3d or VR support?

Maybe too early stage for a clear answer but are there any plans to support 3d monitors or VR gear? From some of the screenshots it looks like you will support 1st person view and if so a support for VR/3D would be incredible to experience in this game.

12/11/2015 10:15:00 PM #1

It would be cool in 3-5 years when more people own such a device.

12/11/2015 10:53:24 PM #2

No VR support mentioned yet, it would be awesome to have VR Support though.

12/18/2015 1:05:23 PM #3

And no logout button, to bring SAO into real life. Kappa

1/2/2016 9:27:10 AM #4

I dont expect VR support for several years after the official release, if they choose to go that route. VR gear isnt currently commonly owned and would probably cost more than its worth for I'd speculate another 2 or 3 years

2/13/2016 8:31:31 PM #5

Hopefully one day we get this

Been here too long.

4/8/2016 6:24:39 PM #6

I read that the CoE team switched over to Unreal4 which was a GREAT decision imo... regardless of the 5% royalty thingy. Unreal4 has VR support built in which was mentioned in another short VR thread. Technically tho, I am not sure if VR support just happens by default within Unreal4 or if the developers need to do additional coding to 'activate' it. I do think it would be a very very cool thing to explore this game in VR.

4/8/2016 6:34:25 PM #7

Unreal has native VR support, so CoE will have VR support.

4/8/2016 6:41:14 PM #8

Thank you Deffcon, I suspected it was 'native' support. The latest releases of the Unreal Engine are so incredibly powerful. Some of the example worlds that people are building for fun are mind blowing.

5/28/2016 3:26:03 AM #9

VR is now part of the stretch goals. I don't think it will be reached, seeing as it requires another million dollars and there are only 6 days left. However, I do hope it will be included in future updates. I own a Vive and want VR support for any and every game possible. Seeing as the fanbase right now consists of people paying some fairly steep prices to support this game, I am going to assume that more here will be able to afford VR systems than the typical MMO fanbase. It seems a good fit, as combat is not too intensive, yet certainly is present and the motion controllers would do a good job simulating it. A lot of the game involves exploring the world and interacting with people. Two of the things current VR technologies do best. It may be trickier using it for managing cities and other kinds of gameplay, but certainly the majority of the game would fit beautifully with CoE. Seeing as any possible release day is still well over a year away, there will be ample opportunity for the developers to gauge the market and see if the technology sticks and if the cost of including it is worth it. I think seeing as it's already listed as a stretch goal, the Dev's already believe this to be true. It's just not fair to cater to a smaller group of the fan base when that money can be spent benefiting gameplay for all players. It was listed alongside Mac/Linux support though, and adding those platforms plus maybe just the 2 major VR platforms at the moment, Vive and Oculus, would only increase the player base and that can only help the game.

Please add HTV Vive support guys! :-P

6/2/2016 10:06:43 AM #10

I would be happy if they added it at a basic level. It is easy to add VR support to any game that is made in UE4 or Unity. ( Literally 5 mins)

Would be nice to hit a button and just have a look about but I am not so fussed about it having a major part of the game unless they have that planned in which case cool! :P

It is quite easy to get started in VR with the Vive.

Open up Unity, add the Steam VR prefab, run the game. Done.

UE4 is fairly similar.

6/5/2016 11:34:48 PM #11

Please bring SAO into real life so I can become the CoE version of Kirito!!!

8/30/2016 1:49:00 AM #12

I mean if you wanted to play this with VR you could try to do something like virtual desktop (

8/30/2016 1:53:44 AM #13

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Posted By NuclearUniFox at 11:34 PM - Sun Jun 05 2016

Please bring SAO into real life so I can become the CoE version of Kirito!!!

How strange, you want to be the main character lol...

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11/26/2018 9:15:40 PM #15

I've recently started gaming in VR. It's going to be really hard to play any games on a pancake going forward.. Especially RPGs. Adding VR supports to Chronicles of Elyria would be absolutely incredible. Though I don't know how feasible it is.

Yippee ki-yay