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County of the Duchy of Aechena


Rheika Hart




The County of Hartland is a community dedicated to fostering commerce through transportation and wise conservation of organic resources. Hartland symbolizes trade and opportunity, working with the land to reach our goals instead of destroying it, and prioritizing transportation as the spirit of growth. We celebrate culture and diversity, where all religions, races, and allegiances are welcome as long as they follow the Oath of Jeorgen.

Our biome will be a relatively comfortable mild climate near crossroads (naturally or manually built) and a large body of water with natural access to trading opportunities, planning for future sea travel as leaders in transportation. Culturally, the County of Hart’s lore takes inspiration from Byzantine economics, Arabian styles, as well as Dorne and the City of Qarth from Game of Thrones, with rich architecture, culture, and arts that come with a melting pot of visitors and residents from many lands. We intend for a city and forested areas.

Our main capital city of Helgrim will house the Headquarters of Helgrim Enterprises and act as a functioning trade hub and crossroads of the duchy and nearby counties.

The City of Helgrim

As the home Helgrim Enterprises, Hartland has a strong member base as well as similar-minded nobles and counties working together to create the most advanced economies and trading hubs in Elyria. We wish to start humble and localized, then build from a commerce-focused city to a primarily trade capital for the duchy, to a trade capital beyond. The County of Hartland is home to the trading capital Helgrim, a secure trade city facilitated by Helgrim Enterprises. In the city of Helgrim, crafters, suppliers, merchants, and traders will find no shortage of opportunities to build businesses under the safety and security of strong allied armed forces, as well as a defensive city layout. Both the County and Helgrim Enterprises are working to ensure all menn and womenn of Hartland receive consistent business.

While Hartland is home and headquarters to the large unified commerce and merchant association, Helgrim Enterprises, all citizens of the duchy are encouraged and welcome. Helgrim Enterprises will be a key factor in ensuring that our county, surrounding counties, and the duchy will thrive.

Focus / Associated Organizations

  • Animal Husbandry and Training / House Hart

  • Commerce, Trade, Business / Helgrim Enterprises

  • Transportation / Galliand Shipping and Transport, Helgrim Enterprises Wholesale Division

  • Resource Management / Hartland School of Biology and Resource Management

  • Archery / Hunter's Association of Hartland

  • Animal Research / Jeorgen Wildlife Preserve

Other Organizations (Public or Private)

  • Hartland Induction Services: Assisting new players to become established in the county.

We are looking for more organizations! Interested guilds, schools, or associations please contact us by joining our Discord.

House Hart

"Through darkness, we fly."

The Noble House Hart represents loyalty, understanding, perseverance, and freedom, with a long history of triumph over hardship. Hart is a Major Clan of the Kingdom of Vornair. Our Barn Owl symbol represents commerce, strategy, independence, and intuition. House Hart leads the county of Hartland, which houses the trade capital city of Helgrim Enterprises.

Hartland is managed by the House Leader and the Hart Round Table Council, advisors to the House leader and managers of their areas of expertise. Responsible for cooperating to ensure the growth and facilitation of the county operations. Positions are filled by experience and skill, not by land owned or title otherwise.

Please contact Rheika Hart to apply to the Round Table positions, Mayor/Baron positions, or to work with the merged counties of Hartland/Avilon.

Noble House Advisor

Personal assistant and secretary to the House leader, scribe and organize communication efforts, main advisor. Coordinates local events and acts as a host in place of the Countess/Count when absent.

Master of Law

Implementing and maintaining county justice systems, documents, and court systems in coordination with the duchy.

Economics Specialist

Gather economic data, then study and organize data appropriately to advise and present, Meet, discuss, and plan with other county and duchy economists, Advise as a member of the county council

Knight Order

Security of the county, training combat, patrol and city guard, defensive infrastructural efforts

Citizen Representative

Serve as the voice of the vassals and commoners, reports on the needs of county citizens, and ensures a healthy relationship between nobles and citizens.

Master of Guilds

Responsible for working with the internal guilds of the county to ensure optimal operations. Also responsible for hiring and coordinating with the City Planner to structure the county in coordination with the mayors or barons.

Helgrim Enterprises is a merchant organization focused on commerce and trading. Our primary goal is to create a stable and flourishing economy for the Elyrian people by building a global trade empire. We aim to provide a wide range of high quality products and services to the people of Elyria to ensure the economy is active and prices stay reasonable. Staying reliable and consistent helps prevent large fluctuations in supply/demand that can crash a player-driven economy like CoE’s.

Connect & Media

Q&A With Rheika Hart - Video

11/27/2016 8:00:08 AM #1

Very much looking forward to basing Galliand Shipping and Transport in Hartland. Here's to the weeks, months, and years ahead.

11/27/2016 6:22:21 PM #2

Very nice presentation of Hartland, I know your going to do great things in CoE!!

11/29/2016 1:29:11 AM #3

Posted By Viktor Galliand at 01:00 AM - Sun Nov 27 2016

Very much looking forward to basing Galliand Shipping and Transport in Hartland. Here's to the weeks, months, and years ahead.

I am happy to have you, Viktor! Your business will be a vital backbone to our county.

11/29/2016 1:30:34 AM #4

Posted By Rojax at 11:22 AM - Sun Nov 27 2016

Very nice presentation of Hartland, I know your going to do great things in CoE!!

Thank you, Rojax! Your support and presence is always a pleasure.

12/1/2016 10:13:38 PM #5

I left my heart in Hartland.

12/3/2016 5:01:27 PM #6

Posted By Bombastus at 3:13 PM - Thu Dec 01 2016

I left my heart in Hartland.

If I Dislike that comment, will I get fired?

12/8/2016 12:51:32 AM #7

We are currently full on Barons/Mayors, but we are absolutely still looking for other positions at the county and city levels!

12/10/2016 8:25:08 PM #8

This is Baron Niley and i approve of this post

12/11/2016 3:46:02 AM #9

I maintain that any place named The Hartland is obviously the home of the protagonist. Who here has dreams of being the MC?

2/8/2017 4:53:24 PM #10

You should make posters: Hartland, home of the protagonist!

2/20/2017 12:38:09 AM #11

I am pleased to announce that Hartland will be merging with Countess Asta of Avilon, another trade-focused county of Zylphania! Which means, we have room for more barons and mayors! Huzzah!

3/9/2017 3:52:37 AM #12

Look at my fancy new signature banner!!! WOOHOO!! Hartland FOR LIFE!!

3/17/2017 8:45:18 PM #13

Very nice... Very nice...

3/22/2017 7:07:37 PM #14

I would like to commandeer a fine, wooded area to perhaps, you know, possibly, maybe, sort of, hide a small shack, that may or may not hold secrets to great power.

4/1/2017 6:08:01 PM #15

Posted By kntrytnt at 1:07 PM - Wed Mar 22 2017

I would like to commandeer a fine, wooded area to perhaps, you know, possibly, maybe, sort of, hide a small shack, that may or may not hold secrets to great power.

My dear Kntry, I am sure we can work out a shack for you and the Seeker Division :D

There's no reason why Helgrim associates can't have housing provided in each Helgrim county.