[NA] Duchy of Lygos

Sup everyone, I’m Bardas. :)

If you’re looking for a culturally rich and active community comprised of gamers that want to maximize their fun time; if you’re looking for a group of mature players ready to commit to the long game - you’re in the right place. Lygos, the duchy will strive to continuously improve relationships and services that sustain and enhance safe, healthy, diverse, and vital settlements.

All players and playstyles welcome. Bardic, Combat, Gathering, Crafting, Deviant, and Survival skills are what fill the souls of Elyrians and there’s a place in Lygos for everyone. I intend to focus the efforts of my (yet to be named) county towards expeditionary adventure and commerce. Building infrastructure and securing trade routes to create a welcome and social atmosphere for county, kingdom, and server.

Land selection is just around the corner! I aim to claim land that is defensible, coastal and/or accessible by a river delta. Once land is selected and biome/tribal constraints are introduced is when the real work begins. For now, anyone interested in settling in Lygos or becoming a citizen in Riftwood, swing by the Lygos Discord or Riftwood Discord and say hi, or message me directly.


Duke for the Duchy of Lygos, Steward for the Kingdom of Riftwood

Friend Code: CCD946

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Looking for Counts interested in building trade relationships and leading expeditionary groups.

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Bump for Bardas

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Whether you are a settler, soldier, adventurer, craftsman, settlement leader, laborer, count, trader, artisan, inkeeper, farmer, entertainer, scribe, or any other honorable profession, Lygos has a place for you.

Visit the Lygos Discord and introduce yourself.

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I finally decided. I'll be a mayor for a trade settlement! :)

Great group of people, no political backstabbing.

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Please specify which forum you'd like this thread to be moved to, the OP appears to be non-specific.

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Baron Jozell Finch and his house have pledged themselves to Lygos!

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The World Shall Burn.

I'm looking for some like minded people that want to Watch the World Burn. PM me for more details.

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Repeating my May 27 post, please specify which forum you'd like this thread to be moved to, the OP appears to be non-specific.

This forum will be closed in time.

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Myself and my family pledge our County of Infernus to the Duchy of Lygos.

"Knowledge is Power, Power is Money, Money is the root of all evil"

House Arcturus - Count of Infernus - Duchy of Descuri - Kingdom of Riftwood

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The settlement of Nosdivad and all it's residents pledge loyalty to the Count of Infernus, the Duke of Lygos, and the King of Riftwood.

Count of Infernal-Duchy of Drescuri-Kingdom of Riftwood

Leader of Infernal Gamers (

Friend Code- 9CF4E2

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