding of the world around them.

The one requirement that we have for our student body is the drive to discover the unknown and the passion of passing knowledge to the next generation so that they may surpass us. We strongly believe that knowledge isn't just for the individual but for the masses, and we can only surpass our ancestors by learning from them.

We only welcome those that wish to push the border of their skills. Whether you accept your gift with open arms, or fear the power that flows through your veins we accept you no matter what you can do, or what you are.

What are we doing to address your needs?

We will care for all our members (students/instructors/etc) that reside in or near to the school. We will provide rewards for those who achieve in their research, bring new technologies in our world and provide a safe environment all who wish to learn or teach.

Where are you located?

  • Kingdom = Blackheart
  • Duchy = Darkholm
  • County = Fennec County (Server = NA=W)

If I'm not near you, can I still join?

So long as you are on the NA-W server, yes you can still join. We will require Researchers to go out and collect information from all corners of Elyria, or if you need specialists to come help your settlement understand it's surroundings, we may be able to send someone out to help you. Above we want to learn, and if that means crossing Elyria to expand our knowledge, you can be sure we'll do it.

Ingame Ranks

  • Headmistress = Kari Fennec (aka Narkari)
  • Instructors (Teachers)
  • Seekers (Researchers)
  • Guardians (Guards/Police)
  • Students

All new members will start as students and can progress beyond throughout their characters lifetime.

Recruitment Status

We are currently: RECRUITING

Please apply on the Fennec Academy Website or join us on Discord where any member will be happy to answer any questions you have.

What we plan to offer members...

We have a variety of potential focuses in game-and the benefits are just as varied. The simple ones however, are crafting and research stations for student use, quality teachers to guide students, and a powerful influence in the game’s technology as a whole. The academy will have tendrils of research into anything and everything that catches our interest-including Animal Husbandry, Carpentry, Dungeon Building/Diving, Exploration, Farming, Sailing, and Smithing. Don’t fret if what you were interested in isn’t on the list, our focuses are always expanding and whatever you wanted to study can surely be worked into our curriculum. You may even end up as a pioneer or Instructor!

More than the specified technology though, we will also include Training in any Skill focus, Bardic, Combat, Crafting, Deviant, Gathering, and Survival. Many of our guest Instructors will be able to assist in teaching these skills, as well as the occasional visit from the more adventurous members of our guild that are continuously exploring our ever changing world.

We have a great community set up so far, with active leadership that includes experienced players and not so experienced players alike. We are willing to help all levels of gamers, and hope to have you join up soon.

What principles guide this chapter?

The most important thing in any MMO is that guild members are having fun. Fennec Academy wishes to be a zero/low drama guild of friends who like to spend time online together. We hope to have every type of player ranging from casual 5 hours a week to hardcore 50 hours a week, and the important thing is that we all log into a great game and have a great time together.

Leadership will do everything we can to ensure the quality of the Fennec Academy, because we are more than just another guild. We will be respected by the Heroes and Villains alike. We hope to act as a True Neutral entity, one where anyone is welcome.

Dual membership is not forbidden so long as it does not conflict with anything that we do at Fennec Academy. We understand the potential difficulty of a dual membership, and so we just ask that you inform us of any other groups your in so maybe we can work together with that group.


Fennec Academy Website


Fennec Academy FacebookPage

12/8/2015 3:15:21 AM #1

Sounds amazing, good luck!

12/8/2015 3:21:14 AM #2
  1. Which server will your School call home?

  2. If the answer is the North America Server may I suggest partnering with either the Eternal Library, the Akshkik Order, or the Order of Enlightenment?

  3. I would like to speak with you in private. Message me through the forums, or visit my FB page, or even send me an email. You can find both by FB and Email on my guild page, the Spiders.

Alt text - can be left blank

12/8/2015 3:34:26 AM #3
  1. I myself would like to join the North America since this is where I live but I plan on discussing thing with my guild before any permanent choices are made.

  2. If any of those Orders wishes to speak to me about any kind of alliance or partnership they are welcome to message me about it.

  3. I messaged you through the forums. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Also. Thank you for the well wishes Falcon.

12/8/2015 3:38:04 PM #4

I hope that it it Will be in an eu server i am really intersted

12/8/2015 4:59:11 PM #5

Another pretty cool idea being swept away by the Atlantic Ocean.

In saying this, this guild seems pretty cool. While I would like to employ a semi-militaristic lifestyle in the game, such a peaceful and noble cause would see my intended CoE persona perhaps taking on an external Guardian role, one that would dabble in such an organisation's external affairs which may require a sharp sword.

However, all the best with the Academy!

12/8/2015 5:10:32 PM #6

Thank you for the kindness of your words you both.

I have no plans to choose a server until closer to release. While this may be something that has people pass over us I would like to choose the server that many of our members make home or choose to reside in. While I repeat again I myself am from NA I have no problem choosing a EU server if we happen to have a majority of members from there.

12/8/2015 5:35:46 PM #7

You could make an EU branch you will have players on two servers and you as headmaster will have all the power

12/8/2015 5:59:22 PM #8

I'll keep that in mind, Narkari. Would a combat-based individual be welcome in this Academy, as a permanent Guardian/external affairs kinda guy? The guild is your vision so I wonder if, or how someone like this could be implemented.

I think it would be limiting for a guild to think they can keep either foot in two separate ponds at the same time. While I would never discourage ambition, I have experienced it simply over-stretching a guild.

12/8/2015 6:21:12 PM #9

Of course Psyso. The Guardians are the defense force for the school and while they are expected to protect the school they will also be encouraged to protect students who go out to gather rare matrials on expeditions and to do some group exploration on their own to bring rare knowledge from all corners of the world. While most of the school will be leading a easy life in study for technology advancement. I would love the resources the school will gather to support adventure to also father more knowledge. We will be a avid donator to explorations and cartography.

I also agree with Psyso that trying to create a muti-server guild while a worthy enterprise is not something we shall be doing for quite some time. Maybe that will change down the road but I want the academy to be a strong friendly community and splitting the guild by server is not something I wish for in the start of this game.

12/8/2015 6:55:19 PM #10


This has piqued my interest-- I am certainly interested in joining, and, as an avid role-player, would wholeheartedly love to help engender some fruitful writing in this community. Do send me a note, if you please, and let me know how I can best be involved.


Adelard the Versed

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12/8/2015 7:55:02 PM #11

I also am a avid role-player and intend on adding a roleplaying forum when I get our website up. I will send you a PM but keep check on this forum. I'll update it this week with a new website for the Academy that will have more info on joining us. I look forward to meeting and discussing things with you further.

12/11/2015 3:36:47 AM #12

I'd love to get in on this. I saw the topic of servers discussed and I'm on the same boat as you; I live in NA but I can join any server. I'm definitely torn between becoming a craftsman and a bardic sort of scholar. I might mix and match, but definitely count me in

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12/13/2015 2:23:21 PM #13

I'm in the EU, but if you choose an NA server and wouldn't mind me being active at odd times I'd love to join!

I'm also torn between focusing on crafting or scholarship, but either way I would certainly be interested in researching, gaining knowledge and expertise and then sharing with others.

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12/13/2015 3:51:23 PM #14

Thank you for the interest ndrake127 and Ravenna.

I don't mind at all if your active during different times since we are still unsure which server we will join. I ask that you both follow the link on the main page to our website and apply there.

I hope to get to know you both much better.

12/13/2015 5:28:51 PM #15

I've submitted my application, I hope to get you know better soon!

Kind regards

No-one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away - Terry Pratchett