Avatars of Elysia

In short we are a group of like minded players planing on playing defendings of the Light in Chronicles of Elyria. We will fight evil and darkness throughout all the lands of Elyria.

The Avatars of Elysia will be a group that would be considered a guild or clan in most modern MMORPGs. Our primary goal is to protect the innocent and fight evil wherever it rises in Elyria.

Our primary function will require a majority of our ranks to be Champions. As Champions we will explore the world and stop evil whenever we find it. This could be anything from fighting off bandits tormenting caravans or hunting down a monster that has threatened a village.

We will all function either independently from each other or in small groups called Stars. As evil forces mount their assault on Elyria we will join together to fight as a single powerful force for the Light. Once we dispell the darkenss and bring the Light back to the world we will join in a time of celebration then go about our business as we were before.

Not a Champion? Thats okay! We will need all kinds of people to defend the Light from the forces of evil in Elyria. We do not currently plan on having our own town or city, so our artisans and crafters will set up shop in cities all over Elyria. Our goal for our Artisans would be to have supplies come in from the Champions whenever they are in town, then the Artisans would make their wares to sell in shops. Profits would be the Artisans to keep, although we hope that any Artisan affiliated with the Avatars of Elysia could help supply the Champions with goods as they need them to defend the world.

We are not a politically motivated group. As an organization we are not looking to start a city or nation or kingdom. We do not aspire to gain power just to excercise that power over people. Individually though, we would encourage any Avatar with ambition to take a seat on a city council or become a count or duke or even king, to do that! As individuals we can do whatever it is we feel is best for our characters to better fight evil and defend the Light.

We have just launched a very new VERY basic website.

If youre interested in joining check the new site HERE!

8/15/2015 10:57:44 AM #1

I have added you to the wiki 

9/5/2015 11:39:10 PM #2

Would the members of your guild wish to be citizens of the Republic of Uaquaria. We are open to all guild which are willing to be a part of the Republic

9/6/2015 1:24:03 AM #3

We are hoping to have guild halls in every nation. Thank you for welcoming us. We do hope that we are allowed to operate within your borders, but by following our guidelines. I will send you a message of our mission and rules. We will follow any laws you have within your borders if you wish too.

9/6/2015 1:51:52 AM #4

Hei Deff (this always sounds so bad lol). Can't say you can "count" on my character, since he'll probably be more of a "i go where i find the truth is". But, if our paths cross, you can count on the ocasional ally that helps you when/if he thinks your fight is right :P

Although... I might not be that much in the light as desired. Then again, not much in the darkness aswell... =P That weird character that helps out when stuff gets crazy, but is really a big mistery XD

9/6/2015 1:58:08 AM #5

Off topic, but I love your signature and your quote!

9/6/2015 2:01:14 AM #6

The artwork is Silv's! He put my ideas to a solid and beautiful image .

9/6/2015 3:04:01 AM #7

As my democracy will work, guilds will have the ability to register as a political party and will be able to be represented in 6 of the 12 houses. A group of landowner can be able to join together and create a state and will receive representation in the other 6 houses. At the time, all that the guilds need to do are to follow the articles of rights. In a way of simplifying it your guild and other can be able to shape the law of the land

9/8/2015 10:04:37 PM #8

The Avatars as an organization are not a political group. We are actually hoping to keep the organization itself out of politics as much as possible. Our members are free as individuals to participate in any politics they want as long as they stay true to the Avatars code.

9/8/2015 10:13:00 PM #9

I would also like to clarify some things I think some people got confused. The Avatars of Elysia are a guild only. We are not a nation. We have no nationality and are not part of any kingdoms. Not as an organization. Our guild members can be from any, and all, kingdoms and nations. As long as those people want to fight the darkness and keep evil in check, they are welcome. I hope to have guild halls started in every corner of every continent in the world. I actually hope to have guild halls in all the worlds(each server). Remember this when deciding what you want to do in the world. If you want to join a nation and be part of the Avatars of Elysia you can do that without a problem. I will actually be doing a roster check after launch to determine hall masters, which are the acting head of each guild hall. If you join Zygethia and then join the Avatars you could become the hall master of the Zygethian Avatars guild hall. Just as an example as Zultra and I have discussed a little about the Avatars operating within his borders.

9/9/2015 9:26:38 PM #10

To protect the weak and needy is a worthy cause should our paths cross in this game and I be deemed worthy I would be honored to join

9/9/2015 10:05:32 PM #11

Momon, I sent you a message. You will be more than welcome to join us in our fight against the darkness.

9/19/2015 2:16:06 PM #12

Seems interesting, i might join in depending on how the game comes along.

9/30/2015 1:12:37 AM #13

I have started some forums for the Avatars. It is currently, and will probably remain, open to only those who have joined the Avatars. If you wish to join the guild PM me here on the forums and we can talk. If you have already joined sign up on the forums and send me a PM so I can verify the account.

EDIT: I forgot to put the address in

Avatars of Elysia Forums

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use [text here](url here)

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Thanks! Im not used this this markdown stuff.